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Rolex Day Date 36 Opal Diamond Women’s Watches

Rolex Day Date 36 Opal Diamond Women’s Watches

Rolex day date 36 opal diamond women’s watches

The Rolex day date is well known as the day date presidential among watch enthusiasts. Considering its importance today, it is fair to acknowledge that it started years ago. Appearing first in 1956, it crested the beauty and art connected to Rolex watches. As expected, several day date models originated from the collection in 1956. And, of course, the Rolex day date 36 opal diamond women’s watches pass for one of the models. 

Of course, the vision did not materialize until 1956. But, the idea behind creating this watch started brewing in 1926. It began with the accumulation of features like perpetual movement and a self-winding mechanism. 

The founder of Rolex moved from making a typical oyster model to a day date model. 

His first launch of the collection was a success. Many dignitaries and important people learned about the day date from the proceeds. Popular among these dignitaries is Lyndon Johnson, the first U.S president to wear the Rolex day date. The likes of JFK and Marilyn Presidency took their shine from associating with the brand. As we have come to know, Marilyn Monroe gave JFK a gold Day date for his birthday in 1962. 

We have a combination of two important things. The use of metals and association with dignitaries birthed the Royal Presidential. Some people even call it the Rolex President. Whichever it is, people use both as synonyms of the Rolex day date today. Of course, the nickname came out from somewhere. 

The man responsible for the popular name – Rolex presidential is Dwight D. Eisenhower. 

Given the history and origin of the Rolex day date, the popularity did not come as a shock. A few years after its launch, some important people were already patronizing the brand. It is no wonder its evolution has continued for this long. Up until Rolex day date 36, many changes occurred. And, of course, several more have occurred after the invention of Rolex Day, date 36. 

How Evolution Presented Rolex Day Date 36 Opal Diamond Women’s Watches

Cal 1055 was behind the power and mechanism of the first-day date references. The references- 6510 and 6511 needed a bigger case for the archaic self-winding mechanism. Hence, the Cal 1105. Because of the pursuit of perfection, the designer upgraded it to Cal 1555. 

the evolution of Rolex day date

In 1970, a great change happened for the day date again. The Cal was now 1556, and it had a single quickset function. The Cal 3055 followed, and with this, the users could stop the seconds’ hands during settings. This made it easy for users of the day date to adjust the date as they wished. It was also when the day date moved from mechanical movements to quartz-powered pieces. 

New crowns came around with this power shift; Cal 5055 and Cal 5355. The Quartz series reigned for a long time. In the late 1980s, the 182xx series made it through. It started with the Cal 3155, a non-standard double quickest function. This function lets users of the watch correct the date and day without twisting the crown. This crown lasted for decades until the Rolex day date 41mm. With this new model, designers introduced Cal 3156. The other specific thing about this crown was the 48 – hour power reserve. Attention soon moved from the Rolex day date 41mm to 40. 

Today’s most common is the Rolex day date 40 and Day date 36. Both of which Cal 3255 empowers. 

There are so many things that make the Rolex day date 36 stand out. One of the prominent is that it is more elegant than many dates. Other benefits include but are not limited to:

Anti-shock Technology

For many years, shocks have been a great disadvantage for mechanical watches. During these years, something as simple as hitting your arm against a table will alter the watch’s movement. Designers have found a cure after inventions like para-chute and incabloc. It is an anti-shock technology! And yes, it ensures that there is no alteration in a movement when you hit the watch on any surface. 

Precise Reading

People recognize Rolex watches worldwide as one of the most accurate watches. Of course, there are many things surrounding the operation of this watchmaking.

These complex things may contribute to the difficulty of precise reading. While few watches have been able to find a concrete solution to this, Rolex has. So, you can expect your Rolex day date 36 opal diamond women’s watches to have precise reading. 

Magnetic resistance

Magnetic fields, like a blow, will affect the accuracy or movement of a mechanical watch. There is alteration when the watch, which contains metal, goes near magnetic field. This is why magnetic resistance or anti-magnetic resistance in watches is important. You can rejoice because the Rolex day date 36 has an accurate magnetic resistance.

70- hour Power Reserve

70- Hour power reserve was not the norm many decades ago. And, of course, it is still not the norm with many modern mechanical watches. But, with the Rolex day date 36, you get to enjoy a 70-hour power reserve. This means that the watch can run for 70 hours if it is well wound. 

From the table of Rolex day date 36, there are even more models and brands. The Rolex day date 36 Opal diamond women’s watches are one of them. Opal, as we know, means a female given name. So, women may be more inclined to rock the day date 36 opal diamond women’s watches.

Features of Day Date 36 Opal Diamond Women’s Watches

Are you a woman who is also a lover of diamonds and watches? You may have perfection right here. Of course, the Rolex day date 36 opal diamond women’s watches excel much like the others. And we dare say, even more. Some of the features that make excellence possible include the following: 


The origin of the name’ day date’ relates to the watch’s dial. It has a double aperture. This allows the numerical date at 3’oclock and the full spelling of the day at 12’oclock. This day date collection uses 26 languages too. These languages help to tell the days of the week. 

Are you wondering what makes up the dial of a Rolex day date? Wonder no more. The dial of a Rolex day date has traditional stick indices. It also has the Arabic numerals, the Roman numerals, and the diamond-set indexes. 

Designers have also made the dial available in different colors for aesthetic purposes. You can get it in the color green, champagne, white, silver or blue. Also, depending on your aesthetic preference, you can decide on other things. One of them is if you want a dial of semi-precious stones or rare materials. 


The president bracelet sure meets the standard by a mile. So, it is a given that most people go for the president bracelet of this watch. 

This bracelet style has been around since its inaugural day date, and it reigns till now. It is exclusive to the Rolex day date collection.

Although, you can sometimes find the bracelet with the lady-Datejust collection. 

It has a special design among other bracelets. It features a crown clasp and semi-circular, three-piece links. And, of course, you can expect the beauty to be out of this world.


The Case of your watch does a lot of holding to make it last. So, it is one of the most important parts of the watch. A case debuted in the 36mm collection with the Rolex day date. 

And as expected, it is also an available feature in the Rolex day date 40mm.

The presence of their textured diamond bezel does a lot to help it resist water too. As it is, a typical oyster case for a day date 36mm will resist water up to 100 meters. 

The newer models of the Rolex day date case can also resist scratches. This is because designers made them with sapphire crystals. There is also the introduction of the Twin clock crowns. Designers made the Twin clock for the purpose of screwing into the monobloc middle case. 


The metals used for different Rolex day dates are used for distinguishing them. Your options are vast with precious metals like the 18k yellow gold, white gold, white gold, and pink gold. It also features other precious metals like the 950 platinum. These are different in their ways, especially in color. 

Although two colors from the above, solid gold and platinum, seem to be reigning these days. Except for the vintage stainless steel edition, which is rare, you get to see more gold or platinum. 

From all signs, the Rolex day date 36 is a rare gem. Representing  excellence in a new way, there is a tendency that you find it worthwhile. While you check out some of your options here, yoOu should not forget some tips. 

Tips to focus on When Buying a Rolex Day Date 36 Opal Diamond Women’s Watches

Here are things to consider before you pick up your day date 36 opal diamond: 

Do your Homework

Doing your research before getting any item will always be valid. With the Rolex day date 36, finding things out becomes even more essential. There are always available features to consider when buying your Rolex day date. However, the specific features are also very important. From the color, to the crown clamp, you want to know what is most fitting for your taste. Apart from the beauty, searching for the type of value your watch has is also important. 

Thorough research gives you information and lets you know if you want to buy. It also lets you know if you should not get the Rolex day date 36. 

Choose a Reputable Seller

You should check the seller if that is what it will take you to get from a reputable one. You might want to check the pattern of their transaction. Also, find out the pattern with other customers, among other things. This information will help you have a transaction without hurdles. And, of course, the most important, help you get rid of the fear of getting a counterfeit.

Question everything

It is no crime to have certain things you do not understand about the Rolex day date watch. However, you have to ask the right questions when things seem confusing. As earlier stated, go for a reputable seller. If you indeed have a reputable seller at your beck and call, you would not be afraid to question things.

Some of the questions may be about the servicing of the watch, the original papers, and the parts. Others may be about color, or other things. No question is more important than the other. 

tips to use before choosing a Rolex day date 36 opal diamond women's watches

You should always ask to confirm or denounce your fears. You would be happy with the product if you do this. No doubt, so many things will come to light from your questions. If you are lucky, you get a vendor that gives appropriate answers. 

Get Your Rolex Day Date 36 Opal Diamond Women’s Watches 

After considering all else and ensuring that you follow the tips, you are good to go. You need to pick the most fitting to your taste and pocket. You would find Rolex day date 36 opal diamond women’s watches by searching here

What you are certain to get from following protocol is your money’s worth. Other things like satisfaction and longevity will follow suit. It all depends on how much you care for it. 


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