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Two Prong Cuban Chain Choker

Two Prong Cuban Chain Choker

Two Prong Cuban Chain Choker

“Like a corset, the right choker can ‘make you sit up straight, walk taller and hold your head differently.” Dana Lorenz

Do you ever stop to wonder what those huge interlocking chains worn by popular hip-hop artists are? Not many people can say they haven’t noticed those elegant, cool, and attractive blings around the necks of these superstars. Well, those chains are Cuban Chains, and the two prong Cuban chain choker is a trendy type of the Cuban chain choker. 

If you ever wonder why the Cuban chain choker enjoys a popular presence among celebrities, there might be a reasonable explanation for that. There are a few reasons to explain its vogue. In this article, we will bring these details and reasons to light. In addition, we’ll walk you through the extent of its influence in the mainstream fashion world. You need to get a feel of how big it is as a statement piece of jewelry as well. 

Should you still be hesitating about buying one, perhaps we can help you decide with the details in this text. Dive in!

What is a Cuban Chain Choker?

Cuban Chain Choker

To begin with, the Cuban Link Chain relates to a fashion stamp that sees interlocking patterns take on a thick and attractive appearance. A Cuban link chain is a familiar and common presence on fashionistas as a necklace or bracelet.

One unique thing about Cuban chain choker chains is how it makes the most of the celebrated diamond-cut pattern. Then, they link the pattern using an oval or circular-shaped gold piece. That way, they give the Cuban chain choker a firm locking mechanism. 

Especially with the two prong setting, you can get Cuban chokers with better durability and robustness. That is mostly popular for people who are out for accessories that will stay with them for a very long time. 

We must also point out how Cuban chains have developed to great sophistication. These jewelry pieces have differed in size but preserved their popularity, especially among men. Even that popular saying is that “the larger the chains, the more masculine you look. “

However, that’s not the end of it. If one must truly understand how Cuban chains became so famous, one must have a good look at how they came to be.

History of the Two Prong Cuban Chain Choker

When you look closely, you will discover there are several conversations as to where did the two prong Cuban Chain choker truly originate from. In this section, we present you with an ancient luxury factoid. Note that most sources date back tens of thousands of years ago. It is a journey that started when the Egyptian cities popularized this fashion mania.

Then, in the late 1970s to early 1980s, the Cuban chain choker regained its vogue, appealing to the world with its swag appearance. It was only a matter of time before hip hop legends began to bring these chains on the stage. With that, they bestowed these lovely pieces with a symbolic status, making them a must-have for people with leverage and wealth.

First, it was Slick Rick and Daddy Kane. Now, various well-known artists of the 21st Century like Drake, Dj Khaled, and Jay Z don this piece of jewelry. They are all testaments that the two prong Cuban chain choker is a signature fashion item. It is lovely to see how it gets handed down like a crown from one generation to another.

Finally, famous celebrities, rock icons, and star athletes have also recognized the fame of the Cuban chain choker and have adapted the styles. This new trend explains why the fans have done the same, stretching further the prestige of these chains.

The Loveliness of Cuban Chains

white beautiful model flauting the two prong cuban chain choker

Several features explain why people continue to strut their Cuban chains, or, in this case, two prong Cuban chain chokers. You can find these chains wherever you go. That is because the thriving jewelry manufacturing industry cannot stop displaying its creativity when it comes to these chains. They continue to bring out various unique designs. Now, you can find a wide range of options that will suit every customers’ preferences. 

Besides, the following are why the two prong Cuban chain choker is a popular item. 

  • They Make A Perfect Pair With Pendants

For starters, these Cuban chains have a great look on men. More so, Cuban chains can be grandly paired with a pendant. Meanwhile, the two prong Cuban chain choker is flawless when worn alone. Still, they get more adorable to people when you take the option of adding gold or silver pendants.

  • This Accessory Can Adapt To Diverse Style Options

Indeed, we’ve heard a lot about the Cuban chain choker, and some people are actually styling these pieces like rings, bracelets, anklets, and even watches. The options are simply limitless. So, are you bored of plain old jewelry? Then, switch up your look and give it some life and luxury with the two prong Cuban choker.

  • They Make an Expensive Fashion Statement

The truth stares right in our faces. The Cuban chain locker is a symbol of wealth and luxury. Therefore, if you desire that jaw-dropping effect that will make you look classy, you should definitely buy a Cuban chain choker. Plus, we all know the heavier the chain, the more expensive the piece is. 

  • They are Comfortable and Lasting.

An authentic Cuban chain choker is special not only because of its quality but also because the process of making these chain chokers is a proper meticulous craftsmanship process. Moreover, these Cuban chains are now considered among the most comfortable and lasting chains in the modern jewelry world. 

  • A Perfect Fit for Your Preferred Color.

Who wouldn’t like to go for their color to style their piece in their own way? What makes the two prong Cuban chain chokers special is how versatile they are. With the Cuban chain choker, you can effortlessly cater to any preferred color. 

While yellow gold tends to be the most preferred color, there is also a rising trend of white gold chains. This is as the latter makes the wearer look more elegant. 

Styling the Two Prong Cuban Chain Choker for Various Occasions

Cuban Chains a perfect pair with pendant

“Like a corset, the right choker can “make you sit up straight, walk taller and hold your head differently,” Dana Lorenz

We began with this quote from the founder of New York jewelry brand Fallon. Dana Lorenz is a maker of contemporary, graphic pieces that you find frequently gracing the necks of models. Prominent wearers of her works in the past are Gigi Hadid and celebrity style-setter Rihanna.

Additionally, Ms. Lorenz and her Instagram acolytes have done their part to keep the Cuban chains looking fresh. If you wish to style it the way they endorse it, check them out on the gram. You can choose to stack multiple chokers in different materials and sizes for an approved luxurious look. Lorenz says, “There are no rules to layering, but I often put the [wider] piece high up on the neck and skinnier leather straps below.”

  • Cuban Chains: A Delicate Part of Style

However, if you pile on too many of these chokers, you run the risk of taking on a different look. Nell Diamond says you might end up looking like you’re in a “neck brace.” This trendy New York-based founder of bedding company Hill House Home has remained a faithful lover of chokers since her high-school days at the American School in London. According to her, “I wore a uniform, and it was the one thing I could wear to be different. When they became uncool, I don’t think I realized it.”

Do you prefer a playfully chic daytime look? Ms. Diamond suggests Cuban chains like a slim Jennifer Fisher chain. She chooses to hang a monogrammed pendant or a lavender velvet Alison Lou strap with one of Ms. Lou’s emoji pendants dangling from the choker. If you are out for black-tie soirees, she pairs Jennifer Fisher’s sleek gold-knot choker with an off-the-shoulder gown. She says it gives “a more polished look.”

  • The Rule of Thumb is to Style Them Delicately

If you must get the best from your choker, heed fit delicately. When it gets too loose, it will flop. Please don’t make it too tight so it will not limit your air supply. No one wants asphyxiation! Instead of committing to a fixed length—and hoping your neck never shrinks or expands—you should go with the recommendations of designer Jack Vartanian. He advises seeking out chokers with flexible closures that can effortlessly make the pieces smaller or larger as you please. 

On a typical day, a choker should rest an inch above your clavicle. That is the sweet spot for neck elongation every time!

For those with a short neck, excessive width can make it appear shorter. If you have any doubt, opt for something thinner. Large chokers can make that bold statement. But, a little extra width can be a good thing for women of a certain age bracket. Sophie Buhai, a Los Angeles designer, had a grown-up “non-millennial” in mind when creating her collection of substantial geometric chokers. According to her, she says the collection is a product of her 60-something mother.

In her own words, “I really wanted to make a mature luxury choker. I think they’re so beautiful for women of any age, and the right one can be very flattering and sexy.” When you have widths that extend from ¾ to almost 1½ inches, you effortlessly catch the attention. Also, you neatly hide any folds or creases on the throat, and you do this stylishly. When you go for this type of piece, you have a versatile piece, good enough to slip on with a “mannish white button-down shirt [for day] or a black cocktail dress for night.” Ms. Buhai believes the style nods to Donna Karan in the ’90s, and indeed, “that’s a good vibe.”

Aspects To Consider When Buying a Two Prong Cuban Chain Choker

Elegant Cuban Piece Rocked By A Model

For whoever understands all these details provided already above, it becomes easier to be extra ready. You can easily get yourself a Cuban chain choker. Still, before you buy the first one you see, consider a few things. 

  • Preferred Metal and Finish

Your first step can be to decide precisely how you want your Cuban chains to be. There are two most popular colors, and those are the traditional gold and white gold. It is on you to make sure it still fits your outfit and other jewelry pieces as well. 

Likewise, you need to decide if you prefer to get your piece gold plated, vermeil, or just go with solid gold. Understand that the price goes up with each, and so does the quality of the piece. 

  • Length and Width of The Cuban Chains

One of the most significant aspects to consider is the size of the chain itself. This is one aspect that will demand how it looks as a whole piece. The general trends appear to be changing direction towards shorter chains that hang no lower than your chest, as well as the two prong Cuban chain choker. If you ask most lovers of Cuban chains, this means picking chains that are smaller than 20 inches in length. Be careful not to go too small, as these will look too tight. 

Again, it would help if you thought about the width, as this will determine how it feels when you have it on. Do you prefer something heavier? There is the option of a 19mm chain that’s heavy and huge. Still, if you want something more lightweight and modest, you can get Cuban chains as small as 3mm.

  • Choice of Pendants

Pendants make one of the best options if you wish to give your outfit a personalized touch. It gives you a flair that is unmatched by most other options. With the two prong Cuban chain chokers we have on sale, you have a chance to amplify it. However, you want to make sure that the chain is small enough to hold the pendant in place. 


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