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Rolex Day Date Onyx Dial

Rolex Day Date Onyx Dial

Rolex Day Date onyx dial

An average person in the world engages in different activities per day. There is always something to do, and some place to be. Most days, people have to pick the activities they indulge in based on preference. This means time is too precious to spend an undue amount of it on anything these days. If it is possible, you should go for activities that do not take excessive time away from you.

Picking outfits, and accessories are part of our everyday lifestyle. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this. A fashion enthusiast would even appreciate the chance to dress up always. While a chance to play dress up is great, it is wise to choose the simpler options because of time.

Thankfully, minimalism is a big deal in fashion now. With monochromatic fashion wear, you do not have to worry about the color combination. A Rolex Day Date onyx dial, which is the face of minimalism is perfect as an accessory.

Select all-white, all-black, or any other minimalist color as your outfit. As long as you are comfortable with your choice, you will fit into the new-age fashion. There are probably a few others with the same fashion intuition at that event! But not everyone will have the Rolex Day Date onyx dial. And, that right there, is what makes you stand out!

If you are a wristwatch lover, you know about the Rolex brand. It is no news that this is one of the most popular wristwatch brands out there. It has been around for long and has helped produce some of the best watches. The Rolex Day Date onyx dial is another one of their flawless work.

The Beginning of Rolex Day Date Onyx Dial

The natural series in the world of Rolex watches began years into Rolex’s establishment. In the late 70s, the designers introduced natural stones to their elements.

The introduction of natural stones to the Rolex Day Date and DateJust came with challenges. Imagine trying to fit high grain, and mineral content into a watch. Surely, it was not easy!

The beginning of Rolex Day Date onyx dial

Nevertheless, the designers did it. Not minding the push-back from buyers, they began the Rolex day-date natural series. Watch designers organized their experiments with different stones, and the first stone was the Onyx.

Being the most beloved stone, we cannot question the motive behind using the onyx first. The Rolex onyx dial can display different colors. But because Rolex was determined to make everything natural, they chose one color. The deep black parts are very popular today because we can trace them to the first design of the Rolex onyx.

Today, the Rolex Day date onyx dial is one of the most sought-after models of the brand. The quality in combination has made it a golden watch since they first introduced it

Different Rolex Day Date Onyx Dial Models

As with any Rolex collection, the onyx dial has different references and elements. With slight differences in each reference, users still get to pick the most preferred. Here are some popular Rolex Day Date onyx dials:

Rolex Onyx Dial Day Date Ref.18238

In 1988, the Rolex Day Date onyx collection welcomed a new set, with the reference, 18238. Of course, people considered it special because it came with a lot of unique features. They called it the “double-quick set day date” because of the special day date setting. By rotating clockwise, and anti-clockwise, you could set the day and date.

The beginning of Rolex Day Date onyx dial

This made it an easy activity for anyone. Unlike the previous collections, this Day-Date onyx brought ease with it. Watch lovers loved the fact that they did not need to rotate their hands every 24 hours to set a Day and Date.

Today, everyone is well-acquainted with the double-quick set day date feature. It has become the standard for Rolex Day Date watches.

Apart from the double-quick set day date, which is, of course, the most popular feature, there are others. The Rolex day-date onyx dial 18238 is also popular for special features like the dial. Its unique dial which is a deep, black onyx stone also comes with a special bracelet, case, and caliber. Its bracelet is an 18ct gold jubilee, and the case is 36mm 18ct gold with a fluted bezel.

Rolex Datejust Onyx dial reference 16014

A lot of things happened in the fashion world towards the mid-1980s. One of the prominent things that happened was the production of another Rolex watch.

Its dial, a deep black onyx stone, and stainless steel made it a sight for sore eyes. The reference 16014 was also special because of the movement, which was self-winding. And, surely, we cannot forget the 36mm diameter case, which is a standard for most special DateJust. The case was also stainless.

Rolex Datejust 16018

This is another collection of the Rolex watch with the black onyx dial. This collection first came to life in 1982. As expected, it has its unique features. Apart from the reference, the dial has two-hour markers. One of the hour makers is pure diamond, and the other is a pure onyx version.

Like the Rolex day date ref 18238, the 160018 also has a unique dial, bracelet, case, and caliber. With a caliber of 3035, a case of 36mm diameter, and an 18k yellow gold jubilee, it stands out. Another thing that makes it outstanding among other watches is the deep, black onyx stone. It also has hand markers at 6 and 9.

What to Do Before You Buy Rolex Day Date Onyx Dial

The Day date onyx dial may not be everyone’s cup of tea, which is fine. But, if it is yours, the best way to communicate your love is to buy one or a few special designs. If you get this right, you may just be on your way to doing fashion in a different, and exceptional way.

Are you in the market for the Rolex Day date onyx dial? You should do the following to ensure that you get things right from the jump.

  • Research

Most people who underrated the importance of research in the past have lived to regret it. You shouldn’t be one of those. The proper research gets you the right information about what you want to buy. So, before you buy the Rolex Day-Date onyx dial, you need to know more about the model. Are you sure the model you are about to pay for is the right one for you? if you are sure, then you can go ahead. Otherwise, you may want to keep searching.

You also need to learn about their features, specifications, and pricing. Look at different retailers to get an idea of the range of prices for the watch.

Knowledge about these things is necessary. Knowing the features will prepare you for the maintenance and care of the watch. You also get to prepare your money when you are sure about the prices of the available options.

  • Choose a reputable seller

When purchasing a high-end luxury item like a Rolex, it’s important to buy from a reputable seller. A reputable seller will be able to guarantee the authenticity of the watch. So, if you want an original Rolex Day Date onyx dial, making sure you get it from a reputable seller is important.

Look for authorized Rolex dealers with a long history of selling luxury watches. When you get one, check their history, and ensure they have an excellent record in sales. Doing this before aligning with a Rolex seller will save you a lot of stress.

  • Consider the condition of the watch

It is not enough that your Rolex Day Date Onyx dial has the features that you want in a watch. you want to be sure that the features are functioning properly. Considering the condition is more important if you’re buying a pre-owned watch. However, you should also check for the condition if it is new. Sometimes, watches come from the factory with their flaws.

If you’re buying any type of Rolex Day Date with an Onyx Dial, make sure to check. You should carefully examine the watch for any signs of wear and tear or damage. You may also want to request a detailed report of the watch’s condition and history.

  • Get a warranty

Make sure that the watch comes with a warranty. A warranty is important because it assures you of safety in case anything goes wrong. No matter how flattering a watch looks or, how well the features are, a warranty is still important.

You also need to check to make sure that the watch comes with paperwork. Some of the paper works you are looking for includes the owner’s manual, and other documents.

Achieving the best looks with Rolex Day Date Onyx Dial

It is a consensus among everyone that people often address and perceive us based on our outfits. This is why the competition for the best dressed in any gathering is always fierce. But, of course, we are not asking you to compete. Why compete, when you can stand out, right?

Thankfully, accessories like your onyx dial will elevate your look. It is also what you need when you want to stand out. if you are wondering how you can achieve the best looks with this watch, then see below:

  • Choose the right outfit

Most people go for the Rolex Day date onyx dial because they want a minimalist fashion. If this is also you, then you would need to do more than put on any dress. To achieve your minimalist goal, you would need more than this Rolex model. The clothes you wear, and the color of other accessories also matter. To accentuate the onyx dial, it is best to wear a cocktail dress or suit. This way, you will not need to do much with color combinations.

  • Keep it simple

Minimalism is about keeping everything simple. Everything from your cloth to the luxury pieces, and the shoe should remain as simple as possible. The combination of your simplistic style with the Rolex day-date onyx dial can be a dream come true.

  • Pay attention to the size

Like other Rolex models, the Rolex Day Date onyx dial comes in various sizes. So, it’s essential to choose the right one that fits your wrist. To some, small sizes fit their wrist perfectly. And to people with larger body structures, using a bigger watch will feel most befitting.

The point is that it should feel comfortable and not look too small or too big on your wrist. So, pay attention to the size, and pick the one that is most suitable for you.

Final Thoughts 

There are many Rolex collections out there for you. But, if you would rather go the minimalist route, the Rolex Day Date onyx dial is perfect for you. Because of the onyx dial, the watch tilts towards the monochromatic fashion style.

Other features like the case and bracelet have the best elements of beauty. These materials are also popular for their longevity and durability. So, you do not have to worry that your Rolex Day Date onyx dial won’t meet the standard. If anything, it is the watch to exceed all expectations and all set standards.

To get the best type of this model, you would need to make adequate research where necessary. Everything from the price to the features of the watch is important. So, learn about them beforehand. And when you eventually get the perfect onyx dial, you need to do everything to maintain the quality.


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