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V-shaped Choker Diamond Necklace

V-shaped Choker Diamond Necklace

V-shaped choker diamond necklace  

Stepping out in an attention-grabbing outfit will always be a plus for you. No matter the destination – a lunch date, or to the beach – it is important to prioritize your look. In the end, people’s perception of you stems from their first impression. And in most cases, these people see you before they hear you. So, if you care even a wee bit about what others say, you need to always put effort into your appearance.

Now, there are different ways of putting effort into your looks. Sometimes, and with some people, the focus is only on the dress, skirt, or shorts. You want to wear the best clothing and uniquely style yourself.

Indeed, the clothes you wear, and how you wear them matter a lot. But it should never stop at just the clothing. The accessories, which many people mostly disregard are just as vital to the way you look. Accessories like V-shaped Choker diamond Necklaces have everything it takes to elevate your look. If you are a lover of close-up, bold, and shiny necklaces, a choker necklace isn’t new to you.

There are varieties in the world of choker necklaces. From diamond, and gold, to velvet, these types have their place in the hearts of people. In special cases, you get a combination of two major elements in one choker necklace. Such is the case of the V-shaped Choker diamond necklace.

Lovers of V-shaped accessories, who also love diamonds should find this fitting. Are you looking for a necklace that stands out on your neck, and pronounces you in a room? Get this. It is firm and fits right with the shape of the wearer’s neck. In recent years, people have called it dog collars as much as they have called it a choker necklace. But that’s not the point. The fact remains that after thousands of years, it is one of the most sought-after fashion pieces.

Genesis of V-shaped Choker Diamond necklaces

Between 4500-1900 B, people saw choker necklaces in archaeological finds. They also saw the necklace in paintings and statutes.

Genesis of v-shaped choker diamond necklaces

At the time, the chokers existing were hand-made. Some of these contained beads and others were metals.

Between 2600-2500 BC, the Sumerian choker became the special one. This came after someone found that one of the sixty-eight women at a royal tomb had the necklace. Of course, the Sumerian choker was slightly different from the bead-centered choker. The people who found this reported a cloth strap, tied at the back, used to hold the choker firmly on the neck.

As expected, the evolution of the Choker necklace didn’t stop with the Sumerian choker. We also had the gold ring choker between 1635 – 1458 BC. The people that discovered this did so in Egypt.

The popularity of choker necklaces transcended the early period. In the modern era, as early as 1500-1700, it was also in vogue. Many prominent women wore it, and people began to identify the necklace with royalty. Some of the women that wore them were Elizabeth of York and Mary Tudor.

The Victorian era was no different. Again, prominent women like the Queen’s consort, Alexandra wore the choker necklace. Although, she didn’t wear it solely for its status symbol or beauty. Alexandra of Denmark wore the necklace as a cover for her scar, and it worked well for her.

The fact that reputable women across different eras wore this necklace inspired others. Soon, more middle-class women started to wear different types of choker necklaces. In the present era, choker necklaces are not only for women. All sexes can wear the different types of choker necklaces, and look exceptional in them.

How to Choose the Right V-Shaped Choker Diamond Necklace?

Do you want a V-shaped choker diamond necklace? Well, you can have whatever you want. These days, choker necklaces of all types are everywhere. So, you get the chance to pick one of your dreams.

How to choose the right v-shaped choker diamond necklace

However, you need to be careful so that you do not pick the wrong piece for you. In a world of many originals, you will always find caricatures too. As someone in the market for this luxury piece, here is how to choose the right one:

  • Measure your neck

One of the unique features of any choker necklace is that you wear them high on your neck. This means that size matters.

How do you ensure that you get the right width and length? Well, measuring is one method that has yet to fail other choker enthusiasts like you. Using a soft measuring tape to get the overall measurement is ideal.

While you measure to achieve a firm necklace, do not forget that you need some space too. A choker necklace should not be too close or cause discomfort. This is why most people add about two inches to the original measurement. This way, there is space to breathe.

Wondering what you can do if you never get the chance to measure? You can ensure that your necklace is between 14-16 inches in length. That is standard choker measurement anyway. Also, make sure that the width can be as high as 3 inches or as low as 1/16 of an inch. Choosing the right size is going to afford you the type of luxury you need to wear a choker all day long. You shouldn’t shy away from it.

  • What is your face shape?

It is no news that there are different types of faces, with some of the most popular being round, and oval.

Wearing a round choker necklace if you have a round face may be setting yourself up for negative reviews. A round-face choker is going to emphasize the roundness, you might want to steer clear. However, you can try on the V-shape choker necklace on any face shape. It is even better on an oval face shape. Expect the V-shape to flatter your face, make it look fuller, and balance out your chin.

  • What Color is the most suitable?

Sometimes, the color of your accessories depends on the color of the cloth. And of course, there are times when your skin color should determine the color of the jewelry you go for. If you want a lasting positive impression after you wear this piece, you do not want colors that make you blotch.

Again, suitable colors often vary with different people. Some colors that appear washed out on one type of skin tone may be popping on another type.

And then there are colors like silver, and gold which work mostly for all skin types. Not only are these colors good for all skin types, they also fit in with all forms of other colors. Thankfully, the V-shaped choker diamond necklace mostly comes in silver or gold. Safe to say you are likely going to be picking between these two.

  • A bold or structured look

Like colors, there are always different styles of any luxury accessory. The V-shaped choker necklace also comes in different styles. If you have ever come across it before, you know that some styles are bolder while some are simpler.

Styling or choosing a necklace style often depends on preference. Some fashion enthusiasts prefer luxury pieces that make bold statements. People like this would likely go for bigger V-shaped choker necklaces.

In some cases, what helps to determine the style is the type of outing. If you are going on a simple date, you might decide to keep things simple. And when an occasion requires bold accessories, you should do that with this necklace.

Other times, it is the outfit that helps you to pick the type of V-shaped that is most suitable. In the end, what matters is the result. Does your V-shaped choker necklace do the job? If the answer is yes, then you have gone through the right process.

How to Wear A V-Shaped Choker Diamond Necklace

A V-shaped choker necklace is undoubtedly going to stand out whenever you wear it. It has everything – elegance and sparkle- it takes to be a statement piece. But you also need to make an effort. Sometimes you mix the necklace with the wrong outfit or bland accessories. And what you thought would make a statement becomes washed down. You do not want this, do you? Well, the only way to ensure your V-shaped choker does not become another bland fashion moment is here. Check out some of the things you can do to help meet the V-shaped choker necklace in the middle:

  • Keep it simple

Some people believe that simplicity in fashion is out of fear of experimenting. They ask; what is the fun in that? But the real question is: why should you disrupt elegance with unnecessary additions?

When you wear this necklace, you should combine it with simpler clothing. Avoid wearing busy patterns, or flashy jewelry that can clash with the necklace. Instead, opt for understated pieces that allow the necklace to take center stage. For example, you can pair the necklace with a little black dress, and simple stud earrings.

  • Layering

Layering necklaces can add dimension and interest to your outfit, but it can also be tricky to get right. When layering the V-shaped choker necklace, consider the length of the other necklaces. A good rule of thumb is to wear necklaces of different lengths for contrast and to avoid tangling.

How to wear a v-shaped choker diamond necklace

You are lucky because there are different ways of layering. Others have tried them, and they have worked. You only need to check out the different ways to layer your V-shaped necklace. To date, the most popular way to later is with pendants. This means you can have different shapes and colors of pendants around your necklace.

It is okay if you do not want to go the pendant route because there are other ways to layer this necklace. Some people may choose to layer with another type of necklace. This requires utmost care because you do not want both necklaces to be too contrasting. All methods of layering are fine as long as they are fitting and suitable for your outfit.

  • Hairstyle

Who says that other things you do with your body parts don’t matter? Using accessories anytime you want to step out should depend on hairstyle too.

The hairstyle you choose can impact the way other people perceive the necklace. If you want to showcase the necklace, consider wearing your hair in a low ponytail.

If you prefer to wear your hair down, you can create soft waves or frame your face and highlight the necklace. Alternatively, you can experiment with hairstyles that create a unique and edgy look.

  • Occasion

The V-shaped choker diamond necklace is a versatile piece. So, you should expect it to work fine in every situation. It doesn’t matter if an occasion requires dressing down or up, this piece fits right in.

For a formal event, such as a wedding or gala, pair the necklace with a gown for a glamorous look. For a casual event, such as a brunch or a date, pair the necklace with a simple blouse or a t-shirt, and jeans. You would look relaxed but also look polished because of the V-shaped choker necklace.


You do not get anything by wishing but by taking deliberate action to achieve your goal. So, if your goal is to get a V-shaped choker diamond necklace, you need to bring your ‘A’ game.

Wondering what your ‘A’ game means in this regard? Well, you simply need to learn everything that makes a V-shaped choker necklace what it is. You must understand the significance as this will help you in styling. It will inform your choice whenever you decide to choose.

And before you buy, you should also make sure you have the face type and the right wardrobe for it. Picking the necklaceat the store may be a simple action but it takes great investment to pull it off and style it right. Commit to doing this, and you will not regret it.


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