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Rolex GMT-Master II with Gems Galore!

Rolex GMT-Master II with Gems Galore!

There are classic luxury watches, and then there are eye-catching, gem-encrusted Rolex watches like the GMT-Master II. Of course, not every version of this watch is going to be quite this blinged out. But it does go to show that watches are definitely not all stodgy and boring. There are watches that are as bold as the boldest among us and this watch is a perfect example of that. What is unique about this watch is that it is a unique blending of eye-catching, bold style and cutting-edge engineering and design. 


All Rolex watches are hand-made with Swiss-born engineering, design, and craftsmanship. The company has a long history of making some of the most cutting-edge and advanced timepieces in the world. And they do this in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Rolex watches are also some of the most beautiful watches in the world as well. These are far more than just something nice to look at. They are marvels of engineering and craftsmanship. These are highly functioning, well-made, and precise timepieces that also happen to look amazing. 

The Gorgeous and Functional Timepiece


All timepieces, whether we are talking about a gem-encrusted GMT-Master II or something a bit less eye-catching, are a beautiful blend of form and function. Most high-end accessories are lovely to look at, but they don’t offer a whole lot more than that. This is fine, of course, it is a lot of fun to adorn ourselves with beautiful things. But it is also nice to have functional accessories as well. A timepiece is the perfect example of this. It looks great and will give you that put-together or professional look, but they also serve a purpose.


All watches will help you remain punctual, but some offer more than that. The GMT-Master II by Rolex is a great watch for a business person or world traveler. With this watch, you will always be able to keep track of time in two different time zones, at the same time. And the date is always going to be displayed at the 3 o’clock dial under a cyclops lens. Whether you get a glamorous version of this watch or one that is a bit simpler, it will have these features. These are the elements that make this line of watches iconic. 

Elegant Style and Professionalism 


Some of us want that put-together look. There is an effortless elegance that some people have that so many of us crave. And the way people achieve this look is actually a lot simpler than you might think. That put-together look is simply a combination of quality attire and well-chosen accessories. Something as simple as a high-end wristwatch can be just what you need to get that instant style that looks accidental. And, if you happen to work in today’s cutthroat world of business, you know that looking professional is part and parcel of being taken seriously. 


With so much competition, it takes a lot more than just skills and knowledge to be successful today. It takes a bit of luck and you also have to make a good impression on people. The thing is, we often form this impression before we talk to someone. So the way we look and carry ourselves can have a profound impact on how we look to other people. A high-end wristwatch with a well-fitting business suit will give you a professional look that is so incredibly important today. It will also show others that you value their time, as well as your own, and make a point to be punctual. 

Rolex Watches


Rolex is one of those brands whose name precedes it. When we think about high-end watches and luxury accessories, this is one of the first brands that many of us think of. And there are a lot of good reasons for this. Since the company’s foundation, they have strived to be one of the most advanced and cutting-edge watchmakers. Innovation and providing a really great product have always been really important parts of brand identity. This is why they continue to work to maintain this reputation as one of the most precise and cutting-edge watchmakers in the world. Only the best watchmakers will make the cut at Rolex. This gives you the peace of mind that you are getting a well-made timepiece that is at the cutting edge of craftsmanship, design, and engineering. 


The company also only uses the finest materials in its products. This means that what you get from Rolex is also a great value. In fact, many of these watches are so well-made that they will get passed down through the generations. These watches retain their value more than pretty much any other high-end accessory. This means they are also a good investment.

The Power of Innovation


Rolex is serious about innovation, whether we are talking about their GMT-Master II line or any of their other cutting-edge watch lines. Throughout its long history, the company would work closely with people who work or play in a variety of unique and extreme environments. We are talking about deep-sea divers, pilots, race car drivers, and the like. Then, they would go to the proverbial drawing board. The company would set out to create a timepiece that could withstand the unique needs of these professions, while also looking great at the same time. This is part of what has led to so much innovation from the company. And all of this technology makes its way into all Rolex watches.


The company is so passionate about quality and precision that they do not source many of its watch components from outside the company. Many of the inner workings of the watches are made in-house. In fact, Rolex holds a wide range of patents on a variety of elements that feature in their watches. These patents range from bracelet styles, proprietary metal blends, and more functional elements like movements and mechanisms.


The GMT-Master II Line of Watches

The GMT-Master II line of watches is an elegant and modern line of watches. This is a great timepiece for the world traveler – whether you travel for business or pleasure. With this watch, you have the ability to know the time in two different time zones, at the same time. The watch saw its first introduction in 1955. Originally, it was seen as a navigational tool, but it is now popular with travelers of all sorts. 


The GMT-Master II line saw its first introduction in the early 1980s. The changes included cutting-edge internal movement and mechanism The idea behind this watch is for it to be a reliable, functional, and durable watch. It has sporty and modern aesthetics, making it a popular watch for those who travel and those who simply like clean lines. 


As with most Rolex watch lines, the GMT-Master II comes in a lot of different iterations. The traditional version of this watch features stainless steel construction with a red and blue bidirectional ceramic bezel. This is a classic look that is simple but aesthetically pleasing. However, there are also more eye-catching versions, such as the one we feature here. The watch also features the date at the 3 o’clock marker. It is under the iconic cyclops lens. 


Diamond Accents

Diamonds are more than just a girl’s best friend, we think diamonds are for everyone. What isn’t made better and a lot more classy than the addition of sparkly high-end diamonds? The Rolex GMT-Master II we feature here boasts a ton of tiny diamond accents that give this watch even more glamor and style than it already has. This watch has a ton of diamonds in various shapes and sizes around the entirety of the watch. The bezel of the watch has rectangular-cut diamonds that are interspersed between the rubies and sapphires that encircle the dial. Additionally, the watch also uses diamond accents as the hour markers of the watch. But there are far more diamonds than just these.


The entire face of the watch features tiny pave-style diamonds. These are tiny diamonds that are lined up in rows. They are in a brilliant cut so as to maximize the amount of sparkle these stones give off. Diamonds in this style give the face of the watch a ton of glitzy shine. The bracelet of the watch also features rows of small round-cut diamonds. These are larger than pave-cut stones, but they still give off a lot of sparkle. The colorless, sparkly stones offset against the rubies and sapphires beautifully elevate the look of the yellow gold. 

Rubies and Sapphires

What we think is really fun about the GMT-Master II that we feature here is that it has a glitzy take on the classic style. In traditional or classic versions of this watch, it will feature a red and blue bidirectional ceramic bezel. Instead of ceramic, here we see the finest sapphires and rubies instead. But what is great about this is that it stays true to the classic blue and red bezel, but with a far more glamorous twist. This is not your father’s watch. It is a bold and stylish piece of engineering genius. 


Even a version of the watch as blinged out as the one we feature here still has all those elements that make this such a durable and reliable watch. You don’t have to sacrifice precision and durability just because you want something that can really sparkle. We love the fun and modern twist on the classic watch. The fine rubies and sapphires in the bezel are in keeping with that classic look. It gives the watch a punch of color, but not so much that it can’t be worn with other accessories as well. 


Traditional Yellow Gold


When we are looking at traditional versions of the GMT-Master II line of watches, we typically see them in stainless steel. This is because of the durability of the material as well as the cool hue it offers. However, there are other classic materials that you can also see in this line of watches. The version we feature here boasts yellow gold. For most of us, when we think about gold, we tend to think about yellow gold. This is the classic, buttery-hued material that has been a feature in human art and adornment for thousands of years. In this version of the watch, the yellow gold gives off that stunning shine and gorgeous hue. It offsets the red, blue, and sparkly colorless stones that cover the bulk of the watch.


The unique thing about gold that features in jewelry is that it is not pure gold. Pure gold is actually really poor for jewelry making. In its pure form, it is far too soft for use in jewelry. Jewelers blend pure gold with other materials to add strength and durability to the material. The carat rating of the gold determines what percentage of the metal is pure gold. 

In Closing


The luxury timepiece is one of the best and most versatile accessories you can buy. It is one of the only accessories that combine form and function. Whereas most accessories just look good, the timepiece is also a useful tool. It will allow you to stay punctual and may also have additional utility, depending on the watch. These are classic accessories that look great with pretty much anything. And watches come in a ton of iterations. Here we look at the GMT-Master II line of watches by Rolex. This is a classic and iconic line of watches that is well-suited to a world traveler.


This watch allows you to tell the time in two different time zones at once. It also shows the day under a unique cyclops lens at the 3 o’clock marker. Here, we have a really bold and eye-catching version of the watch. It features yellow gold as well as a ton of gemstones. The bezel of the watch features rubies and sapphires with the occasional flawless diamond interspersed. The face of the watch features diamond markers for the hours as well as pave-style diamonds that cover the face of the watch. Additional diamond accents are to be found on the bracelet of the watch. 


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