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Stunning Women’s Wedding Rings for the Classy 

Stunning Women’s Wedding Rings for the Classy 

women’s wedding rings

Is it a recent engagement you wish to celebrate? Are you hoping to add a ring to your bridal collection to add more flair to it? Or are you in need of a fitting set of wedding rings for the ladies? Regardless of what the situation is, the possibility of you getting the perfect women’s wedding ring is limitless!

Even at the jewelry retailer nearest to you, you can get a perfect bridal set that compliments you flawlessly. How much more when you shop with us at Diamonds By Raymond Lee? We believe that with a proper guide, you can discover the best set of women’s wedding rings for you.

Nevertheless, there is also the chance for you to reproduce your ring set using a standard women’s wedding band. Another option is to go all out with an alternative women’s wedding band. The band will come with rare materials like exotic hardwood or a meteorite.

Introducing Women’s Wedding Rings

When you give her that engagement ring, it is most surprising. Then, at a later date, when you have the formal engagement ceremony, you exchange fitting wedding bands. 

Mostly, the wedding band needs to fit the engagement ring. That way, both the ring and the band can go together. Most women wear their engagement rings only on special occasions. But, for others, their wedding bands are regular. Regardless, these weddings bands are significant pieces

Importance Of The Right Women’s Wedding Band

women’s wedding bands

The essence of a wedding band is to symbolize the love and commitment a man has for his fiancée. More so, an engagement ring is commonly considered to be an emblem of a man’s willingness to commit. This is a way he expresses that to his girlfriend, confirming his plan to wed her. 

“With this ring, I’m wed.”

Thanks to this simple statement, the days of joy began for millions of adorable couples. What you might not notice is the central word in this pledge. Well, that word is the word, “ring.” 

With the perfect ring, you truly understand the place of a women’s wedding ring as the utmost emblem of affection. Your wedding ring is the crown to your union and profession of love. In many ways, this holds a lot of significance. This is why it is important to get it right. However, you don’t have to get too stressed while shopping for a fitting set of women’s wedding rings.

For us, we believe it should be the other way around. Instead, choosing a ring to characterize your loving bond should be a blissful experience. It should be one filled with hope and amazing expectations. Why not? This is the beginning of your life together as a couple.

Additionally, it should get easier if you already have some ideas regarding the type of wedding band you want. Overall, searching for simply the perfect ring should be entirely delightful. Just do not forget that this will be a manifestation of your union and a representation of your unique style.

Required Parts Of Women’s Wedding Rings

women’s wedding rings

To make your shopping easier, more informed, and smooth, check out this list of the most essential elements of women’s rings. Knowledge of these elements will assist you as you decide on the perfect ring for you.

See this as similar to the signals that lead you towards wedded glee. Keep in mind that you should always move with your heart in your search for wedding bands. When you have that as your starting point, the knowledge of these vital elements completes you flawlessly.

Women’s Wedding Band Designs

Pay close attention to the design of your wedding band. This design must come in as a perfect complement to your ensemble. It should not contradict the other jewelry you have presently. 

Moreover, the way you dress every day shows others your sense of fashion. Your fashion sense is not something you share with anyone. It is unique to you as a person. Therefore, the wedding ring you select is just additional proof of that uniqueness. Plus, this time it is a more romantic addition.

When you check out what is available as designs presently, you will see how vast your options are. A few of these designs are: 

  • Heirloom or classics
  • Contemporary or trendy
  • Elaborate
  • Minimalist

In all, you have a wealth of women’s ring designs you can go for in today’s marketplace. The question now is; how do you locate yours? 

Look out for that one that suits your sense of fashion. Look at it this way: It is similar to the instant you knew you found your soulmate. At that moment, your heart whispers this fact. You can also feel it. In that instant, you know this is the person. 

Similarly, when scrutinizing likely women’s ring designs, the process should be the same. Do not rush! Take a deep breath! Let your heart speak its truth to you.

Women’s Ring Metals

What kind of metal you select for your ring turns out to be a huge part of the overall design. Sometimes, you pick out a design and conclude that the metal is not as important. At other times, you might pick out a lovely metal and feel the design is unimportant.

Note that the metal you choose is similarly a reflection of the stones that will crown your ring. That way, it will either be a fitting complement or contrast to the glitter of the jewels. This shows that these two elements should go jointly.

The most prominent metals you find on women’s wedding rings presently are:

  • Platinum

It gives you that extra timeless or relic appearance.

  • Sterling Silver

With this, you get a similar glow as platinum metals give. More so, it comes at a more economical price.

  • Gold

Well, we can say that this is the golden benchmark for women’s rings. It comes out just as lovely as the pun used here.

  • Rose Gold

 Are you a lover of an ancient look? Then, you want this metal on your women’s wedding band.

The Stones On Women’s Wedding Rings

Most times, thoughts about wedding rings condition us to see diamonds as the only option. As precious stones, diamonds served prominently over the years as perfect wedding pieces. This is likely due to their exotic value. Also, they exemplify affection and commitment. 

Is your choice for your wedding band diamonds? Then, you could choose a diamond cluster or many diamonds. That is one way you can get something better in elegance and grandness. However, if you wish to get a more modest and simple look, a solitaire comes in perfectly.

In addition, there are various desirable cuts out there. A few of them are: 

  • The round brilliant cut
  • Princess
  • Oval cut
  • The marquise cut
  • Pear cut
  • Heart cut 
  • Emerald cut

However, you can find other options to replace diamonds. Several couples choose to break away from this regular choice. They instead go for women’s rings that feature other precious gems. Some others even go for colored crystals.

Do not forget that these diamonds will not work for everyone. They were never meant to be. But, there are other options. It might even be your birthstone that would work perfectly as a complement to your ring. 

Few couples prefer to have both of their birthstones drawn up into their ring design. There is no need to be in a rush when choosing a wedding band. You need to enjoy wearing it for as long as you can.

Engravings On Women’s Wedding Rings

Do you want to have your wedding band unique to your style? Then, the best way to do this is by getting them engraved. 

The design, the metal, and the stones will come first. Then, the engravings come next. With a custom addition, you are on to the next step of the procedure. An engraving on women’s rings adds a definitive touch to your bond. That is an effective way to create a wedding band that is truly yours.

For some couples, their wedding rings get a personal touch by displaying their wedding date. At other times, it can be a special phrase that has specific significance to you both. Certain couples might choose to get their names engraved jointly. Most couples do the latter. 

Ultimately, the best way to know what to engrave is by following your heart. Trust us when we say the perfect words will come. When the words come, leave the rest to the engraver.

Band Styles For Women’s Rings

  • Channel Bands
  • Plain bands
  • Eternity bands
  • Shadow Wedding Bands
  • Pave bands 
  • Straight Bands

Choosing the Best Custom Wedding Band

Of course, you have an amazing future partner. Then, you should get them a wedding band that is as amazing as they are. As couples, there is no need to go for mass-produced rings. Such rings don’t express your distinct identities. 

Moreover, contrary to common beliefs, custom jewelry is a very modest option. You can make them easily and they don’t cost much. If you desire a one-of-a-kind wedding band, pay attention to the following nuggets.

  • Select The Best Style Of Wedding Bands

Take your time when doing this. You should ensure you check out all the options available to you. Going through some popular jewelers’ websites like ours can help. More so, if you check out in-store displays, you can also get a view of the wedding band styles that suits you. 

  • Deciding on The Perfect Material And Metal

After choosing your scope of design, the next phase is choosing the best metal and materials that suit it. Choose the exact metal and design on your engagement ring for your wedding band. That is the best way to ensure they match. Meanwhile, you can select from a wide range of metals, coverings, and material layouts.

  • Gemstones Or Not?

Here are a few examples. Emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, amethyst, and topaz. They are all colorful and striking gemstone choices for women’s wedding rings. Choose any of these that fits the style and materials of your wedding band.

  • Decide What Your Budget Is

Define a satisfactory and possible pricing range after you have got that broad idea of what women’s ring you want. And, when the costs surpass your budget, adjust the materials used for your wedding band.

  • Meet With An Expert Jeweler To Discuss Your Choices

Draw out sketches, take photos, and note your different choices. You can also point to related wedding band styles out there. Meet with an expert jeweler like Raymond Lee Jewelers after making these choices. 

Additionally, you can look us up and check out our other work online. Also, there are reviews from other customers that point to our quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Know The Size Of Your Finger And The Size Dimensions. 

Your preferred jeweler will be on hand to help you know your exact ring size. Ensure the dummy ring suits you flawlessly. It must not be too tight. Neither should it be too loose. More so, the size of your ring will significantly affect the width of your wedding band.

  • Ensure You Place That Order On Time

Note that the production of a custom ring might last weeks. Therefore, order your custom ring early enough. The latest time to do so should be two months before the date of your wedding. With that, you are sure you will get it in time for that huge occasion.


Now that you read our guide, we expect that you have a good knowledge of women’s wedding ring choices. Also, we hope you discover tricks to unlocking a relaxing ring-shopping adventure.

Keep in mind that this is a significant life choice. Hence, it should only be a product of enough scrutiny and patience.  Select a design that will stand the true test of time. Remember, you’ll have your women’s ring on every day. 

In all, we hope our guide comes in handy to help you through this. We hope this makes the ring-buying part fun, simple and delightful. Finally, here’s to happily ever after. Cheers!


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