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Rolex Luxury Watch: Rolex Batgirl Vs. Pepsi

Rolex Luxury Watch: Rolex Batgirl Vs. Pepsi

Rolex Luxury Watch
If there is one thing we know Rolex for, it is their innovation and ingenuity. We can see these features in every Rolex Luxury Watch that leaves their factory. The Swiss watchmaker did it again at Baselworld 2018. He surprised us and the fans with the Rolex Pepsi and Batgirl. Are you one of those who fantasize of wearing it on your wrist? So, here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we’ll offer you all the information.
Since the launching of the first Rolex GMT-Master model, the red and blue bezel has been its distinguishing feature. They named it ‘pepsi’ because the colors of its bezel are identical to the symbol of the beverage company. Let’s get into the specifics now.

Where Did The Rolex Pepsi And Batgirl Nicknames Come From?

The first Rolex GMT-Master-II Ref. 6542 came into existence at the request of PAN American Airways in 1954. The authorities desired a watch with dual time zones for pilots. It was a specific request for pilots flying transatlantic routes via many time zones.
Rolex developers came up with the great concept of adding a fourth hand with a pointer. They designed the pointer to rotate once every 24 hours. This second hand displayed the second time zone on a rotating bezel. The upper half of the bezel was blue, while the lower part was brilliant red. The watch community soon recognized the link and dubbed the blue and red bezel “Pepsi.” We have other Rolex models named “Coke” and “Root Beer.”
When Rolex redesigned the black and blue GMT in 2019, it included a revised Caliber 3285 movement. It had more refined case proportions. This new design was only available with the 5-link Jubilee bracelet instead of the 3-link Oyster bracelet.
The new Rolex GMT Pepsi, titled the Rolex GMT-Master II reference 126710BLNR got its name “The Batgirl” immediately after its debut.
The Batman are slimmer and more curved than the ones seen on the original Batgirl GMT-Master II. Also, the Jubilee bracelet gives the watch a more polished and dressy look. But, the Rolex Batgirl nickname is useful for distinguishing a black and blue GMT-Master II watch from another. It doesn’t really make sense in the context of the other nicknames for Rolex’s GMT series of watches.

Rolex Luxury Watch: Pepsi in Review

rolex pepsi

Its iconic design

New and used Rolex Luxury Watch GMT-Master models were initially meant to aid pilots with their navigation. Their tough, stylish looks, and outstanding usefulness drew gentlemen from various areas. The 126710BLRO has various time zone displays, making it suitable for world travelers.
Let’s return to the color for a moment. When compared to the jeans-blue GMT-Master 1675 introduced in the 1970s, this variant is nearly purple. You don’t have any other watches to compare it to? This isn’t a huge deal. According to Rolex, it was difficult to come up with the same color combination.
Take a look at the ceramic inlay if you’re looking for a resemblance. The ceramic inlay of the Rolex Pepsi resembles that of the white gold version. Nonetheless, several improvements and adjustments happened particularly to the lugs. The watch is also outfitted with a Jubilee 69200 bracelet that oozes elegance.

Customization with Diamonds

Another topic of discussion about the Rolex Pepsi is its diamond customization. This is a critical procedure that involves the craftsmen’s ability. The customization is not limited to designing alone. It includes integrating precious stones into the clock. Diamonds, after all, are one-of-a-kind. A Rolex Pepsi Custom may make you feel and look more affluent than ever before.

Pricing and Availability

The Rolex Pepsi is far more affordable than other brands for the price. It continues to provide quality and elegance to fulfill the needs of its consumers. This watch has the least price of $35,000 yet it depends on the store you visit. For instance, The Rolex Pepsi pricing in the UK differs from that of other nations. Don’t worry, because at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, there is a Rolex Pepsi sale discount to help you out.
You don’t need to concern yourself about availability because there is enough supply. All watch models for men and women were thoroughly researched and prepared specifically for customers.

Pre Owned Rolex Pepsi

If you don’t have enough money to buy the product right now, you may consider buying a used Rolex Luxury Watch. This is a preowned or used product that is resold. If you’re wondering if it’s affordable, the answer is yes! The Rolex Pepsi is not your average second-hand watch. Furthermore, you must know that before they put it on sale, they passed it through a restoration process. So, you have nothing to worry about.

Let’s Dive into the Specs

When it comes to luxury watches for sale, performance comes first, followed by design. Rolex completely gets this. As a result, they infused the Rolex Pepsi with a few mind-blowing features. Its massive barrel is what accounts for its 70-hour power reserve. The watch also has a Chronergy escapement and Paraflex shock absorbers.
The Swiss brand planned to increase the power reserve for at least three days. And you know what’s incredible? On a daily basis, it works within the -2 and +2 seconds range. This is within the permitted chronometer specs.
So, let’s go to the time display, featured in both the previous and current models. Rolex, like before, created a 24-hour hand Rolex Luxury Watch that worked in tandem with a 12-hour hand. The long red hand couldn’t be set separately. The revolving bezel, divided into two halves, helped to show Greenwich Mean Time. Their target audience were the pilots, who often check the GMT-based second time zone.
rolex pepsi

Latest Generation of Timepieces

Rolex abandoned previous references when it introduced a new generation of Rolex Luxury Watch in 2007. That’s due of a unique and long-lasting design with a ceramic bezel. The Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO for sale continues this trend today. It is now a modern model that has little similarity to previous clocks.

Rolex created it with both beauty and class in mind. Despite this, it deviates significantly from its predecessors. Whether it’s the bracelet, the bezel, the dial, or the clasp, this new watch model is subtly hinting that it’s going down a different road in terms of how it engineers its products.

Rolex Luxury Watch: Batgirl in Reviewrolex batgirl

The Rolex Luxury Watch Batgirl stainless steel case has the weight of a precious metal on the wrist, an experience you must see for yourself in the metal to really appreciate. It’s extremely sturdy, and once you put it on, there’s no denying it’s a premium product. The Rolex batgirl is the right modern size for purchasers of all genders and wrists worldwide, measuring 40mm in diameter, 12.2mm thick, and 48mm lug to lug, excluding the fixed points of the bracelet.

The watch, which is secured by a screw-down Trip lock crown, delivers a safe 100 meters of water resistance – which many say may be higher due to the use of the same triple gasket mechanism seen in a Rolex Submariner.

The watch was launched during Rolex’s Maxi case era, which means the case lugs have a block-like appearance and lack the more typical tapering construction and hairline beveling. The case’s front-facing components are totally satin-brushed, with just the top of the bezel knurling and case band having a mirror shine finish. This better conforms to the watch’s “tool watch” origins, since satin surfaces usually wear scratches better than their more polished rivals.

The bezel that inspired the Batman/Bat Girl nickname is a 24-hour GMT bezel made of black and blue Cerachrom. The ceramic bezel, as well as the inlaid platinum that forms the numerals, are very resistant to wear and tear. Some may like the original aluminum bezels and the patinas that have developed over time, but at its heart, Rolex seeks to make durable, long-lasting watches. Ceramic colors will never fade, and they will almost certainly never accumulate the scratches that their metal counterparts do over time.

The dial

The dial of the Rolex batgirl is the same gloss black as that of current professional Rolex models, with big lumen plots set inside white gold-framed circular, baton, and triangular indexes. While the gloss black is shiny, it is nevertheless highly readable – an impressive achievement given that no AR coatings are specified in Rolex specs. This is a fairly subtle move on their part, as anti-reflective coatings are prone to scratches and maintenance, which Rolex works hard to minimize.

The hands are fashioned in white gold for greater resistance to wear and corrosion over time, with a Mercedes hour hand, pencil-minute hand, and lollipop seconds hand. At three o’clock, the famous Rolex Cyclops amplifies the black-on-white date display for easier visibility.

The dial also has a GMT hand, which is blue and triangular shaped to match the bezel and stand out from the other hands on the display. Its purpose is obvious from its visual distinction, and as a genuine GMT, users may independently change the hand without interfering with the watch’s timekeeping owing to its separate rapid-setting GMT hour hand. Given the superior precision of the movement within, you don’t want to have to re-correct an already precise watch with each time zone change.

The bracelet

A surprisingly contentious adjustment for the new Rolex batgirl is that the watch is now only sold with a more formal-looking Jubilee band. Even though it was modest, the backlash shocked us because the Oyster bracelet that had previously been matched with the watch was the more elegant version with both satin and polished components. While both bands use different finishes, the Jubilee is unquestionably the more elegant of the two, with a less tool watch-like construction. But don’t underestimate the strength of a contemporary Jubilee bracelet. It remains very strong and robust on the wrist, with the link size and shape producing a more snug fit around the curve of the wrist.

It also includes the same Easylink adjustment system as the previous Oyster bracelet, allowing you to rapidly alter the bracelet’s size by 5mm. This is especially useful when the seasons change and wrist sizes fluctuate, since it saves owners from having to get bold with a screwdriver or see their preferred watchmaker on a regular basis.

The movement

Rolex has upgraded its black and blue bezel phenom to utilize the new in-house manufacturing caliber 3285, joining the Pepsi. The 3285 and its more efficient Chronergy escapement have enhanced the watch’s power reserve by 22 hours, bringing the overall operating time to 70 hours. Given the current market, the update positions Rolex Luxury Watches more competitively versus other brands that were outperforming the crown – at least in terms of power reserve. Even Rolex’s more approachable sister brand Tudor has a 70+ hour power reserve mechanism, so it was about time Rolex joined the party. It is very shock resistant and accurate, as one would expect from a Rolex caliber, running within the outstanding chronometer requirements of plus or minus two seconds each day.

Rolex Batgirl Vs. Pepsi

Between the Rolex Pepsi and Batgirl

To be honest, it is pretty obvious to recognize that both of these Rolex Luxury Watches are fantastic. This is true not only in terms of color choices, but also in terms of general design and performance. Both watches have a sporty appearance and a nearly identical market, so it’s no wonder that choosing between the two is tough. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the Pepsi watch is the newer of the two, having a superior mechanism than the Batgirl watch. We might conclude that the ultimate decision was most likely influenced by a basic preference for color. We’d love to know which of these two Rolex watches you’d choose and why.



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