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Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry to Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry to Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Sell your unwanted jewelry

One person’s trash might be another person’s treasure! If you need to sell your unwanted jewelry Diamonds by Raymond Lee specializes in buying old, unwanted jewelry that are still in good condition for repair. If you have an unused jewelry box, you can schedule a free consultation with a professional in-store attendant and be offered a reasonable price for your jewelry. Diamonds by Raymond Lee buys a wide range of jewelry, such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, and bands. One advantage of selling to us is that you could use the proceeds to purchase a brand new jewelry almost immediately as we have them in stock! 

In this article, we have prepared a few guides for consideration. If you want to visit our store to sell your unwanted jewelry, this guide will assist you.

Separate Yourself from Emotions

As professional jewelers we understand the sentimental worth that some jewelry pieces hold. Nonetheless, if you are thinking about selling a certain piece, we expect that you should have less emotional attachment to your jewelry. Although we understand how tough it might be, you have to apply ration and logic when releasing your beloved jewelry. A cherished jewelry to you is simply a necklace to someone else. So remember that the value you place on the piece may be biased owing to your attachment to it.

Have Realistic Expectations

Aside from detaching your emotions which may lead you to feel it is worth more, your expectations should be realistic in general. Keep in mind that you’re selling an item that has been used, needs a bit of upgrade, and most likely came from an older jewelry collection. Except if the jewelry you are attempting to sell is truly “old,” it is unlikely that you will get more than half of the original price.

Restore Your Items

The pieces you’re trying to sell have most likely been sitting in your jewelry box, unused, for quite some time. Hence, it’s not such a bad idea, if you took out the time to properly have them cleaned. Try to restore them to some level of value before an appraisal. You can use warm water and gentle dish soap to remove dust and filth from the surface of your jewelry. A soft bristle toothbrush will go into the nooks and crannies without doing any damage!

Ask Questions!

Right before coming to us for a free consultation, it’s a good idea to know the specifics of the jewelry you want to sell. For instance, how many carats is it if it’s a diamond? Is the bracelet fashioned of gold or white gold? The more you learn, the more you will be able to question our appraiser’s details about your jewelry. Understanding these specifics will also help you in forming a realistic estimate of how much you would get for your jewelry. You would also have a solid stand if you feel you’re not being offered your jewelry’s true value.

Take Your Time

Separating yourself from any emotional attachment to the jewelry you’re selling was mentioned in our first point. Notwithstanding, we are sensitive to any attachment you may still have for your jewelry. Therefore, we will not pressure you to make a decision. Our customers are never hurried during the negotiations process since we encourage them to ask questions and take the time to thoroughly explain their options. 

Sell Your Diamonds To Raymond Lee

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions on How to Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

How do you Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry?

You may sell your jewelry for cash in two ways: locate a buyer (either local or online) or you can take it to a shop that will make an instant offer to purchase it. If you sell your jewelry to a pawn shop, jewelry store, or any “We Buy Gold” vendor, you are sure to get easy, quick cash. You could also locate a buyer on your own, and you might even get more money. Nonetheless, doing so generally takes more effort and time, and it might be difficult to find a buyer.

How much can I sell my jewelry for?

Jewelry in good condition, which is also in style, is considerably more difficult to sell than jewelry that requires repair. The vast majority of jewelry does not fit under this category. They are often sold for the intrinsic value of the gold or platinum, diamonds, or gemstones. Jewelry in bad condition that isn’t in style will most likely sell for a “scrap” value. 

Do I need an appraisal to sell my jewelry?

In some cases, an appraisal is not required to sell your jewelry. Do you have a lot of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or rubies to sell? Then it may be worth visiting a reputable jeweler for an evaluation. If you want a written appraisal, go to an AGSCG (American Gem Society Certified Gemologist) or a GIAGG (Gemological Institute of America Graduate Gemologist). In our opinion, a written evaluation is rarely worth the money if you want to sell your jewelry. Keep in mind that the value of your jewelry is determined by its quality, condition, and style.

Can I sell my jewelry without a receipt?

A receipt is not required when selling jewelry to Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We’ll give you an offer that won’t cost you anything. But what if you want to sell your unwanted jewelry online or to someone you know? You may be asking what a reasonable price is. If you don’t have a receipt, the buyer may want to know how much it is worth before purchasing it.

You could also arrange a verbal consultation to receive an estimate of resale value. A verbal consultation provides you with information on the piece, its jewels/diamonds, and an estimate of its worth. And it’s less expensive than a written appraisal!

What type of jewelry sells best?

Most jewelry exhibits signs of wear, but that is if it’s of an older style, or has chipped or abraded gemstones. These items are sold for the intrinsic value of their constituent parts. Other jewelry sells for a higher price, usually new or newer condition jewelry in current trends, or historical pieces, particularly those produced before 1950. If you sell jewelry by well-known names such as Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, or Cartier, you may expect to charge a premium.

Salability factors include:

The style of the jewelry – Is it a popular, contemporary style? Is it a vintage item, perhaps from the 1920s or earlier? Expect to pay more. Is it a once-popular style that has since fallen out of fashion? If it is a late-twentieth-century piece? Expect a lesser price—most offers will be for the parts’ intrinsic value.

  • The condition of the jewelry 

Are the prongs worn, the gemstones damaged, or the diamonds chipped? Rings and bracelets are more frequently worn than pendants and earrings. Bring your jewelry to Diamonds by Raymond Lee for a complimentary cleaning and evaluation.

  • Diamonds and Gemstones

Large, high-quality diamonds are the most valuable, followed by sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and alexandrites. Other gemstones have little value unless they are big, precious, and of high quality. It is beneficial to have a diamond report, although it is typically not worth the price of getting a formal, written appraisal. If you wish to learn more about your jewelry, Diamonds by Raymond Lee offers a verbal consulting service and we’ll give you a free offer.

  • Rare and Collectible Jewelry

These are the relatively few pieces that fetch a premium price, generally because they are ancient and branded. If you are lucky enough to own a rare item, go to a fine jeweler like Fox Fine Jewelry or contact an auction house like Sotheby’s.

How do I tell if my jewelry is a popular style, or in good condition?

Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry

We’d love to take a look at your jewelry! Diamond By Raymond Lee can advise you on whether it is best to sell for scrap, sell as a full piece, or reuse your diamonds and gemstones in a new item you will wear. If you have any questions or would want to sell your unwanted jewelry, just come in with your pieces; there is no need for an appointment. Bring all the kinds of jewelry you have, we will buy them. Expect the best deal for bigger diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds since we specialize in bespoke jewelry. We are excited to assist you!

How you can Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry and Become Happy

Jewelry is usually recognized as a valuable piece of belonging to own with great sentimental and aesthetic worth. More often than not, this jewelry would begin to collect dust. There is a better method to manage your precious jewelry, whether it is a gold necklace that has been sitting in your jewelry box for ten years or a diamond ring that has never been taken from your safety deposit box. The following list lays down some of the unexpected ways that selling your unwanted jewelry may benefit your everyday life.

Spoil Yourself

You work hard to make ends meet and live a life you like. But you’re not always able to take advantage of every opportunity because of the cost. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy every day to the fullest when you sell your unwanted jewelry. You can enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, update your outfit, or invest in new things to last a lifetime. We’re all working hard to live responsibly on a budget. However, by selling your unwanted jewelry; you could enjoy some of life’s pleasures guilt-free.

Secure Your Future

Raising a family in this day and age is a long-term financial struggle. You could invest in your loved ones’ future when you sell your unwanted jewelry. Playing the stock market entails some risk; however the value of precious objects remains stable despite economic ups and downs. It is reassuring to know that there are chances to sell your assets in forums that help you get the most out of your stuff during times of economic turmoil. Nothing is more precious than the safety and happiness of those you care about, and selling your unworn jewelry might be one step toward long-term stability.

College Tuition Within Reach

When it comes to financial pressure, paying for college has become one of the most important economic expenditures that an individual or family can make. The benefit of an education extends well beyond its cost, yet this does not compensate for the high expenditures. Using your unworn jewelry to pay for college tuition has the following advantages:

  • In the college choosing process, widen your options.
  • Avoid taking out government loans with excessive interest rates.
  • Reduce your working hours on and off school in order to focus on your education.

The Vacation You Always Wanted

Experiencing new and interesting locations is one of life’s greatest rewards. A vacation, whether solo or with loved ones, broadens your horizons and leads to personal growth and discovery. An unworn piece of jewelry may be lovely, but can only provide you with so much in terms of long-term value if it is kept in your possession.

The memories you build when traveling are just irreplaceable. Traveling will rejuvenate and energize you, whether you want to backpack through Europe, take a cruise, volunteer overseas, or simply have a “staycation” in your local city.

Renovate Your House

Even modest changes to your house can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. These projects may build up until you don’t know where to start and your house might be literally deteriorating. Typically, weather-related damage might necessitate urgent repairs, resulting in an unanticipated financial setback. You could be a more proactive homeowner and offset these expenditures so you can undertake some home renovation by selling your unwanted jewelry!

Get the Best Cash for Jewelry Prices

You’re probably looking to maximize your return on investment by selling your jewelry. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee you can accomplish just that. We provide industry-leading cash for jewelry pricing and guarantee your satisfaction with the transaction.

The best part is that you could visit any of our nearby jewelry stores whenever you like. While we accept appointments, you are free to drop by whenever it is convenient for you. When you need cash for jewelry, we look forward to supplying you with the most competitive market pricing.


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