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Santos Chandelier Watch by Cartier with Multicolor Sapphires

Santos Chandelier Watch by Cartier with Multicolor Sapphires

An elegant timepiece like that Santos line of watches by Cartier is the perfect option for those who like the finer things in life. Cartier has a long history of making some of the finest jewelry and even has an association with royalty. With all this in mind, it is no wonder that the company is still one of the most popular jewelers in the world. And, they create some of the most stunning pieces available. 

Cartier is known for its high-quality design and use of materials. Only the finest materials make it into a piece of Cartier jewelry. The Santos line of watches is one of their oldest and most popular lines. There are tons of different options within this line, from classic designs to more bold and eye-catching pieces. The skeletonized version of the watch is highly popular for its really unique look and feel.

You’ll see Cartier watches on your favorite celebrities. From athletes, rappers, and even famous actors, Cartier is a brand that many people swear by. And for good reason. Nothing can add class quite like a piece of high-end jewlery that has an elegance and quality you can see with the naked eye. And this is what you get with Cartier. They choose only the finest materials and they have only the most qualified craftsman working to create these stunning pieces.

A watch by Cartier is perfect for a variety of occasions. You may wish to include the watch as part of your daily wardrobe. It can easily become part of your signature look, making you a style icon amongst your peer group. Or, you might want a blinged-out watch that you bring out for special or formal occasions. 

Unique Timepieces

The timepiece is one of the most elegant and versatile accessories you can find. It is one of the few accessories that look good with pretty much anything and fits with any social event. There aren’t many accessories that can seamlessly go from day to night like a Cartier watch. This is because they are made from such high-quality materials and a lot of thought and effort goes into the design of each and every element of the watch.

The Santos line of watches is one of the oldest and most popular that Cartier offers. There are many different versions of this watch. From simple and classic designs to bolder and more eye-catching pieces, this is a line that has it all. And you can be sure that the look and feel of anything you pair it with will instantly take on the elegance and glamour it wouldn’t have otherwise had. 

Show off your style and appreciation for the finer things in life with one of the many different styles of Cartier Santos watch. One of the most popular recent designs is the skeletonized version of the watch. This allows you to see the internal workings of the watch. It gives the watch a bolder and more urban look and feel and is perfect for the trendsetter. 

The History of Cartier

Cartier is one of the oldest jewelers that has made pieces for celebrities, royalty, and those who have higher tastes and standards. In operation for nearly two centuries, this French-born company continues to develop a reputation as one of the finest jewelers in the world. 

The headquarters for Cartier is in Paris and for many years was under family ownership before being sold to the Swiss Richemont Group. Today, Cartier has more than 200 special stores, found in some 125 different countries. They even own three different temples in London, New York, and Paris.

The brand is regularly listed on Forbes’s most valuable brand list. This means that the products the company makes are of high quality and high standards that makes it a good value and a good investment. And, with its long association with royalty, it is no wonder that so many people love this brand. Not only that, but their pieces are just plain stunning. 

The company makes a range of jewelry, from wristwatches to engagement rings. They have a reputation for being able to select the finest stones and precious metals for their pieces. This is part of why they have such a strong reputation for quality. With some of the finest designers and access to such high-quality materials, this reputation is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. 

The Santos Watch

santos cartier

The Santos de Cartier watch is one of the oldest and most popular watches the company makes. This is because the design focuses on both comfort and high aesthetics. These are watches that are meant to be worn and you can easily wear them all day at work without the watch pinching or pulling.

Not only are these timepieces created with comfort in mind, but they are also meant to be aesthetically pleasing. And that they are. The bezel and case create smooth, sleek lines, that give the watch a polish and elegance.

One of the things that makes this such a unique style of watch is that, rather than hide some of the design elements, they highlight them. For example, the screws that hold the bezel and dial to the case of the watch are generally hidden in the design. With the Santos line, these elements are given prominence. In fact, it is elements like these screws that give the watch a signature look. 

You can find many different styles and models of this watch. From watches that feature two-tone straps, to those that are skeletonized to allow you to see the internal workings of the watch, there is a Santos watch for pretty much any style. 

Skeletonized Chandelier Version

cartier santos alternate view

A chandelier watch is the epitome of luxury. Like a chandelier, this watch is meant to give off amazing sparkle and shine. These watches will feature high-grade diamonds or other gemstones around the entirety of the watch. This gives it glamour and elegance that is hard to beat. These are the highest-quality stones and from the manufacturer, you get a watch that features as many as 80 differnet diamonds. This lends the watch a bold glamour that will certainly catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

But some of us want something a bit bolder and more fitting with our edgy, urban style. This is where the skeletonized version of the Santos watch comes in. This version allows you to see through the case of the watch to the internal workings. This gives the timepiece a more urban or industrial feel without taking away from the elegance. The skeletonized version of the watch is a perfect option for the bold trendsetter and will make you the talk of wherever you show it off at.

This is a unique blending of classic design, quality materials, and bolder, more eye-catching design. And these watches will definitely turn heads with all that sparkle and shine. You might find it surprising just how many different looks this bold watch works with. It is actually quite versatile despite its bold design. This means you can wear it with a wide range of fashions and to a wide array of social occasions.  

Custom Aftermarket Additions

Some of us want something truly different that not just anyone will have. For this, many people look to aftermarket customizations. High-end brands like Rolex, Cartier, and Patek Philippe are prime options for custom additions. A famous soccer star saw the Cartier de Santos watch and really likes the look and feel, but wants something a little different. How about a little bit of bold color? No problem.

Jewelers would create a truly stunning watch that features multicolor sapphires that allow the watch to maintain its sparkle and elegance but give it a rainbow of lovely color. As luck would have it, we have obtained this high-end, truly custom watch and it is available at our Boca Raton store. Having such a bold and unique piece is a rare treat and anyone who loves the rainbow of color and the elegance of the skeletonized Santos watch will love this piece. Problem is, there is only one, so once it is gone, well, it is gone. 

Aftermarket additions give accessories a more unique look and feel and make them truly your own. So it is no wonder that celebrities would want to make their accessories a bit more personal. You don’t have to be a celebrity to appreciate unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Truly One-of-a-Kind

We all want to be one-of-a-kind and part of developing this look is creating a signature look that is all our own. We do this with the clothing and accessories we choose, as well as how we wear our hair, makeup, and the like. Who doesn’t want to be known for their unique and imitable personal style? Who doesn’t want a reputation for how we dress and carry ourselves?

What better way to create a truly signature look than with a piece that has custom aftermarket additions? Customization is a perfect way to take something that someone else might have and make it all your own. It allows you to stay in keeping with the basic design elements of the piece but give it a personality and style that are unique to you. This custom Santos de Cartier skeletonized chandelier watch is the perfect example of how a piece of jewelry can become truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

The watch has all the classic features of the Santos watch, but with a key addition. It features stunning, multicolor sapphires in place of the diamonds, and this gives the watch a colorful and stunning look.

Versatile and Elegant

With the Santos de Cartier, you get a watch that seamlessly combines elegance and versatility in a single piece. As we note earlier, there aren’t many accessories that are as versatile as a timepiece. Watches are one of the few accessories that really do look good with pretty much any type of fashion and any social occasion. And this even goes for one of the more blinged-out watches. They have just enough traditional design that they still look good with formal fashions, as well as bolder, more trendy fashions. 

You can pair this watch with an elegant formal suit or even a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever you choose to pair it with will instantly take on an air of luxury and glamour. And if you have a custom Santos de Cartier, you have a truly unique piece that will catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Subtle, elegant, and versatile, this watch is a piece that can easily become part of your signature look, or you can bring it out for special occasions. Regardless, you will get plenty of compliments on this piece anytime you bring it out. It is eye-catching and stunning to look at.

In Closing

Some brands just have a reputation for luxury and the finer things in life and Cartier is just one such brand. Their Santos de Cartier line of watches is one of their oldest and most popular lines and is incredibly varied and versatile. This line of watches has options ranging from traditional, classic designs to bold, trendy, and eye-catching options. The skeletonized version of the watch is just one of these bold, trendy styles. 

This style of the watch allows you to see the inner workings of the timepiece. This gives it a more urban and industrial look and feel, while also maintaining its elegance and glamour. When you choose the chandelier version, you are getting a watch that features tons of high-grade diamonds that surround the entirety of the watch from the bracelet to the face. Some pieces will have custom, aftermarket additions that also give it a unique character all its own.

The Santos Skeletonized Chandelier watch that has aftermarket multicolor sapphires in place of the diamonds is a true one-of-a-kind piece. It gives you all the design elements that make this watch so popular, but in place of the diamonds are multicolor sapphires that give it a color and shine that is incredibly unique and stunning to look at.


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