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Rolex Pepsi Luxury Watch 126710BLRO-0001 Review

Rolex Pepsi Luxury Watch 126710BLRO-0001 Review

Rolex Pepsi Luxury Watch

When it comes to Luxury timepieces, the name Rolex is not a newcomer on the scene. The Rolex GMT-Master II Watch is a Rolex Pepsi luxury watch with reference number 126710BLRO-0001.

The watch is luxurious enough to make a statement and still casual enough for everyday wear.  The Rolex Pepsi was crafted from stainless steel; the watch boasts of a 40mm case and a sleek steel jubilee bracelet. 

More so, along with a special blue and red Pepsi, bi-directional, rotatable 24-Hour graduated ceramic bezel, you’ll be able to locate a black dial accented by luminous black index markers and silver luminous hands. 

Furthermore, along with several impressive features, the Rolex Pepsi luxury watch includes a power reserve of 70 hours and a water resistance of up to 100 meters. This watch is offered in pre-owned condition and includes the manufacturer’s box. Amazing, right? Let’s see more…

Details about the Rolex Pepsi or 126710BLRO-0001

Reference Number126710BLRO-0001
Year of ManufactureN/A
Also KnownPepsi
Band TypeStainless Steel
Case BackSolid
Case MaterialStainless Steel
Case Size40mm
Clasp TypeIntegrated to Bracelet
ConditionNew or Pre-Owned (whatever your preference is)
CrownScrew Down
Dial ColorBlack
Watch FunctionsHours, Minutes, Seconds, GMT, Date
IncludedManufacturer’s Box
Lug MaterialStainless Steel
Power Reserve72
Power Reserve UnitHours
Strap ColorStainless Steel
Limited EditionN/A


Review Proper

Rolex Pepsi Luxury Watch

If design, creativity and imagination are anything to go by, then there’s one thing commendable about Rolex, and that is their quest to stay ahead of the pack. More so the previous statement holds true in every ramification as the brand establishes the same standard and quality across their product lines. 

Ok, for instance at the Baselworld exhibition in 2018, the Swiss watchmaker did it again—they intrigued every one of us and the fans with the ‘Rolex Pepsi’ also known as the ‘GMT Master II 126710 BLRO’. 

However, if you have ever dreamed of owning one of Rolex’s masterpieces or even sporting it on your wrist? Well, you are just right on track by finding yourself on this blog because Diamonds by Raymond Lee is poised to unveil everything you need to know about this ‘amazing engineering work of art’. 

Since the first-ever Rolex GMT-Master model was released, the red and blue bezel has always been its signature. It was nicknamed ‘Pepsi’ for an obvious reason—the colors of its bezel are similar to Pepsi’s brand.

Let’s Look At Its Customization With Diamonds

Rolex Pepsi Luxury Watch

When we consider the Rolex GMT Master II customization with diamonds, it is probably one of the most important features most people are looking out for. Why? Because this is considered as a crucial process that demands a lot of expertise from the artisans not only in designing, however, also in incorporating the precious stones into a Luxury watch. After all, diamonds are one of a kind. Nevertheless, think about it, when you wear a Custom Rolex GMT Master II you can feel and look more luxurious than before yet even maintain your simplicity, if that’s what you want.

Let’s Examine Its Iconic Design

Rolex Pepsi Luxury Watch

New and used Rolex GMT-Master models were originally designed to help with the navigation of pilots. However, their rugged and dapper appearance, as well as incredible functionality, has also drawn gentlemen from other fields and industries. The Rolex Pepsi luxury watch features multiple time zone displays, making it appealing for globe-trotters.

Now, let’s talk about the color again. The Rolex Pepsi luxury watch is almost in purple shade compared to the jeans-blue GMT-Master 1675 unveiled in the 70s. Don’t have any other timepieces to compare the shade to? That’s not a big deal. According to Rolex, it was indeed challenging to come up with the same color combination. 

If you are searching for the similarity, then take a look at the ceramic inlay. In the Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO, the ceramic inlay looks like that of the white gold version. Nevertheless, some improvements have been made, especially in the lugs section. The watch also sports a Jubilee 69200 bracelet, which looks purely sophisticated.  

Let’s Talk About Pricing

Well for once, if a watch is too expensive then it’s probably not in your league (although no pun intended). However, for the price, the Rolex Pepsi luxury watch is way cheaper than you would expect. Even at that, it still guarantees quality and luxury to meet the demands of the customers. This Rolex Pepsi luxury watch is pegged at a minimal price of a little above$ 25,000 although; it still boils down to where you have decided to shop. The Rolex GMT Master Price in the United States is quite different from the UK and other countries. Don’t worry since Diamonds by Raymond Lee offers some of the best prices for the Rolex Pepsi in Florida to ease your financial burden. 

For the availability, you need not to worry since there is enough supply at our local store. Models of the Rolex Pepsi for both men and women were analyzed and planned well before handing each to the customers. Furthermore, we have made available Rolex GMT Master Finance to help you clarify your mind when purchasing the product.

Alternative for On Budget Spenders: Pre Owned Rolex GMT Master II

If you are currently out of money to purchase the product, you can try the pre-owned Rolex Pepsi luxury watch. What we mean by this is that the product has been previously owned by someone who wished to sell (keep in mind that they are in perfect working condition). If you are thinking that it is cheap, well yes! Second hand timepiece like the Rolex GMT Master is not an ordinary one. Besides, a strict and thorough restoration was done before handing it down to the potential buyers, just so you know.

Let’s talk about the Specs

The functionality and design should be your first and second considerations when it comes to luxury watches for sale, and the Rolex brand puts this into practice to the letter. Therefore, it’s the reason why they imbued the Rolex Pepsi luxury watch with a couple of mind-blowing features. Its large barrel is responsible for its 70-hour power reserve. Plus, the watch comes with Chronergy escapement and Paraflex shock absorbers. 

The Swiss brand had the idea of upsurging the power reserve for at least three days. And you know what’s amazing? It operates within the -2 and +2 seconds on a daily basis at the same time. This is within the allowable chronometer specifications.

Okay, so let’s move on to the time display, which is available both in the previous and the current model. Like before, Rolex came up with a 24-hour hand working alongside a 12-hour hand. The long red hand could not be independently set. However, the rotating bezel, which is split into two halves (12-hour each) aided in displaying Greenwich Mean Time. This is designed for airline pilots, as they usually monitor the second-time zone based on GMT.

Modern Generation of Watches

Upon the launch of a new generation of GMT-Master II back in 2007, Rolex out-performed more than their earlier references. Well, that’s because of a novel and durable design with a ceramic bezel. Moreover, today, the Rolex Pepsi luxury watch lives on with this trend. It is now a modern version of luxury watch which does not have much resemblance to other luxury watches. 

Rolex designed it with beauty and class in mind. In spite of that, it makes a notable drift from its predecessors. Whether it is the bracelet, the bezel, the dial, or the clasp, this new watch model is giving us subtle hints that it is taking a new path with how it engineers its creations.  

Why Is It Important to Take Care of Your Rolex Pepsi Luxury watch?

Whether you’re an avid collector or have just decided to join the league of luxury watch users by purchasing your first Rolex Pepsi, it’s important to know how to care for this finely tuned engineering miracle. While the Rolex 126710BLRO-0001 is known for its durability, the watch also needs attention and care just like a fine automobile if they are to run properly for the long haul (and retain their value). We have taken our time to add to this review timeless tip on how to properly care for the Rolex Pepsi luxury watch, to ensure you get its value for many years to come:

Get Your Rolex Pepsi Luxury Watch Serviced Regularly:

Rolex Pepsi luxury watches are complex machines, needing your care and our maintenance to keep running properly. If you have owned this watch for over a decade, then we recommend taking it for maintenance every two to three years – the friction within the watch would wear them down with time. If you wait five years or more after that point, it could mean the difference between a quick touch-up and a full Rolex rebuild with replacement parts. Take the time to browse through our website for some watch maintenance tips for Rolexes, as well as our frequently asked question and troubleshooting guide – that way you know just what you need to do should the worst happen and your Rolex Pepsi watch breaks down, as well as ways you can prevent future issues.

Keep Your Rolex Pepsi Watch Moving:

It’s always better to wear the Rolex Pepsi luxury watch than to let it gather dust on your shelf. So, just like a car that is better off when it’s driven – the Rolex Pepsi was also built to run. Moreover, if it sits too long, oils can dry and its movements can stiffen. If there was any moisture getting in over the years, rust has already formed and potentially damages some essential components that make the watch work well. If you do have to store your watch, keep it somewhere at least relatively temperature and humidity controlled. Hot, dry, cold, wet – these can all be bad for the Rolex Pepsi luxury watch. Direct sunlight is another no-no. We recommend using the watch winder for at least 5-8 hours a day – as with most things, moderation is best – a good quality watch winder can serve as a safe storage or display case for your watch.

You Should Carefully Consider Rolex Restoration:

The decision to have the Rolex Pepsi luxury watch restored is a very difficult one, and it is heavily dependent on your preference. When you have an overhaul done on your Rolex watch, you can have both the bracelet and the case refinished. Moreover, Keep in mind that when you refinish a watch, you can wear away some of the precious metal. There are some who swear by sticking to their factory Rolex finish for authenticity. It really comes down to personal preference – up to the Rolex owners themselves.

Be Careful When Wearing the Rolex Pepsi luxury watch:

Rolex Pepsi luxury watches are made of high grade stainless steel, gold, and platinum and most have durable sapphire crystals, however, that doesn’t make this watches invincible to damage. Bear in mind that if you catch the watch at the right angle at the right time, even a small bump can damage it.

Never Take The Rolex Pepsi Water Resistance For Granted:

Okay, we know this likely doesn’t need to be said, but let’s emphasize it for the sake of reminders: water is very bad for the inside of your Rolex Pepsi watch. If you get water inside your watch, treat it like a heart attack – put it in a bag of rice and get to a watchmaker immediately (well you can skip the rice part if you don’t have any nearby and put it on your wrist – your body heat can help evaporate the water and keep it from the intricate mechanisms in your watch movement). Whenever you are about to enter a wet environment, ensure that the crown on your Rolex Pepsi is screwed down tight – without that, your watch is not water resistant.

It’s important to take care of your Rolex Pepsi watch if you want it to hold its value. We also advise you to learn more about why Rolex watches are so highly valued and why some Rolex watches hold their value over time.

Buy the Rolex 126710BLRO Now


If you would love to buy the Rolex Pepsi luxury watch while in Florida, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we offer a vast array of new and pre-owned luxury timepieces in stock at the best prices. Each item is also certified genuine by our team of experts to provide you with a fantastic shopping experience. If you put a high value on individual style, then you can also explore our selection of Rolex luxury watch sections featuring the 126710 BLROa in various designs and variations.



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