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Show Your Style with a Platinum Ring

Show Your Style with a Platinum Ring

Platinum 1ct GIA Certified Round Brilliant 0.30ctw Diamond Engagement Ring

Whether it is an engagement ring or wedding band, or simply a piece of statement jewelry that you make become part of your signature look, a ring is a great piece of jewelry and can take your style and look to another level. There are tons of different kinds of rings, made from a range of different materials. 

Typically, we think of jewelry as items made from gold or silver, but there are a lot of different materials jewelry is made from. All these metals will give a different look and sheen. One of the more unique types of material that is growing in popularity is platinum. This is a gorgeous rare metal that has a look and sheen unlike any other metal out there. 



are platinum engagement rings the best

Not only does platinum have a gorgeous, bright sheen, but it is also an incredibly strong and durable metal as well. For jewelry that you plan to wear daily, platinum is a great option because it will hold up well. 

We associate platinum with luxury and high quality. It is the metal that represents a 70th wedding anniversary – a milestone not many are lucky enough to make it to. It is a rare and hard-to-find metal, which makes it appropriate as a representation for such a long matrimonial milestone. 

This is the most expensive metal in the world, due to its scarcity and rarity. Platinum is not found in many places in the world and most of it comes from South Africa today. It is this rarity and difficulty of extraction that makes this metal so prized and expensive.

Platinum is one of the best wearing metals available. The metal can withstand extreme temperatures (whether heat or cold) and doesn’t change its shape or degrade. Platinum develops a patina over time and many people think this actually makes the metal even more beautiful. It is one of those few materials that looks better the longer you wear it. 

Not everyone likes the patina or slight scratches that platinum will take on with wear and tear. Thankfully, all it takes is a trip to a jeweler for a polish to renew its cool shine. 

Another benefit of platinum is that it is one of the few metals that is completely hypo-allergenic. People who have sensitivities to silver and other metals can wear platinum without issue. Since the metal contains no nickel, which is what most people with metal sensitivities are allergic to, it is one of the few metals that will not cause any sort of allergic reaction. 

Types of Finishes


There are numerous ways that platinum can be finished, what you choose will depend on your stylistic preferences. We see a few finishes that are used more often than others.

Most commonly, we see satin, polished, brushed, hammered, sandblasted, and wire-brushed finishes. There are rarer finishes that you can find, but they are far less common and we won’t touch on them here. 



A satin ring is similar in many ways to a polished ring except that the finish is not nearly as shiny. For example, you are not able to see your reflection in the ring like you can with a polished finish. It gives the smoothness of a polished finish, but without the bright sheen of that type of finish. It is a more subdued look.


Platinum 1ct GIA Certified Round Brilliant 0.30ctw Diamond Engagement Ring

When we think of shiny platinum, chances are we are thinking of a polished finish. This is a smooth, bright, and clear finish that will glint and shine in the sun. Since it is reflective, it will shine and you will see your reflection on the surface of the metal.  This gives the ring a very bright and clean look. This finish will scratch more easily than other types of finishes and it is also more notable, so you should keep that in mind if choosing this finish.



A brushed finish will have a similar look to a satin finish in that it is not super shiny and doesn’t have the reflective properties that a polished finish has. The biggest difference between satin and a brushed finish is texture. A brushed finish will have a texture and it will even show brush lines. This is a popular finish for men’s rings.



This is another type of finish more popular for men’s rings. It, like the brushed finish, creates a unique texture, but it is not shiny and bright like a polished finish. This finish looks as if it has been pounded with a hammer, hence where it derives its name. Once hammered, a satin finish is added to the ring to create a smoother look and remove reflective properties.




This is another type of finish that is growing in popularity for men’s rings. It has a grainy and course look and has a texture you can feel. It creates a more worn look and is a unique finish for those who like texture.

Wire Brushed


This is a less common type of finish but one that is growing in popularity. It has a look similar to the brushed finish, but it has more defined brush marks. The finish isn’t, however, textured. It is smooth, but not polished.

Stones, Stones, Stones



You may want a simple band with a unique finish, or you may want something with a little more bling and shine. Platinum, with its gorgeous, bright, clear sheen pairs really well with a variety of stones. Diamonds – naturally, a girl’s best friend – are a natural choice. You are sure to draw many compliments with a bright, clear, highly-rated diamond set off by stunning platinum.

If you go with diamonds, your choices don’t stop there. You may wish to have one large diamond as the main stone in your ring. Or, perhaps, you want to have multiple smaller diamonds offset by the stunning metal. Some people will add to the rarity of their jewelry by adding a rare stone as well. For the more daring and stylish among us, rare colored diamonds make an excellent choice to pair with platinum. 

Platinum 1ct GIA Certified Round Brilliant 0.30ctw Diamond Engagement Ring

When set off against platinum, yellow diamonds, which are incredibly rare and richly hued a buttery yellow, create a truly stunning piece of jewelry. High-quality yellow diamonds are incredibly rare and expensive and the richer the hue of the diamond, the more rare the stone is. Diamonds are actually found in a wide range of colors, though yellow is the most sought-after, including colors like blue, pink, grey, green, and even black.


Many people aren’t aware of the other colored diamonds available on the market as they are rare, expensive, and can be hard to find. It is worth the time to track down a uniquely colored diamond to set off against platinum and for a one-of-a-kind, luxurious, statement piece that a discerning consumer will certainly love and appreciate.

Other Precious Stones


With its cool, white, bright, and clean sheen, platinum is the ultimate metal that can be easily paired with pretty much any type of stone and look amazing. Creating a truly stunning statement piece of jewelry that will be coveted near and far is limited only to your imagination as pretty much any stone will look amazing against platinum.

One of the stones that look best with platinum is sapphire. The stunning, rich blue hue sets off against the bright platinum, making the platinum look even brighter and making the stone shine like no other. Rings that pair a larger center stone made of sapphire and flaked with smaller, clear diamonds will create a ring out of a fairy tale and will make any look, whether you are heading in for a day at the office or out for a night on the town.

blue sapphire diamond ring


If you are looking for something a bit more daring or unusual, there are plenty of stones to choose from. Emeralds of stunningly deep green, opals with their unique sparkly and cloudy hue, or even rubies with their deep red color will set off against the shiny platinum to create a magnificent piece of jewelry that will continue to stun viewers for years to come.

You can be creative with your choice of stones. Perhaps you will choose to go with one type of stone for the whole ring or use a variety of different stones to create an eye-catching, unique piece of jewelry. Whatever stone you choose, it will pair great with platinum.



You cannot engrave all metals. Some metals are too soft or brittle and an attempt to engrave them will prove to be failures or simply not look very good. Thankfully, platinum is not one of these metals. It will hold the engraving well as it is easy to engrave and strong metal. There are different types of engraving that you may choose from if this is something appealing to you. It is a way to create a unique piece of jewelry that will continue to remind you of a special moment in your life for many years to come. 

Some people simply engrave a name, date, or short message on the inside of their ring as a reminder of a day of celebration. This is a great way to, for example, honor your spouse or keep the memory of your wedding day alive. Perhaps you have a saying that defines you as a couple – it may be nice to have that message engraved on the inside of the ring to remind you of your love. 

Other times, engraving is part of the design of the ring. It could be a simple pattern on part of the band or a unique edging that gives the ring a more unique look and feel. You can use all sorts of designs, such as geometric patterns, different kinds of lines, or small designs such as swirls, leaves, or even hearts. There are tons of different ways you can engrave your ring to give it a personalization and one-of-a-kind look.

Say, for example, you want a simple plain platinum band, but you want to take the look to another level. A unique, sophisticated engraved design will take what was just a plain ring and give it a sophistication it wouldn’t otherwise have. 

In Closing


Platinum is a rare and unique metal that has a beautiful bright color. It is an expensive metal due to its scarcity, but it is also an incredibly durable and long-lasting metal too. Since platinum is such a strong metal, it handles excesses in temperatures better than any other type of metal you can make jewelry from. This means a platinum ring will stand the test of time and many believe that it looks even better with a patina of wear and tear.

You can get a platinum ring in a range of different finishes, depending on your aesthetic preferences. Some prefer an exceptionally shiny ring, so a polished finish is a great choice. If you prefer a smooth, but less shiny look, a wire-brushed or satin finish is an excellent option. Brushed, hammered, or sandblasted finishes are great choices for a bit of texture to your ring.

Platinum is such a gorgeous metal but it doesn’t overpower a piece of jewelry on its own. This means it pairs well with a wide range of different types of stones. Whether you want to pair the metal with clear, bright diamonds or even a more rare colored diamond, the end piece will be gorgeous. You don’t have to stick with more traditional stones like diamonds though, platinum pairs well with pretty much any type of stone, regardless of color.


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