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Since Jean-Marc Pontroué took charge of Panerai, the brand has been actively redefining its collection. This redefinition has been around four basic strongholds;

  • The grand Due
  • The classic Radiomir
  • The powerful Submersible and,
  • The vibrant Luminor.

Aside from sectionalizing their collection, Panerai also began to tidy up the collections. This chosen path is to introduce extra harmony and visibility into the sub-collections. The wristwatch to kick off this with a relaunch is the Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic.

The new style for the Luminor Marina is straightforward, unique, modern, and functional. You have a variety of simple colors (black, blue, and white) and the milestone sandwich dial.

This model of the Panerai wristwatch was first introduced in the early 1950s. Then, the label “Luminor” implied the existence of a new luminous element built to displace the Radiomir (the material in WWII watches).

Panerai stated that the new Luminor Marina is a continuation of this improvement. The new Luminor Marina further adds “high-performance Super-LumiNova.”(SLN)

How does the SLN work?

In all sincerity, the brand has only added white SLN to the hands and the iconic sandwich dial. Now, the hands and the dial glow green in the dark. That is not so much revolution. Regarding the design, the brand takes it all back to the classic Luminor Marina watches. Now, the design is of a modern look with zero “fauxtina.” It is simply back to simplicity.

Panerai Luminor Marina or Panerai PAM359 launched again at the Geneva SIHH in 2010. Now, it parades a slightly different design compared to other models of Panerai wristwatches. Does it possess attractive features? Does it truly have a unique Panerai look?

Keep reading to find answers to these questions and more. Explore the Panerai PAM359 in detail in this review and see why it is the best Panerai watch to collect.

Panerai Luminor Marina Technical Specifications


  • 44mm x 15.65mm diameter and height, respectively.
  • Stainless steel case
  • Polished and brushed case
  • A safety lock device protects the crown
  • The case back is steel, screwed, and see-through sapphire crystal
  • The case is 300m water-resistant

Sandwich Patterned Dial

  • White hour markers and Arabic numerals
  • Blue sunray-brushed dial with Arabic numerals
  • Super-LumiNova with green luminescence


  • In-house Caliber P.9010
  • Automatic movement with 31 jewels
  • It comes with 200 components
  • 13-3⁄4 lignes and 6mm thick
  • Twin-barrel
  • Power reserve that lasts about 72-hours
  • 28,800 vibrations per hour
  • Incabloc® anti-shock tool.
  • A display featuring small seconds, minutes, hours, date


  • Alligator leather strap
  • Dark blue colored strap with beige threading
  • The strap has a trapezoid pin buckle covered in brushed steel
  • An additional blue-colored rubber strap

The Appearance

·         The Dial

A Panerai watch displaying all the numbers on the dial is very unusual. This unusual style is what Panerai PAM359 adopts. All the numbers are displayed on the dial except number 3. Number 3 is omitted, and the date window replaces it.

The way the dial is numbered is what sets this watch apart from other Panerai Luminor 1950 models. Other wristwatches of this model display just between 3-4 cardinal numbers. But this Panerai Luminor Marina does it differently. Also, the Marina has a very chic sandwich dial.

It is clear from a mere glance that this watch is a perfect substitute for Panerai PAM164. This watch certainly takes inspiration from some classic Panerai models.

The added Luminova on Panerai Luminor Marina is beige. This color is different from the regular green color. This color change might be odd to some users. Hence, the name “dirty dial” is called due to its sandy vintage color.

Still, the jet-black sandwich dial with a fine brownish shade simply compliments this beige Luminova. This watch is a perfect fit for any outfit with a brownish tone.

·         The Case

Panerai Luminor Marina has a completely polished, 1950 styled case on it. Other watches having this type of case are brushed, not polished. Most of them come with a polished steel bezel too.

Although the polished case looks very charming, it is still more of a suit watch than an everyday watch. For something more suitable for a daily routine, go for Panerai wristwatches with brushed cases. The Panerai Luminor Marina has a polished, crystal case back.

The Marina watch has that in-house P.9000 Panerai’s automatic movement. Likewise, there is a power reserve that can last for three days. Finally, there is a sleek, black leather strap on this watch with beige stitches. The stitches come in the same color as the Luminova, which is why they perfectly complement each other.

By appearance, three features make a regular Panerai Luminor different from a Panerai Luminor Marina:

  • There is no second’s hand on a Panerai Luminor, whereas a small second’s hand is on a Luminor Marina.
  • Again, a Panerai Luminor watch comes in a completely different case to a Panerai Luminor (Marina) 1950. The regular Panerai Luminor comes in a “boxy” case. But, the Luminor Marina comes in a stunning cushion-shaped case. It is one huge uniqueness that you cannot but love.
  • Lastly, most of the Panerai Luminor Marina models employ extra high-end movements like the P.9000. Whereas several Luminor models still used ETA-based movements. These ETA-based movements were later replaced by the modern caliber P.5000 movement.

The Luminor Marina Movement

·         Quality Movement

The case of the Panerai Luminor Marina is made of a high-end 44mm steel Luminor. It works with an in-house caliber P.9000 movement.

The movement of the Luminor Marina is all laser-guided machines and high-end technology. The P.9000 movement fully adds to the elegance and sleekness of this wristwatch. It looks the part.

The P 9000 is an automatic movement. The movement comes with a power reserve that can last for as long as three days.

You might want to ask how this would help. Here is the importance:

Take a scenario where you wear the wristwatch for a couple of days. You can then leave your Panerai Luminor Marina on a Friday night for another watch all through the weekend. Afterward, on Monday morning, your Marina wristwatch will still be ticking. If you wish to wind it manually, all you have to do is open the watch’s crown guard. Easy Peasy!

·         Accurate Movement

Without a doubt, this is unarguably one very precise timepiece. Even after using it for over a year, it has been close to perfect, with less than 2 seconds loss daily. That’s a huge degree of precision. This accuracy is likewise a consistent one.

One major feature of the P 9000 movement that is quite fascinating is how it has no swift change for adjusting the date. To adjust the date, you must move the crown to position 1. Then, you can either move the hour hand forward or backward. You do not need the minute hand to do this.

Imagine when the date is wrong with about ten days. That’s a lot of work to adjust. Regardless, it’s still a catch.

This date adjustment setting can help adjust time zones. With the minute remaining steady, you can either reverse or advance the hour.

Any wristwatch model that uses the P.9000 movement is a great option at any point in time. To be straightforward, this movement used for this model is just wonderful!

AISI 316l Stainless Steel

One material that makes Panerai Luminor Marina a watch to collect is the AISI 316L 1.4435 stainless steel. This stainless steel is Officine Panerai’s material par excellence. The product is highly resistant to corrosion. It is also a hypoallergenic material.

All of these are good features for any skin contact, making it the ideal wristwatch to collect. Some Panerai watches were produced for the Italian Navy. These watches were made of austenitic stainless steel. That is another durable material. It was also resistant to the harsh environmental conditions these commandos were operating in.

This material is another pointer to how technically accurate and how well you can rely on the product. This is the product you need to deal with any obstacle that comes your way. This Panerai watch should be on your wrist always!

PAM Guard Warranty: Protecting Your Panerai’s Timepiece

There are several fascinating features of the Panera Luminor Marina. One major feature is how well you can depend on the durability and efficiency of the wristwatch.

It even gets more interesting to discover how you can make the most of PAM Guard. PAM Guard furnishes you as a fan of this timepiece with that desired additional protection.

You can now rely better on this well-trusted timepiece thanks to an international limited warranty (PAM Guard). To enjoy this amazing facility, you simply have to:

  • Register Your Panerai Marina wristwatch
  • Extend this International Limited Warranty (PAM Guard)
  • Enjoy the benefits of having an extended International warranty on your product.

The brand name Panerai is known to be accurate and durable. This brand demonstrates a level of commitment to quality. This commitment is what is exemplified in PAM Guard.

This warranty is usable for wristwatches bought in the last two years. Qualified wristwatches may earn an extended International Limited Warranty to last as long as six years.

Any fault your watch has during your two years of sales security or extended six years of coverage is covered with this warranty. So, if your timepiece fails to meet Panerai’s watch specifications because of manufacturing damage, be calm. Needful repairs or fixing in new parts is certain with no fee at all. Still, some conditions may apply.

Registering Your Watch for PAM Guard

To use your warranty card, just scan its QR code, verify your watch, and add it to your online collection. In better words, the steps are:

  1. Put in the serial number on the Warranty Card manually, or you can scan the QR code on the card. This card comes with your timepiece when you buy one.
  2. Confirm the wristwatch and subscribe to the PAM Guard warranty
  3. Start building your online collection.

Wearing A Panera Luminor Marina

Similar to the trend with Panerai wristwatches, this is another bold and in-your-face product. It will certainly scream “See Me” when you have it on.

An interesting part of owning a Panerai is how you can easily swap different straps and have completely distinct wristwatches whenever you do so. The main leather strap you see on purchase is more fitting for a suit outfit. Regardless, you can always buy various OEM or aftermarket straps to suit the outfit.

It is strange to find out that the rubber strap that comes as a substitute is mostly ignored. This might be since the strap is more suited for a beach or diving outing. And, such an outing is not what such a pricey watch is for. If anyone would take such an expensive wristwatch to a beach, it will be unusual.

One more thing is that this wristwatch should be a perfect fit for those with a large wrist due to its 44m size. Yet, some people with smaller wrists wear it, and it fits just well. Wearing this wristwatch comes with a level of flexibility. And that’s thrilling.

The 44mm width is not as huge as it sounds. What really makes it huge is its height. The wristwatch sits quite high on the wrist. That height will be perfect for certain people. It will not be the same for some others who will find it difficult to wear it comfortably. Yet, one of the most significant pros of the Panerai Marina wristwatch is its bold presence.


Panerai Luminor Marina is a 44mm polished steel timepiece with a dirty, beige dial and complete numerals on display. Similar to most Panerai watches, it’s clearly a bold one. Be sure that you won’t go unseen wherever you wear it to.

It is partially due to its height or bold appearance but surely due to its peak quality and high-end technology. The P.9000 movement is a fantastic movement that often brings down the elegance to this timepiece.

This wristwatch is very simple yet attractive when considering its appearance, even in the slightest details. Still, this Panerai might not be the best for you. Therefore, considering other basic models like Panerai PAM000, PAM312, or PAM111 might be the right move for you.


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