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The History of Tacori Jewelry

History of Tacori Jewelry


Tacori may be primarily known for its stunning luxury, heirloom-quality engagement rings, but the entire empire of diamonds is actually built on a foundation of everyday jewelry pieces.


When Haig Tacorian first left Europe in 1969 to begin his jewelry company, it manufactured pearls in Hong Kong and imported them to a US market absolutely crazy for pearls. But Haig Tacorian wanted more control over the final product, and was lusting for something with more bling than luster. And so he expanded not only into diamonds, but into his own trademark designs.


Those signature designs are still featured today, along with the beautiful contemporary works of jewelry art designed and handcrafted at Tacori’s California headquarters.The signature Tacori crescent design element is found in different interpretations on every Tacori jewelry piece – not just the bridal collections.


The Tacori Crescent was first pioneered by Haig Tacorian as a way to sign his work. A way to set his pieces apart. A way to announce to each piece’s admirer that it was, in fact, an authentic Tacori piece. The intricate, interlocking half-moon arcs can take on their most obvious form, with brilliant diamonds reflecting light from every valley. Or they can appear in a more modern, subtle approach. In some collections, these interwoven arcs are designed in reverse, for an unexpected take on the signature.


The crescent is just one Tacori touch that makes the brand stand out in a shining sea of jewelry. The company and its design principles alike reflect European flair and Old World sensibility combined with contemporary elegance. Haig Tacorian still helms the company, maintaining its original spirit and guiding it with the same standards upon which he founded it – with a little help, of course. Enter his son and daughter.

Paul Tacorian, the company’s president of sales & marketing, revolutionized the entire industry. His ad campaigns not only catapulted Tacori into household name territory, but changed the entire future of jewelry advertising. Tacorian dreamt up campaigns so visually stunning they could easily double as fine art. This style of ad was the first of its kind – no other jeweler had shot their work in full page, colorful, editorial style high art before. Now, it’s unheard of not to showcase jewelry this way. But Tacori was the first company to do so.

Nadine Tacorian, the company’s president of operations, is responsible for maintaining her father’s vision while keeping Tacori at the cutting edge of the jewelry industry. Her own sense of personal style influences the designers, especially her father.


When Nadine and her now husband began the process of designing her engagement ring, Haig Tacorian was inspired by her desire for clean, simple design details with emphasis on beautiful diamonds. So inspired, in fact, that it launched the entire Simply Tacori engagement ring collection.


But family isn’t the only thing that inspires Tacori design. The beautiful California landscape touches every single piece. Whether designers are drawing on their experiences in wine country, or remembering a picture perfect California sunset, each Tacori collection is imbued with California’s natural beauty. And the spirit of California shines bright in each piece. Independence, a desire to stand out, to go against the flow, and to always move forward – albeit in a relaxed, effortless way – these are Tacori traits through and through.


Each Tacori fine jewelry collection draws its name and inspiration from Tacori’s home state of California. Every piece is handcrafted in their Glendale design studio under the guidance of the brand’s founding designer himself. With a Tacori piece comes the same cache you can expect from their engagement rings and wedding bands.


Tacori jewelry is painstakingly perfected throughout a several step process. First, the designer sketches out their vision. It could be just after lunch at a California landmark, or when reminiscing about Old Hollywood, but it doesn’t matter when the Golden State’s inspiration strikes – a Tacori designer will sketch until it’s perfect.


Next, that sketch is translated into a Computer Aided Design (CAD.) This is the first step towards seeing the vision in 3D, and lets designers see every angle to fully form their design. Next, the CAD is made into an actual 3D wax model, which is used to cast the piece in 925 silver, 18 karat gold, or platinum (and occasionally a mix of two or more.)


After casting, a Tacori goldsmith perfects the signature crescent detailing and other Tacori touches. Next, the design is sent to Tacori’s team of polishers, who shine it to perfection with hand-machine polishing.


Throughout this process, Tacori’s gem and diamond team works their magic separately and simultaneously. They choose the perfect diamonds for every piece to ensure nothing but the best. Tacori diamonds must first be certified by not one, but two external authorities on gemstones, GemEX and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA.) After this, each stone must pass inspection by Tacori’s own in-studio experts. Less than 5% of diamonds considered by Tacori’s diamond experts are deemed exceptional enough for the designs.


The criteria? Only that they are of impeccable cut, and that they are Gorgeous, Very Sexy diamonds – the Tacori way to say G color and VS clarity. Nothing, not even the vocabulary, at the California design studios is immune to the Tacori Touch!


The diamonds are also guaranteed to be conflict-free, as every single diamond Tacori purchases comes from a Kimberley-Process compliant source. The Kimberley process is a system that unites diamond dealers, governments, miners and employees to stop the flow of conflict diamonds into the trade. Approved by the World Diamond Council, the Kimberley Process is designed to reward only those sources that benefit the local economy and society, while cutting off the revenue source for those who trade diamonds to support violence. Tacori stands by their vetting process to assure you that your piece contains only those diamonds that were ethically sourced.


After the diamonds are selected and perfectly matched, Tacori’s master gemstone experts painstakingly hand set each diamond – and many Tacori designs include up to 100 individual diamonds. Once set, the piece receives a final polishing and buffing before it’s considered showroom ready.


It’s this attention to detail that sets Tacori pieces apart as artwork, and it’s the same attention to customer satisfaction that sets the brand apart.


Tacori Girls can – and do! – expect nothing but the best in service from the brand. Most Tacori pieces are guaranteed for life, and include complimentary servicing at the California headquarters.


Tacori Jewelry Collections

Every design in every collection is inspired by the beauty of California, and imbued with the romance of classic European design. This makes Tacori jewelry a unique, gorgeous combination of Old World charm and modern sensibility. But gorgeous craftsmanship and perfect attention to detail are about all these collections have in common. Besides their signature Tacori touches, each is as individual as the woman who wears them.


Champagne Sunset – The metallic hues of California’s golden sunsets dance with diamonds that look like so many champagne bubbles. The strands of diamonds artfully arranged in openwork twists of Tacori’s crescent will have you proposing a toast to every piece.


City Lights – Camera, action. The collection recalls Old Hollywood with pieces dripping in glamourous touches and rich jewel toned gems in green, blue, red and black.


Classic Crescent – Interlocking half moons create windows of light for brilliant diamonds to play in, making for effortless everyday glamour.


Classic Rock – California Dreamin’ goes edgy with black onyx, white chalcedony, hematite and silver in structured takes on rock n’ roll chic.


Color Medley – Candy colored gems in glistening white bezels are as colorful as the shopping bags tightly grasped on Rodeo Drive. These fun, bright pieces exude playful luxury.


Encore – Once is never enough when it comes to Tacori, and each piece in this collection is meant as the followup to an already cherished Tacori piece. So your diamond pendant, then earrings, are perfectly matched sequels to your engagement ring – whenever they debut.


Golden Bay – Deep blue topaz over hematite creates an ocean of color that reflects the warmth of rich 18 karat yellow gold. Diamond pave shines light like the sun in this collection inspired by a Pacific sunset.


Island Rains – Bright blue gems take you away for an island escape, beckoning like cool, tranquil seas on a hot California day.


Lilac Blossoms – This Spring inspired collection features Amethyst, Rose Amethyst, Diamonds and Chalcedony in delicate designs.


Love Letters – Sign off on your love note with just your initial, these petite monograms are perfect little reminders of the ones you love.


Midnight Sun – Smokey Quartz, Olive Quartz and Hematite are married with silver, yellow gold and diamonds for a warm, rich and sultry collection of hazy beauty.


Monogram – One of a kind Tacori script spells love no matter which letters you choose. With pieces in white, rose and yellow, diamonds and unadorned alike, you can customize your initials or someone you love’s perfectly.


Moon Rose – This warm, romantic Tacori collection mimics the magic that happens when a California sunset perfectly aligns with a full moon rise. The pretty pink tones of this collection are based in Tacori’s signature rose gold alloy, and accented with diamonds and peach moonstones.


Onyx Envy – They’ll turn green with jealousy when you wear any piece from this Tacori collection. The stunning checkerboard cut quartz layered over green onyx gems gleam brightly in silver and 18 karat yellow gold. The entire line is fit for royalty.


Promise – A Tacori promise can never be broken. Each of these handcrafted bangles are locked with a signature Tacori key, meant to be worn like an unbroken vow. The bangles come in multiple metal options with and without diamonds, in both oval and round shapes to custom fit the wearer.


Reverse Crescent – Tacori’s signature touch gets turned inside out with the lace-like Reverse Crescent collection. Each of these diamond studded pieces has instant heirloom appeal thanks to the brand’s one of a kind design style.


Sonoma Mist – A morning spent in wine country, strolling through vineyards glistening with in the early sun. Each piece is as rich and bold as a California wine, with beads like dew drops and molten warm golds like the California sun.


Sonoma Skies- Shining above the landscape are the light, cotton candy skies. This collection draws on those light pastels with briolette round cut Amethyst and brilliant Sky Blue Topaz set in mixed metals. The light, airy designs are a delicate balance of brightness and beauty.


Tacori Vault – The masterworks of Tacori designers, these pieces of art bring the most lavish jewelry dreams to life. With rare gemstones, tons of diamonds, and intricate metalwork, these pieces are collectibles.


Tears of Joy – For the moments in life that bring unbridled emotion, only the most special gifts can properly mark the occasion. These teardrop shaped beauties feature glimmering diamonds set in 18 karat gold.


The Ivy Lane – The Ivy Lane’s pieces climb the Tacori Girl’s fingers like the vines at her favorite posh Beverly Hills lunch spot. Meant to be collected, layered, and stacked, every piece in The Ivy Lane pairs effortlessly with each other.


Celebrities Who Love Tacori

Tacori’s California lifestyle places it at the epicenter of Hollywood fashion, and the brand’s designs are a red carpet staple. Celebrities adore Tacori, and can be spotted wearing the brand’s pieces to the Oscars, Grammy’s, Emmy’s, and Tacori’s own red carpet events alike.


Celebs spotted in Tacori include:


Whitney Port

Katy Perry

Carey Mulligan

Emmy Rossum

Carmen Electra

Hayden Panettierre

Jessica Biel


Additionally, a revolving cast of Instagram It Girls play dress up with Tacori’s handcrafted designs. Fashion editors and style bloggers put their own spin of these gorgeous pieces, and in true Tacori fashion, they often pioneer something entirely new.

Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook is a Tacori Girl through and through, with plenty of Tacori pieces and even her own collaboration with the brand (Tacori Promise.) The line is a beautiful hit, and even Beyonce needed to get her hands on a Tacori Promise bracelet.


If you’re shopping for everyday luxury or for the perfect gift, view our entire collection of Tacori jewelry here.


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