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The Right Anniversary Rings By The Year

The Right Anniversary Rings By The Year

the right anniversary rings for her 

Not many lovebirds can say no to the idea of buying a new piece of jewelry to celebrate a special milestone for their relationship. From the long list of options available to couples today, anniversary rings remain one you can never go wrong with. Particularly, buying the right anniversary rings is one famous way to express your love and devotion towards one another. Here is one gesture that will stand the test of time as your options by the year only get better.

For a closer and more guided look at the act of gifting anniversary rings, we sought the expertise of two jewelers. 

  • Our first expert is Carol Offman, the owner of Inner Expressions. The Inner Expressions brand is a private jeweler outfit based in New York. They design and produce gemstones and diamond jewelry and have done this for more than 25 years.
  • For our second expert, we have Zaven Ghanimian who is the CEO of Simon G. Jewelry. This is another jewelry brand that manufactures fine jewelry, wedding rings, and engagement rings.

From these two professionals and our extensive research, we hope to provide you with the right guide in this post. So, if you want to buy the right anniversary rings for her by the year, follow through!

Introducing Anniversary Rings

anniversary rings

Anniversary rings are rings that serve as romantic presents given to one’s partner to celebrate milestones. It can be a gift for a wedding anniversary, or any relationship milestones like 10, 15, or 20 years.

Over time, we understand how couples do feel about wedding rings. So, we are happy to present a more versatile option in anniversary rings. With the right anniversary rings, couples don’t necessarily need a parade of diamonds. 

When we sought Carol Offman’s opinion, she explained that “Anniversary rings can have diamonds in combination with colored gemstones, such as rubies, sapphires, or emeralds, or no diamonds at all.” 

Comparing Anniversary Rings With Wedding Bands

As familiar as it might sound, anniversary rings and wedding bands are clearly two distinct kinds of rings. To begin with, anniversary rings can easily do away with the subtlety wedding bands must possess.

anniversary rings vs. wedding bands

Offman explains that “Usually wedding bands are small because they are meant to complement the engagement ring without being overpowering. Anniversary bands are meant to celebrate the accomplishment of one’s marriage.” 

For couples that already have wedding bands and engagement rings, Offman believes choosing an anniversary ring is only complementary. Still, it definitely doesn’t have to be that way all the time. 

She explains further saying, “There is no rule that says if you have a round diamond in your engagement ring and a plain wedding band or even a wedding band that might have small round stones, that you must have a matching anniversary ring. Sometimes it’s nice to mix it up a bit.”

In addition, these two kinds of rings sometimes look similar to each other. However, most times, for the right anniversary rings, it goes beyond the looks. The concern is more about the meaning and significance it presents. 

According to our second expert, Zaven Ghanimian, CEO of Simon G. Jewelry, “The main difference is what it symbolizes to that couple. Couples may choose to switch up their look entirely so that it presents that moment in time for them.” 

Choosing The Right Anniversary Rings 

the right anniversary rings 

Wonder why anniversary rings are so fun to buy and present as romantic gifts? It is because there are no “rules” tied to them. These rings can be whatever you prefer them as. Ghanimian suggests going for the rings that embody who you are as a couple.

In her own words, “Jewelry should always be reflective of the person wearing it. When looking for anniversary rings, think about what is most important to you as a couple. What about this moment are you hoping to capture?” 

Moreover, do away with the needless pressure on couples to buy matching rings. Ghanimian explains, “Many people choose a complimentary style instead. Couples should feel free to mix up metals and stones to best reflect their style.”

Practically, the perfect set or the right anniversary rings are the rings that feel right for your relationship. So, the best are always the ones that fit in by the year. 

The Right Time To Present Anniversary Rings

The best times to present anniversary rings are when you pass 5, 10, 20, and 25 years of union. Aside from these anniversary rings conventions, several couples understand the significance of the first year of their union. It is mostly the turning point in their love lives. 

Meanwhile, obviously, an anniversary of 50 years together is the most unusual and most outstanding situation. For the golden jubilee, you deserve to throw the biggest party. Also, only the most distinctive anniversary rings among all the other rings you previously gifted would work.

the right anniversary rings for her 

In recent years, it’s prevalent to celebrate the special date in your marriage with an anniversary ring anytime you feel pleased. There is no standard laid anywhere for gifting. Hence, you can select any date as a reason for an anniversary. 

Here is a great instance. You can celebrate the year of the delivery of your child. How lovely will it be to celebrate the addition of this new member joining your family? Another example is to bring a diamond ring to mark a career update that upgraded your marriage life. Simply put, anniversary rings already mean so much more than just a piece of jewelry gifted on the wedding day 

Overall, you can choose between either celebrating an anniversary that is non-conventional or honoring only popular major dates. If anything matters now, it is your marriage milestone. It is also important to express your enthusiasm to celebrate that moment by choosing the right anniversary rings.

Celebrating With The Right Anniversary Rings By The Year

the right anniversary rings for her 

The most significant aspect of an anniversary celebration is the jewelry piece you choose. For those who follow the convention, the jewel in the anniversary ring is very important. If it is an anniversary of 10 years of marriage, the suitable jewel in the anniversary ring should be a diamond. And for the 20th year together, mark it with the emeralds. 

Here is a collection of the tradition, rules, and customs guiding the gifting of anniversary rings. From this section and the post, generally, choosing the right anniversary rings becomes effortless.

  • Go For Gold For The 1st Year

The most accepted anniversary rings for the first year of marriage come with a gold centerpiece. It might simply be a yellow gold band. However, its plainness should complete your other rings and the anniversary ring of your spouse. Eventually, what you have is a matching set on both of you.

More so, there are no codes for gemstones in the anniversary rings convention for the first year. It is within your power to adorn the jewelry piece with any precious stones you prefer. Simply, make sure you choose the stones that fit the band flawlessly. 

For instance, the yellow gold might make the color of a jewel in the diamond ring worse. So, going for diamonds for the gold anniversary ring remains a very guided recommendation.

  • Year 5 Is The Year For Sapphires

As they say, just like September birthstone, sapphire can protect your body from poisoning. These gemstones fill your mind with open-heartedness and truth. Clearly, gifting sapphire anniversary rings for the fifth year jointly signifies a readiness to revive unity and peace. 

This piece of jewelry is popular among royals. According to history, Napoleon presented a sapphire ring to his wife. Again, this precious stone features in the engagement ring of Princess Diana. Beyond these examples, many couples preferred the sapphire ring in place of a diamond ring for engagement previously.

Additionally, sapphire anniversary rings are remarkably appealing and sturdy. With this piece of jewelry, you can add grace to your special day. Here is a symbolic value of truth and fidelity in a momentous timepiece. 

In all, it works as an elegant and expressive anniversary ring option for the fifth year of your union. Meanwhile, try out the sapphire ring in both white and yellow gold. The result is outstandingly desirable and easy on the eyes.

  • A Decade For Diamonds

Once you go beyond the limit of 10 years in marriage, the tradition demands you to buy a stunning diamond ring. It is the best way to celebrate this feat. One common way to design this piece of jewelry is a band. A great way to reveal flawless results is with a pave eternity ring. They are the perfect fit for this purpose. 

However, the diamond ring can celebrate any moment in your love life. You don’t need to limit yourself to the date of 10 years of your love life.

To be anniversary rings, the diamond ring flawlessly works with any design. You enjoy the liberty of choosing any jewelry style that pleases you. Feel free to choose the unusual set within several distinct anniversary rings to stand out.

  • Year 15 Is For Rubies

Amongst precious stones, the ruby remains the most explicit symbol of affection in relationships. This explains its integral role on anniversary rings for the fifteenth year of marriage. For the best of your ruby jewelry, put it in a setting made from silver or yellow gold. One other good choice is to enhance your rubies with other gems featured in a single piece of jewelry.

Rubies help you gain the sacred meaning you hope to pass through your anniversary ring. It is just like your July birthstone. Well, in this context, it perfectly symbolizes genuine love and physical well-being. With so much meaning in the content of ruby gemstones, it’s easy to understand what attracts most couples to them. One way jewelers make the most of these gemstones is by making unusual vintage anniversary rings.

  • Making Your Score With Emeralds

Emerald is a rare and unique jewel that fits the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of your marriage. With stunning green color, these gems contain the perfect secret ingredients to create that marvelous effect. Besides, the emerald in an anniversary ring pairs perfectly with any diamond ring. It is incredibly practical in various design applications.

  • Mark Your Silver Jubilee With Silver Anniversary Rings

Silver remains a top metal option to celebrate 25 years of love in your marriage. By the way, we advise that you pay close attention to the silver sterling band. Silver anniversary rings do not only present a good option by the year. Beyond that, they are a perfect blend with your engagement ring and wedding band. 

By the year (a silver jubilee), any type of silver jewelry fulfills the major anniversary celebration. Don’t get restricted to only rings. Try out silver pendants, earrings, bracelets, and any other jewelry pieces.

  • It is the Pearl Jubilee! So, Why Not Pearls?

Apart from being a good name fit by the year, here are other two good reasons to present pearls as an anniversary gift. The first is when you passed the third year. While the other is when you passed the thirtieth year together. For the thirtieth year, you can pick either natural or cultivated pearl. Any of these two options will work perfectly. For metals, we suggest selecting either rose or yellow gold metal options.

  • Rubies Are Here Again For The Ruby Jubilee

Here is another instance of the ruby gemstone. This time, it comes in as a name fit by the year in question. The multidimensional meaning it presents comes from the Middle Ages. Back then, this precious stone was a symbol of good health, a successful marriage, emotional stability, and a clear mind. Therefore, there are numerous reasons to present this set of vintage anniversary rings on your 40th anniversary.

  • A Golden Piece For Your Golden Jubilee

Yellow gold and rose gold remain some of the top metals to mark your 50th year in grand style. With any of these metal options, you can engrave 50 years of love in gold.


What we love the most about choosing the right anniversary rings is that you already have all the information. You already know everything you need to know about your partner. Therefore, you can choose the right anniversary rings by the year effortlessly. Ultimately, the call is yours to make.


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