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Styling Your AP Royal Oak Offshore Like Your Favorite Celebrities

Styling Your AP Royal Oak Offshore Like Your Favorite Celebrities

styling your AP like the stars 

Fun Fact: Everyone from Serena Williams to Steph Curry to John Mayer and Travis Scott loves the AP Royal Oak Offshore wristwatch. We know this because your favorite celebrities cannot seem to get enough of this desirable and chic timekeeping icon. Therefore, if styling your AP right is what you want, then, do it like your favorite celebrities. 

In this post, we trace the extent of popularity this stylish time tool enjoys among these stars. Also, we consider styling your AP the right way taking cues from them. Let’s dive in!

The AP Royal Oak Offshore: The Real Rite Of Passage For Your Favorite Celebrities

the AP Royal Oak Offshore

Owning an AP timepiece seems to be a rite of passage for most celebrities. For them to imprint that established and successful status, this watch is their go-to guy. Owning an AP Royal Oak timepiece is right up there with buying a house for mom. In fact, launching an Instagram-only swimwear brand, and investing in a perhaps shaky restaurant idea doesn’t quite match up. 

Overall, celebrities, who require no occasion to acquire splash possessions, see the Royal Oak as a milestone wristwatch. Here are a few instances where AP Royal Oak watches crowned the occasion:

  • Steph Curry sporting his AP watch to accept an MVP award
  • Luka Doncic bought his when he won the Rookie of the Year award 
  • Justin Bieber got himself one of these AP watches as a wedding present.

Moreover, the popularity of this watch among celebrities is all the more astonishing given its origin. Legend has it that this is a watch made on a wing and a prayer. 

The legend continues that an AP executive phoned designer Gérald Genta one evening in 1970 with a request. This executive wanted him to mock up a new timepiece. At the time, the watchmaker was on the verge of going out of business. This request was quite timely as the executive wanted the watch design by the next morning. 

Of all the things Genta could take inspiration from, a scuba helmet seemed to do it for him at that point. This is a crusty piece of equipment that doesn’t exactly cry out iconically fashionable or elegantly trendy. Somehow, Genta’s creation with an angular octagon shape and exposed screwdowns created an enduring sensation in the matchmaking world. 

How Your Favorite Celebrities Styled Their AP Royal Oak Offshore Watch?

styling your AP like your favorite celebrities 

From 2019 till the present day, celebrities wore the AP Royal Oak more than any other luxury timepiece out there. Plus, when you run through the athletes, actors, and musicians that rock this watch, you will understand the watch’s versatility better. This watch offers them options in gold and steel, set with diamonds, or customized by high-fashion designers. Just as they want it!

Here is our list of your favorite celebrities who are huge fans of the AP Royal Oak Offshore wristwatch. You can take cues from them when styling your AP wristwatch.

  • John Mayer

As the present reality reads; where Mayer goes, the watch world follows. Mayer clearly wasn’t the first celebrity to don the Royal Oak. Yet, he provoked shopping sprees when he sported this special vintage perpetual calendar in a self-styled GQ shoot. As it’s normal for collectors to snap up anything co-signed by Mayer, dealers began to hoard this particular model.

  • Travis Scott

Audemars Piguet made the Royal Oak so iconic that it is now a popular sight among red carpet walkers. This prominence is thanks to its unique sharp shape and the versatile array of remodeling the watch experienced over time. 

Travis Scott sports the Royal Oak with a frosted gold finish recently. This model is the result of thumping the metal with what the brand calls a “diamond-tipped tool.” Not long after, Scott again reaffirmed the range present in the Royal Oak collection as he bought another AP wristwatch. The new one comes encrusted with some extra ice.

  • Drake

If you think the Royal Oak is simply a blank canvas for AP, you’re wrong! Other designers jump in on this AP’s collection to add some fun to it as well. Champagne Papi knows this and he goes in hard on it. 

This version of the Royal Oak is a product of the dexterity of Alyx and Givenchy designer, Matthew Williams. For him, the Royal Oak has been his grail watch ever since he spotted one on Kanye in the mid-2000s. Glad he could create a stunning design of this watch for Drake also.

  • Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber made us know that the Royal Oak doesn’t need all the brandishing to stand out. It doesn’t have to be set with rainbow sapphires or customized by Matt Williams to be adorable. He bought himself this incredibly classic vintage version of the Royal Oak in celebration of his marriage.

  • Will Smith

Hold the thought if you think the Royal Oak is a new Hollywood trend. We have the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself rocking one of the most classic versions of this timepiece.

  • Steph Curry

Most AP fans want to know whether the Royal Oak is a sports watch that appeals to the world’s elite athletes or if it’s a dress watch worn to the most dignified award ceremony. As it appears, Steph Curry has the answer to this tricky question. 

styling your AP like the stars 

Not just the answer, but the secret to the Royal Oak’s success also. This watch comes with a design that works for both purposes. This versatility explains why the AP Royal Oak Offshore is a staple of luxury that often crowns Curry’s outfits.

  • Serena Williams

The AP Royal Oak Offshore isn’t only easy on the eyes. There is that sturdy durability and reliability we most times fail to talk about. Serena Williams wears hers on the court while she does what she loves best. This explains how this luxury wristwatch found its way onto a Wheaties box. 

Specifically made with customizations for Williams, the pusher is on the left of the case instead of the usual right position. With this setup, the watch won’t dig into Williams’s skin while she is in court, playing.

  • Anthony Davis

First, it was Curry, then, we had Serena. Now, we have Anthony Davis. Obviously, the road to athletic superiority comes with title triumphs, record-setting statistical performances, best-in-the-world reputation, and an AP Royal Oak. 

The Royal Oak Davis owns is a very different model of the watch. This model doesn’t come in a fine material like gold or fascinate you with sapphires. Rather, it’s an all-black timepiece with value stemming from the technical accuracy and horological dark arts originating from that tourbillon.

  • Damian Lewis as Bobby Axelrod in Billions

A wristwatch popping up on the wrists of fictional characters. It very rarely gets more iconic and prominent than that for luxury watchmaking offerings. 

The Royal Oak is one timepiece commonly found among wealthy and powerful characters. One of such characters is Billions’s cold-blooded CEO of Axe Capital, Bobby Axelrod. That was Damian Lewis’s role in Billions. Also, Dwayne Johnson’s character in Ballers dons a Royal Oak wristwatch.

While Lewis’s watch in the show seems like a prop developed for Billions alone, there is another similar model available for purchase.

  • John Legend

You don’t need to tell John Legend that he doesn’t need to modify his Royal Oak to make it a great timepiece. Apparently, he knows that already. Plus, he understands that one Royal Oak is not always enough. So, he buys these watches in rose gold with a chronograph and in gold with dark-colored dials.

  • Quavo

For some celebrities, though, the Royal Oak is the bare minimum of their jewels. Some kind of starting point that provides a light suggestion for what a final piece could look like. Then, when they eventually put their stamp on it, it is mind-blowing.

This situation best describes Quavo’s case. But, rather than a stamp, it is a tray full of diamonds. And Quavo being Quavo, we can safely assume this isn’t even the craziest or most luxurious Royal Oak he owns. Year’s back, he showed off another equally icy version of the AP with a skeleton dial on Snapchat. Under that post, he wrote the caption, “Skeleton over 100k+.”

  • Luka Dončić

You recently cemented yourself as the best young player in the NBA and you even hit a game-winning buzzer-beater over Kawhi Leonard. You get compared with stars like Larry Bird, and you’re everyone’s surefire pick to win numerous MVP trophies very soon. To celebrate this, which timepiece comes in as a perfect crown to grace the occasion. There is really only one that can! The AP Royal Oak Offshore.

  • Christian Combs

Christian Combs’s version of the Royal Oak in a way makes every other version of the watch appear rigid. That is not some feat everyone can achieve. For us, we find it rather ingenious and respectable to use a Cuban-link chain as a bracelet. 

This gonzo version on the watch by Combs is proof of what makes the watch so huge. However, Combs might change the watch up in virtually every way, yet, his version still retains its fundamental Royal “Oakness.” There are only a few other, more standard-looking timepieces that can stand up to so much customization. With the Royal Oak, Combs makes us know, there’s always an iconic shape to fall back on eventually.

Styling Your AP Grandly Like Your Favorite Celebrities

What’s your style? How do you love to wear your watch? These two interwoven questions say a lot about your personality. It doesn’t matter if you are in the office or out in town attending an event or just a night out. 

Note: It’s always important that your timepiece not only ensures you stay punctual but also blends in seamlessly with your wardrobe.

To inspire you to that level of style and refinement, we considered how your favorite celebrities do theirs. From them, you can take cues that will make styling your AP watch always fitting, stylish and effortless.

styling your AP with a few style inspos

Also, we consulted the well-adorned wrist and wits of celebrity jewelry designer, Carolina Bucci. She works us through how she styles her precious Royal Oak Frosted Gold watch in different situations. It’s time for you to truly begin styling your AP like some of your favorite celebrities. 

  • Work O’clock With The AP Royal Oak

Here is what Bucci says about hers: “When I’m at work, it’s important that my clothes aren’t overpowering, so I look for high-quality fabrics and incredible cuts. My workwear style is relaxed luxury, but mainly, I let my jewelry do the talking.”

Being the creative director of her family’s long standing jewelry empire, Bucci understands a thing or two about accessorizing. Here is her exact recommendation, “I love layering, but not in a delicate or traditional way. I’m Italian and gesticulate a lot so I couldn’t handle jangling jewels. I wear my gold weaved and twister bracelets to bring just the right amount of glamour without them getting in the way.”

As the one accessory most of us wear every day, you must find a watch that completes your workwear flawlessly. Bucci says, “Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Frosted Gold is the perfect match for my office style. The brand gave me the opportunity to redesign their iconic design and I wanted to create a women’s timepiece that doesn’t just involve a sprinkling of diamonds and a pink strap.”

  • Styling Your AP Royal Oak Offshore For The Weekends

There is no better time to switch things up and get experimental than the weekends and Bucci has this to say. “I’ve always loved color — the way it interacts and the emotions it provokes — so I get experimental with my jewelry when I’m off-duty. I wear my Forte Beads to bring just the right amount of playfulness to my look.”

  • Special Events With A Special Timepiece

Styling your AP RO Offshore to elevate your look for a special event comes effortlessly with classic styles. In Carolina’s words, “My mother has always inspired my look. She would wear the most beautiful gowns whether she was going to the theatre or the Opera. The family safe was in my childhood bedroom, hidden behind a painting, so she’d come in and unroll these beautiful jewels and AP Royal Oak watches. I would lie in bed, watching her getting ready.”


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