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Want this Super Foreign Diamond Flooded AP Royal Oak Offshore 25940?

Want this Super Foreign Diamond Flooded AP Royal Oak Offshore 25940?

audemars piguet royal oak arabic dial

If you are into oversized, sumptuous watches, a fully flooded diamond Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore would surely be the pinnacle of your watch collection. After all, it is one of the most iconic beefy timepieces the world over and it is covered in the king of precious gemstones. It really doesn’t get any more “stand out” then that… Actually, we take that back. An iced out rose gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore with an Arabic dial would turn the uniqueness up to eleven.

If all this sounds like music to your ears, you are going to love what’s in store for you, literally. At Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton, we recently acquired a fully flooded aftermarket diamond AP Royal Oak Offshore 25940 rose gold watch with an Arabic dial from the UAE. Not only does it look super icy, but it also looks super foreign. And if you are wondering about the authenticity of the diamonds, rest assured, they are all-natural and untreated. We have a state-of-the-art diamond testing machine that guarantees the diamonds are real and of the highest quality. This is the watch that will place your wrist above and beyond the rest when it comes to distinctive opulence, noticeability, and prestige.

Let’s take a closer look at this magnificent diamond AP ROO 25940 watch.

diamond ap royal oak offshore 25940

18k Rose Gold Diamond Audemars Piguet 25940 Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad

The watch is an authentic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad, reference 25940. It is 42mm in 18 karat rose gold with a rubber gasket bezel. As a whole, the watch has the classic profile of the original AP Royal Oak Offshore, which has been around since 1993. What makes this watch different, besides the countless diamonds and Arabic dial, is the use of rubber in the bezel. AP launched the “Rubber Clad” version in 2002 and now it feels as much of an icon as the watch itself. While Hublot was the original trendsetter for the concept of using rubber, as early as the 1980s, Audemars Piguet made it iconic. Nothing against Hublot, but AP is part of the Big Three in Horology, so they have more influence. Plus, they used rubber for the strap and bezel, whereas Hublot didn’t see past the strap.

Rubber, Gold, and Diamonds Galore

The combination of black rubber and rose gold is luxury and durability at its finest. We almost come to expect this with robust luxury sports watches in the modern-day, especially if the name Audemars Piguet is attached to it. It just works impeccably on so many levels. It’s comfortable, long-lasting, and the contrast is powerful. Add diamonds to the mix and you have a watch that would be completely mind-blowing to a watch enthusiast of the past. We’ve come a long way in the watch game, haven’t we?

And just to be clear, this isn’t any old rubber. This is Audemars Piguet’s very own OEM creation. It is made from the softest and most flexible vulcanized rubber imaginable. It’s pure, natural and completely chemical-free. The rubber won’t attract dust or lint and it is entirely hypoallergenic. Moreover, it has longevity like no other rubber. It won’t wear down from things like saltwater, chlorine, or other chemicals we occasionally come in contact with.

As for the rubber strap, it is fitted with a unique monolithic titanium bridge insert that houses the pins in the shaft. It has a “blocked integration”, so the aesthetics are superb, as is the fit and security. It may be a beautiful watch, but it is made for a high impact lifestyle.

Masterful Diamond Setting

Speaking of security, these diamonds were set by an expert gem setter, so you never have to worry about losing any of those tiny round brilliants. They aren’t going anywhere. The setting is up to par with AP’s standards.

The diamonds completely cover the case, bezel, lugs, clasp and Arabic dial. It’s pave through and through. Contrast is provided by the rose gold, and black rubber, which can be found in the form of the bezel gasket, and, of course, the rubber strap itself (the black pushers and crown are actually a synthetic nitrile rather than vulcanized rubber). Black, rose gold, and white diamonds together is almost too sexy. We wouldn’t want any other precious metal. Rose gold is the hottest look in the game right now.

If you’ve heard enough, you can see the full sales listing and pricing details here. For those who want more specifics, including details on the automatic movement, keep reading on.

Royal Oak Offshore 25940 with diamonds

42mm Rose Gold Diamond Encrusted Case

Although it is a 42mm watch, it wears far larger. More like a 44mm or a 45mm watch, so it has that official oversized appearance on the wrist. When you look at it from its profile, it looks almost like a wall. It’s very tall and sheer. As such, you’ll want to throw this watch on after you get dressed if you are wearing a dress cuff.

That said, you are not really likely to wear this watch during a serious, formal occasion. This is more of a sporty, dress to impress, casual kind of watch. It’ll look fantastic day or night, lunch or nightclub, it’s just probably not best when suit-and-tie’d up.

As for the diamonds, the case has a whole lot of them. It is completely paved with round brilliant diamonds, front and side. These are, of course, aftermarket diamonds, but that doesn’t mean they are unworthy. These diamonds were hand-selected by a seasoned gemologist. They are of the highest quality. The light performance they offer is extraordinary. When you see this watch in person, we guarantee it’ll take your breath away. Pictures only do the watch a very small amount of justice. It’s truly magnificent how it shines.

Overall, everything about the case should be appreciated. It’s all hand-finished, from Audemars Piguet’s stunning camphor of the flanks of the case to the diamond set into the watch by a master jeweler. This is pure craft tradition with a new school, iced-out look.

100m Water-Resistant

The diamonds do not take away from the watch’s waterproof capabilities. It remains 100 meters (or 330 feet) water-resistant, so you can take this watch on a dive, in a pool or pretty much any other normal water activity you can think of.

Stay iced out above and below sea level.

foreign audemars piguet royal oak offshore

Black Natural Rubber Diver’s Strap

Like we mentioned, the watch is big. What allows such a big watch to wear well on wrists of various sizes (yes, even small wrists) is the rubber strap. The soft, supple strap easily bends at the lugs, allowing the watch to conform to any wrist.

The diver strap is also extremely comfortable, and it guards against water, sweat and heat. It’s the most popular option for the Royal Oak Offshore for a reason. We much prefer it over leather or metal straps for everyday occasions. Not to mention, there’s no strap or bracelet more complementary to the other rubber components of the watch.

AP Deployment Clasp

Like the case, bezel and dial, it is smothered in diamonds, and underneath, it is hand-finished with a striking high polish. Audemars Piguet leaves no stone unturned. It’s beautiful, secure, and completely AP manufactured. Everything about this watch speaks to the highest standard of Swiss watchmaking.

iced out royal oak offshore for sale

Monolithic Diamond Bezel with Rubber Gasket

The bezel features the largest diamonds on the watch. Diamonds fill both the top and sides of the bezel, so the radiance hits from all angles. Within the diamonds are the classic polished steel inset hexagonal Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore bezel bolts. A look that is epochal with AP.

More to the diamonds, the size not only fills the channel of the bezel perfectly, but it also adds contrast with the case’s smaller round brilliants. With that and the rubber gasket juxtaposed between the case and the bezel, you have a beautiful bipartite configuration of bezel and case.

The bezel of an AP Royal Oak Offshore is like a bezel on steroids. The rubber gasket raises the monolithic bezel up higher than it already would be without it. This enables the diamond-encrusted bezel to sit high above the case like a bejeweled crown for a king.

blinged audemars piguet royal oak offshore rubber clad

Diamond Flooded Arabic Dial

Pave diamonds cover the entire dial, with exception to the 18k rose gold applied Middle-East Arabic numerals, hands, AP logo, and sub-registers.

What was once a tachymetric scale along the outer bezel is also a complete circle of beaming round brilliants. Those are of a larger size, as to give distinction between the dial and bezel. It’s a very strategic diamond setting on all fronts. This is state-of-the-art craft technique at its best.

Altogether, the colors are flawlessly complementary. From the dial to the bezel to the case to the strap to the clasp, everything is uniform to a T. It is all about rose gold, black, and white-out via diamonds.

Chronograph Function

Needless to say, the watch is a chronograph. It has a 12-minute register at the 6 o’clock, a 30-minute register, and a running seconds at the 12 o’clock. The large white second’s hand on the main dial is part of the chronograph. Everything is controlled by the crown and pushers. It is effortless to use and the settings are rapid. They all work independently from the standard time of the watch. So, if you like to track elapsed time, for whatever reason that may be (i.e. driving or meetings), you can get more functionality out of this watch than just date and local time.


Inside the almighty rose gold case of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad sits a caliber 2326/2840 modular automatic chronograph. The Rubber Clad model had the Jaeger-LeCoultre base movement for the entire life of its production from 2002-2013. It is a highly advanced version of the JLC 889 base movement. Featuring a free-sprung balance, unidirectional automatic winding, double laser-welded hairspring, and unlubricated ceramic rotor bearings, the no-longer-produced AP 2326 is not only more efficient but also more durable than any JLC-powered Offshore before it.

Retaining the JLC base movement also provided another advantage. The JLC movement is thin, allowing Audemars Piguet to hold onto its soft iron antimagnetic movement shield from the original Offshore. Newer, thicker Offshore variants no longer have this as it can not be fitted into the case.

To sum up, the workhorse movement that is the AP 2326/2840 has a 40-hour power reserve, 50 jewels, and it beats at a frequency of 28,800. The timing is precise, accurate, and forever reliable.

aftermarket diamond audemars piget royal oak offshore 25940

Final thoughts

This particular aftermarket diamond AP Royal Oak Offshore 25940 rose gold watch is ergonomically, aesthetically and mechanically brilliant, foreign, and steroidal. It’s a watch for a modern, individualistic man who appreciates watchmaking at its best.

What sets this watch apart from watches like diamond Franck Mullers, Hublot Big Bangs, and other intenders and pretenders of the oversized sports watch category is its credibility. It’s an Audemars Piguet, so it is backed up by substance. The same people who build the high complication, ultra thins, and skeleton watches, aka FINE WATCHES, built this Royal Oak Offshore. It’s classic Haute horology for the new generation.

Buy this Diamond Flooded Arabic Dial Royal Oak Offshore 25940

If you want this watch, it is for sale at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. You can come into our store to try it on or you can order it online. It has recently been serviced so it is running beautifully. Everything about this watch is pristine and mean.

See the full sales listing for this Audemars Piguet 25940 Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad Diamond Pave Watch

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