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What jewelry to wear: a women’s guide

What jewelry to wear: a women’s guide

We all love fine jewelry. Those pieces that you can wear day in and day out. Or pair together for an exquisite look to attend an even. While these are truly the luxury accessories of a luxury life style it might not always be easy to know what jewelry to wear. Particularly if you are trying to come up with combinations that bring together some of your favorite pieces. This week we are doing a guide on what jewelry to wear. Including necklace, bracelet, diamond rings and all luxury jewelry combinations that you might need. These are just some of the ideas that you can use to create stunning pairings for an arm party. Or otherwise use to add some dazzle and sparkle to your day time looks. The outfit of the day is all fine jewelry and the brands that you use are all up to you to choose.

diamond rings worn together

Whether you want to layer several items together or give a little leg up to a traditional time piece we have options and ideas for you. We like to play with color so prepare for more than your usual white diamonds. They are still there of course otherwise we would not be Diamonds by Raymond Lee. They are just accompanied by some of the most stunning and beautiful colorful gemstones and unique designs. Open work and nature inspired designs for jewelry. As well as the classic looks in certain cuts. Together the modern and the traditional make for an interesting style for you. All of the luxury jewelry pieces that we are featuring here are for sale at our store too!

If you are interested in buying any of the fine jewelry items featured here just reach out to one of our diamond and fine jewelry experts at (561) 623 – 8205.

Fine jewelry 

What fine jewelry do you like to wear? Are you in on the trend of layering necklace on necklace for a thin and delicate yet fully loaded style? Or are you perhaps a bit more on the side of wearing just one or two pieces that will truly steal the show. Perhaps a signature ring. One with a colorful gemstone and some diamonds added in for good measure? Otherwise diamond rings in an assortment of shapes and with open work. Those can be paired up nicely or stacked up just the same. It is all about how and what you are feeling. 

diamond rings worn with bracelet

The best for these types of larger statement rings that we are alluding to is to always leave at least one finger space between them. If you want to turn it up you can always add a thin band or other decorative ring on the finger between them as well. However for the big statement diamond rings we recommend breathing room. After all they are making their statement. We might as well give them the room to do it too. Fine jewelry is not just limited to jewels and gem stones though. There are also luxury jewelry items with powerful movements inside. We are talking about watches. That is right within luxury jewelry a luxury time piece fits in too.  

We are only featuring one or two of the pieces in our collection for each one of the categories below. However there are so many that you can not only check out online but also explore by visiting us. We are open most days of the week and are always ready to help you find the perfect pieces. 

Diamond rings: unique shapes, and gemstones

Let us start with the fingers. Diamond rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some with gemstones and other without. However they all have unique and incredible designs. When matching them up remember what we have said about giving the statement rings room to play. But also that bands are stackable as high and you can take them!

Layered necklaces

A great answer for what jewelry to wear is layered necklaces. Getting a couple of your favorites together and mixing and matching is perfect. This works both for the thin and delicate pieces that you can wear at different lengths to create intervals. Or even with large chunky necklaces too. Specially if you have different pendants, colors or shapes. Mixing them together may take a couple of tries as you see what kinds of pairings that you like. Overall though it is generally very open to what you want to do. Whether you prefer the large chunky necklaces like chain links and pearls or thin strings. 

As you add on and layer them there is not just some movement added into your look but also interesting shapes. This draws the eye from one to the next. A real presence for what jewelry to wear. And an answer to wearing all of your favorite pieces at once too. You can add rings either matching or not to these necklace arrangements. But it is not really necessary to take it further. You can be confident in your layered necklace combination. No additional touches needed. If you are looking for a selection of necklace options to choose from then check out our site. 

fine jewelry bracelet assortment featuring diamond bangles

Stacking diamond bracelet for an arm party

If you are not really that into layered necklace type of look do not worry. There is also a layered look that you can create for your arms! Here is what jewelry to wear on your wrists to make an arm party for one. 

First is the look that you are going for. Similar to layering a necklace extravaganza there is the chunky modern look or the traditional and classic styles. You can of course go for an almost post modern super take by mixing up the two for some fun. That is definitely approved. The most important thing is it to have fun doing it so let us remember to add in some color and interesting shapes while also getting all the diamonds that we can into the mix!

18k White Gold 3.29ctw Pear Shape Emerald And 2.18ctw Diamond Bracelet

First up we chose an 18 carat white gold bracelet that is currently retailing for $12,795.00. It is a classic and iconic look. With the gentle natural shapes of diamonds assorted it is something you could wear to a gala. Or match up with an interesting option from your diamond rings and it is ready for an outing. This type of bracelet is perfect for matching up with other thin style bracelets. We would not for example recommend mixing it with very thick bangles as they may really end up just covering the lovely pear shape emeralds. However there are diamond bangles that we can advise and those are the thinner and open styles. These have some room to breathe. 

Gabriel & Co. BG4183Y45JJ 14K Yellow Gold 0.49ctw Diamond Bangle

A perfect example of the open bangle style is this Gabriel & Co. 14 carat yellow gold and diamond bangle. Currently it is for sale for $1,970.00. It is a more delicate style that is also fresh enough to stir up any pairing. 

luxury jewelry diamond rings, bracelet, luxury watch and fine jewelry

Cartier Love bracelets 

A perfect go to for any occasion is a luxury designer piece of fine jewelry. These tend to be not only super well known but also instantly recognizable. They add a bit of notoriety to your look and tend to be versatile pieces that pair up well with most other jewelry as well. Cartier, one of the world’s oldest and finest luxury jewelry houses in the world has created iconic collections. Including of course the beloved Cartier Love bangle bracelets. These come in a variety of different combinations. Including of course with diamonds.

Cartier 18k Rose Gold New Style Love Bangle Bracelet

This particular Cartier Love bracelet is in 18 carat rose gold and is currently retailing for $5,895.00. In the new style the clasp on this Love bangle does not completely come apart making it harder to lose or misplace the screw. An improvement on the vintage bangles where the closure features a screw that comes completely apart. 

There are other bangles in our collection as well featuring diamonds either in the screws for a little bit of sparkle or otherwise pave set into the bracelet. 

Cartier WFCL0003 Cle 18k Rose Gold Diamond Bezel Wrist Watch

If the bangle is great what else could Cartier have? Well for one is this gorgeous luxury jewelry time piece. The 18 carat rose gold and diamond bezel wrist watch is the perfect complement to a bracelet. Currently going for $24,900.00 this iconic tonneau shaped Cartier watch is a gorgeous luxury jewelry piece.

luxury jewelry featuring diamond rings and rolex watch fine jewelry

Rolex Date Just watches

A great luxury time piece is a great way to start of your assortment of jewelry. When it comes to what jewelry to wear with your time piece it is important to note the kind of look that you are going for. Perhaps it is more along the lines of following your time piece’s lead. Or maybe you are looking to take something a little bit more on the adventurous side. Do you want to add some color to your look with your jewelry? Depending on the luxury time piece that you are dressing up it just might be. 

Rolex 16030 Datejust Stainless Steel White Diamond Dial Watch

This Rolex 16030 is the perfect luxury jewelry watch. A Date Just iconic model made of Oyster steel it features a diamond dial with round cut white diamonds. There are classic elements to this piece including the white dial face, three link bracelet and cyclops augmentation lens on the date window. However the watch that is currently retailing for $5,995.00 has a unique twist beyond the diamond dial. The hour markers are not just Roman numerals already a unique feature. They are also studded with diamonds. A monochromatic look it can pair well with almost any colorful gemstone jewelry or more diamonds!

Where to buy fine jewelry and designer accessories? Diamonds by Raymond Lee

So there you have it some of the fine jewelry pieces that you can wear together or on their own. When it comes to what jewelry to wear it is all about you. Your style and personal preference put together with of course the occasion. Even if that is just the day to day anyways. Our collection is widely curated and full of pieces for everyone. No matter what jewelry to wear you are looking for. If you prefer the high end luxury designer jewelry or something on the private label front. 

layered necklace arrangement with ring for luxury jewelry feature

It is our passion as well as our pleasure to serve our South Florida community. Bringing together the highest quality items and always offering superior service is part of our family tradition. It is what we have been doing in Boca Raton for the last three decades and what we hope to continue offering for the next three decades to come as well. 

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our store (our contact information can be found below) and hope to help you find a fine jewelry piece that you truly love. When it comes to luxury jewelry like a necklace, bracelet or diamond rings we know all about it. From world class brands like Rolex and Cartier to unique finds. Our collection has it all and our experts know what to match up. Trust us with your next search and see what we can find for you. If there is a specific item or style that you are searching for already also let us know. Our procurement team is diligent and constantly on the look out. Particularly for limited or special edition items. So just drop us a line or visit us at our store and let us Know what you’re looking for. 

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