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Jewelry Photoshoot with the World’s Sexiest Angler and a Carbon Ford GT

Jewelry Photoshoot with the World’s Sexiest Angler and a Carbon Ford GT

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Last week we featured a photoshoot of avid deep-sea fisher Emily Riemer wearing two gorgeous outfits with stunning diamond jewelry and luxury Swiss watches in front of our new, large-scale Wall Mural at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. Today, we are back with another photoshoot featuring Emily Riemer! This time, we are focusing on a fresh ensemble of jewelry and a sick liquid blue Carbon Ford GT in honor of the best car show in Boca Raton, Diamonds and Donuts.

emily riemer photoshoot


Not only is Emily Riemer an absolute show-stopping beauty, but she is also a highly-skilled, competitive angler with a captain’s license. With her supermodel looks, she has been crowned the ‘world’s sexiest angler’ by many publications. 

Captian Emily Riemer has a massive following on Instagram, where she can be seen traveling the world for photoshoots, having fun, and catching fish deep at sea. Her pictures show she is clearly not afraid of getting covered in fish blood and guts, as she catches fish, some of which weigh as much as a full-grown man, all while wearing alluring bikinis. 

Moreover, Emily is strong! You can see her holding up huge swordfish, cobia, hogfish, and many other large-mouth big-body fish like wahoos. In fact, she secured two records for catching the biggest Wahoo in deep-sea fishing competitions. However, she recently had her record beat out.

Emily’s passion, skills, personality and beauty are very impressive. So, it was an absolute privilege to do a photoshoot with her and we are proud to show it off to all of our readers.

Let’s first look at the jewelry she is wearing, then we want to discuss the Ford GT behind her, which is owned by our good friend Larry Coe, and we want to talk about our monthly car show Diamonds and Donuts, a must-attend for jewelry, watch and car enthusiasts. 

emily riemer jewelry photoshoot at diamonds by raymond lee


For this photoshoot, Emily Riemer is wearing a black ultra-low cut v-neck spaghetti strap top with a cute checkered mini bodycon skirt and black stilettos. 

We knew just the right jewelry to choose for this outfit. 

We chose multiple necklaces, ranging from short to long, as we had a lot of neckline to work with – wearing more than one Cuban link chain is where it’s at these days. Moreover, we wanted to go fully diamond-covered everything, including the watch and Cuban link chains. And, we went for an underlying theme of two-tone mixed metal.

All in all, the jewelry ensemble we put together went incredibly well with her attire, making for an extravagantly irresistible look that is perfect for a hot, South Florida outing. 

Just as quickly as you can find Emily “wearing” fish guts, you can also find her rocking the most opulent diamond jewelry…Starting from the top down, let’s talk about each individual piece. 

big diamond studs
Diamond Studs

No jewelry ensemble would be complete without some earrings. We chose a simple yet rich option, diamond studs. These aren’t just any diamonds studs, they are big and the diamonds are of the highest grade.

We really love how versatile diamond studs are. They can make any formal outfit lavish, but they can also be worn casually without causing too much attention, even at a size like these. 

Sophisticated, elegant, and graceful…if we do say so ourselves.

stacking necklaces
Stacked Diamond Necklaces

As the ultra low cut top offered a lot of skin to work with, we immediately knew we wanted to make her décolletage the center of attention, although it would have been even without the jewelry. Sexy appeal on 100.

So, we chose to do necklaces of varying lengths – a short, princess length; a low matinee length; and bust opera length. This covered a lot of chest real estate, while still leaving plenty of skin to tantalize and for good measure. 

The first necklace is a 14K white gold bust down Cuban link chain. It is thick and prominent. Moreover, the craftsmanship of this Cuban link chain is impeccable.

The second necklace is a two-tone pave diamond Cuban link chain. This Cuban link chain has a different style, as you can see the links are more spaced out. This gives it a very nice contrast with the Cuban link on top.

The final necklace is a highly valuable, classic, timeless diamond tennis necklace. It features a whopping 29.46 carats of round brilliant diamonds. This is a necklace for superstars and one that will never, EVER, go out of style.

Altogether, the varying sizes, widths and styles of the necklaces offer brilliant contrast and polarity. It makes each necklace stand out and claim its own territory, yet at the same time, they have a wonderful harmony together. It’s surely a powerful look made for the most confident of women. 

diamonds and donuts
Wrist Candy

On Emily Riemer’s wrist, we have two pieces, a watch and a Cuban link bracelet…both fully encrusted with pave diamonds. 

The watch is a CVD flooded AP Royal Oak in Stainless Steel. It creates the white metal look that accentuates nicely with the other white gold jewelry and provides that two tones contrast that we love next to the Cuban link bracelet

The Cuban link bracelet is solid 14K rose gold and it has 5 carats of round brilliant diamonds in a pave setting.

All in all, both assets pop magnificently and they complement the ensemble of jewelry as a whole flawlessly. 

emily riemer
Engagement Ring & Eternity Ring

Emily Riemer is wearing two large bridal rings in this photoshoot. The engagement ring is a platinum 5.6 carat pear shape diamond engagement ring. The diamond is GIA certified, and if you were to look through its certificate, as well as at the diamond itself, you will see it is of the highest quality. Rightfully so, considering the ring is the most expensive item she is wearing at $95,000.

To the pear diamond engagement rings side rests an equally impressive eternity ring. The eternity ring is formed from 18K white gold, by hand. It features 7.33 carats of jaw-dropping emerald cut diamonds. It’s an eternity ring with immense clarity and luster, and it contrasts in a supreme manner with the fire and brilliance of the pear diamond engagement ring. 

Two Tone Diamond Interlocking Ring

The final touch for this ensemble of jewelry is a captivatingly unique interlocking diamond ring. It’s a large ring that can’t be missed. It takes the hot trend of mixing metals to the next level by making it a must. The ring features interlocking loops and twists of rose gold and white gold, all of which are covered by round brilliant pave diamonds that total to 3.5 carats.

Let us know what you think of this jewelry ensemble in the comments below. 1-10?

Emily Riemer at diamonds by raymond lee jewelry


We asked our good friend Larry Coe to bring one of his Ford GT’s over so we could have some American superpower for the photoshoot with Emily Riemer. As always, Larry obliged. 

Larry’s Carbon Ford GT is a purebred endurance racing car. A car with DNA and history that dates back to winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966.

If you’ve been paying attention to Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Diamonds and Donuts, you’ve surely seen this car around. Larry brings it out occasionally to our events and we’ve featured this car a few times in our blog. 

2019 ford gt carbon

It’s a 2019 Ford GT Carbon Edition. It has a gorgeous liquid blue paint job with a racing stripe down its centerline and orange accents. It stands out among the best cars in the world at a car show, as it does on the racetrack too.

Due to the use of carbon – carbon body, carbon pillars, carbon stripes, carbon side skirts and even carbon wheels (and that doesn’t take into account the carbon interior) – the car is supremely lightweight. To go with that, it has a twin-turbo 3.5 liter V6 engine with the power of 647 horses. It hits a 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and the top speed is 216mph, putting it right on par with, if not above, the most cutting edge modern supercars. 

carbon ford gt florida
This Ford GT can be defined with two words “fast” and “avant-garde”.

It’s an innovation by Ford GT at its finest. It’s like a spacecraft for the street. Beyond its generous employment of carbon fiber, it utilizes other materials that are advanced for the car industry, like titanium and polycarbonate, just to decrease its weight and increase its durability even more. 

All in all, this is one of our favorite cars, which is why we feature it so often…

If you are wondering how much it costs…well, it wears a very hefty price tag. Approximately $500,000. 

diamond and donuts car show


Do you want to see more cars like this, women like Emily Riemer, and diamond jewelry and luxury Swiss watches that make your eyes pop and your jaw drop? Then you should definitely make your way to the next Diamonds and Donuts car show at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. 

For those who aren’t familiar, it’s time to get familiar…

jewelry and cars

About the Diamonds and Donuts Monthly Car Show

Diamonds and Donuts is a free-to-attend monthly car show put on by Diamonds By Raymond Lee. It started back in the spring of 2018 and since then it has become the most talked about and popular car show in Boca Raton. One could claim it is also the best monthly car show in the entire state of Florida. 

At Diamonds and Donuts, you will always find the hottest cars on the planet. Automobiles that car fanatics have on their lists of “I wanna spot that” or “I gotta see that in person”. 

For example, you will find cars like McLaren 720S, 570S, Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Huracan, Gallardo, Ferrari 488 Pista, Porsche GT3RS, GT2RS, Audi R8 V10, Aston Martin Vantage, and whole range of new Teslas. 

We’ve thrown themed Diamonds and Donuts events too, such as the Diamonds and Donuts: Ford GT edition; JDM Import Night edition; Female Car Enthusiast edition; and more. 

Diamonds and Donuts welcomes cars of all makes and models, no matter the price tag. You can see cool cars that cost just a couple thousand dollars, fully built cars that are so heavily modded even the owner can’t tell you how much they cost, and exotics that are well over a million dollars. 

What’s more, at Diamonds and Donuts, there’s always a BBQ, Live DJ, and great people. We also open up our showroom doors to let guests try on some jewelry and Swiss watches AND we do a jewelry giveaway each and every event. 

The best part about it all is that Diamonds and Donuts is for a good cause. Every Diamonds and Donuts we’ve ever done has raised money for a local cause, such as the Boys and Girls Club of Boca Raton and the Tri-County Animal Rescue. All of the proceeds from the BBQ goes to charity. 

All in all, Diamonds and Donuts is a great way for the people of South Florida to gather and get to know each other. The events foster a welcoming, inclusive community-feel vibe that people love.

After every event, we do a recap and share photos from the event on our blog, Facebook and Instagram, which really gets people talking and reminiscing. Just check out our Diamonds and Donuts Instagram to get an idea of what people say about our car show.

diamonds and donuts boca raton

Want to join the next Diamonds and Donuts Car Show?

This is our events page so you can keep up with all of our events, including Diamond and Donuts.

Next month, on April 18, 2020, we are doing something different. We are having a bunch for all Tesla owners. If you are not a Tesla owner, you can still RSVP

Stay tuned for more Diamonds and Donuts events. 


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