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Which diamond cut is best – an engagement ring guide

Which diamond cut is best – an engagement ring guide

If you are just starting out on your search for the perfect diamond solitaire engagement ring you might be asking which diamond cut is best. We will be up front with you there actually is no right answer here. It all depends on what you are looking for. And that might be engagement rings that suit your partner and soon to be spouse. In either case we are here to help you figure out the differences between the different diamond cuts. How to know the quality of all the different types of diamond rings. And of course show you a comparison of some unique and not so often seen solitaire engagement rings. Like for example princess cut diamond or oval engagement ring. These are just two of the extensive list of different diamond cuts. 

While the diamond cut is by far not the whole story it is the best place to start. With the diamond cut you can get an idea of what is not only possible but also necessary when it comes to your engagement rings. We will get more in depth later on but for example an emerald cut diamond needs to not have any occlusions. So that means you are looking at a certain clarity but before we go down that route, a little bit of background on us, your premier local jeweler in Boca Raton. 

four Diamond engagement rings worn on one hand featuring which diamond cut is best

For the last three decades we have been bringing the world’s finest gems, diamonds, jewels and luxury watches to South Florida. Serving our local and global community our curated collection includes the best brands in the industry. Our experts and master craftsmen are committed to delivering excellence and always offering you superior service. For any and all question regarding diamonds, fine jewelry like engagement rings and luxury timepieces speak to us.

All of the items featured here are for sale! If you are interested in buying a solitaire engagement ring call us at (561) 623 – 8205

Which diamond cut is the best? 

As we have hinted at here there is no such thing as the best diamond cut. This is really not only a personal question but also a question of what you are going to do with said diamond. For solitaire engagement ring settings the truth is that all diamond cuts work beautifully. Which diamond cut is the best depends on the person that you ask. As well as what their personal style and preferences are. 

We will however go into how to tell the quality of a diamond. That does include looking at the cut of the stone since that is one of the main 4 characteristics that you look at when it comes to a diamond. Diamonds are forever. So you want to make sure you get it right. Follow our easy guide below to get an idea of what to look at. If you want more help looking into them we have resources on our site. Or you can just talk to one of our diamond experts yourself. They are available most days of the week at (561) 623 – 8205.

Diamond engagement rings stack worn with Oval engagement ring

The diamond 4 C’s: cut, clarity, carat and color

To choose the perfect diamond cut and deciding for yourself when it comes to which diamond cut is best you need to look at just 4 things to start. There is more to look into after these four but they are the biggies to check out when looking at the characteristic features of a stone itself. 

  1. Cut 
  2. Color 
  3. Carat
  4. Clarity 

Each one of these has quite a lot of detail that goes into them. As well as caveats that tend to hold the one accountable if you will to the other. On top of that it is important to note that the cut of the diamond might not depend on the rest. However some of the rest like the clarity of the stone may very well depend on the cut. As we discussed above with the emerald cut diamond stones. 

Now the cut of the diamond does have the following three properties that will in the end of the day dictate the diamond’s quality. Those are:

  1. Fire: which is the way that white light scatters into all of the colors of the rainbow inside of a diamond
  2. Brightness: that is the internal and external reflection of the white light from within the diamond
  3. Scintillation: how much of a sparkle that a diamond produces, as well as the pattern of the light and dark areas that are caused by the reflections within the diamond stone
which diamond cut is best feature woman's hand wearing Solitaire Engagement ring  with Diamond engagement rings stack

 As you can see it can get quite involved. However do not worry because at Diamonds by Raymond Lee there is always a diamond expert on hand to help you along the way. From looking at the weight of a diamond stone or the carat weight. To establishing what level of clarity to aim for with certain cuts. They have decades of experience as back up.

Finding the right stone and our diamond search tool online

There are plenty of different diamond solitaire engagement rings setting for sale. These may or may not come with a central diamond stone. If you are looking to purchase a loose diamond for a setting. Like for example this Gabriel & Co. ER5825W44JJ White Gold Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring Setting currently retailing for $1,650.00. Then you will want to check out all of the different combinations of the diamond 4 C’s to achieve your optimal look. The diamond search tool that we offer for free on our site helps you search for that perfect loose diamond to create your own iconic solitaire engagement ring. You can range your search by the different characteristics you are looking for in a diamond based on the setting you chose. Or just look through and play around with it to get an idea. 

From prices to options and everything in between we strive to offer you all of the information that you need to make an informed decision. We know that buying a diamond solitaire engagement ring is not your usual shopping experience. And we can appreciate the consideration that goes into buying such an important milestone jewelry piece. So take your  time have a look around and as always let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help make this memorable moment in your life one that is focused on your joy and love. Not on figuring out an entire industry. 

If there is a specific diamond cut that you are interested in talk to one of our diamond experts at  (561) 623 – 8205

Princess cut diamond princess engagement ring worn with colorful gemstone bands

Princess cut diamonds

For a look at all of the Princess engagement rings that are in our collection check out our website. Or otherwise visit us at 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431. An easy destination from practically anywhere in South Florida you can enjoy a day outing with us. Have an ice cold local craft brew or a glass of our finest champagne while you browse our collection of princess cut diamonds from the very best designers in the world including Tacori and Henri Daussi

A come back from the more vintage style solitaire rings a Princess cut ring has a square look to it. A Victorian style that has clean cut sharp edges and geometric balance this cut is striking. More than the other diamond cuts this particular one capitalizes on the fire and brilliance within the diamond without being round. Although the edges are clean cut within the diamond there is still plenty of space and facets for a light show. Square in nature but still totally different from say the emerald cut diamond it is a unique take.

The particular Princess cut diamond solitaire ring above is featuring more than just the princess cut diamond though. On either side of the Princess cut diamond you can see two trillion cut diamonds adding to it’s brilliance. Lovely additions that work perfectly with this stone’s sharp edges. These two additional diamonds do two things for this ring. First it uses the three stone engagement ring style. Like that of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring. Also it ensures that there is bling and sparkle from your ring in every direction. It is a perfect example of how the diamond cut is not necessarily the end all be all.

Oval cut diamonds

The oval cut diamond has been around for a long time. While not as popular as the round cut diamond it is a special style. Much like the Princess cut diamond engagement rings the oval engagement rings are unique items. They are not the latest trend nor are they the most usual of the diamond engagement ring looks. There is another royal that made the oval cut a famous one. Although not a diamond cut Princess Diana’s engagement ring that now belongs to Kate Middleton is an oval cut.

jewelry image

While it is an oval cut sapphire that is surrounded by round cut white diamonds the shape continues. If you are looking for a vintage yet not over done and extremely classy diamond cut for your engagement ring then this is the one. Much more fitting to the length of your finger if you are going for a large carat weight diamond the oval cut also has benefits to the round cut diamond. Sitting along the length of your finger it can be much more apt to wearing alongside other rings. As well as for the sake of comfort when it comes to wearing.

All of these details matter and at Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have been helping couples find the stones and wedding rings of their dreams for the last thirty years. It is our passion and we are devoted to our refined clientele. Whether your desire is to eternalize the symbol of your love with a vintage or modern look we will work to find the finest diamonds to do it with. You can find every kind of diamond cut as well as diamond solitaire engagement ring settings at our store. We have something for everyone at a range of price points.

Where to buy diamond engagement rings – Diamonds by Raymond Lee

For engagement rings and diamond jewelry that you are not only sure to love but will have the support for maintenance and care throughout its lifetime come to Diamonds by Raymond Lee. at our state of the art in house workshop we carry the world’s best when it comes to equipment and general know how of handling fine jewelry. For your diamond that is forever choose a place that you can count on for that long too. Even if you decide in the future that you want to update or modify your diamond engagement rings we can do it for you. From adding diamond halo features or setting pave diamonds all along the band we can truly create a ring that is your choice to wear. Regardless of the cut that you decide is the one that is best for you we can help you along the way as well. 

solitaire ring worn with cartier ring and rolex watch

If you are purchasing a diamond ring for the first time adn need some help to sort out which diamond cut is best for the solitaire engagement ring that you are dreaming of, come and visit us. One of our jewelry and diamond experts would be happy to sit with you and walk you through it. Whether you are planning to pop the question as a surprise or you are intent on getting your partner and soon be spouse’s input we can cater for you. Having been in the business of diamonds for the last three decades we have helped couples in both scenarios. It is part of why we are so passionate about what we do. Diamonds and fine jewelry are just the symbols and tokens of the true love that comes through our doors. Knowing that we have played a small part in the lives of people stuns. 

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