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Capt. Emily Riemer Mixed Metal Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot

Capt. Emily Riemer Mixed Metal Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot

mixed metal jewelry

We did a special diamond jewelry and watch photoshoot the other week with Captian Emily Riemer, the “World’s Sexiest Angler”.  Today we are presenting part 1 of the photoshoot. It features the incredibly fit and absolutely gorgeous Emily Riemer wearing all types of fine diamond mixed metal jewelry, like bustdown Cuban link chains, diamond tennis necklaces, and huge diamond rings, as well as luxury Swiss watches, like an iced out factory-set Franck Muller Color Dreams. 

emily riemer photoshoot

All of the jewelry and watches in this photoshoot are available at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. If you are interested in purchasing, follow the associated links within the article or contact us for pricing. 

The Photoshoot Setting

We didn’t need to go far for this photoshoot with Emily Riemer. In fact, we went just outside our showroom doors, using our brand new wall mural as the setting.

For those who don’t know or haven’t driven down North Federal Highway in Boca Raton recently, artist Kristin Pavlick has completed our huge wall mural, which covers the entire South side of our building. It features imagery of all the things we are passionate about at Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

We decided the wall mural was a great place to take some photos as it is vibrant and radiant, just like Emily and the jewelry she is wearing. 

Learn more about our wall mural project.

Emily Riemer: Black Dress with Mixed Metal Diamond Jewelry

diamonds by raymond lee jewelry photoshoot with emily riemer

Emily Riemer is wearing a lovely, coquettish black dress with a fully mixed metal jewelry ensemble. This is the perfect example of why mixing metals is so hot, especially when it’s gold. She’s rocking white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. There is nothing more you could ask for from this outfit. She looks like a million bucks.

The three tones of gold creates a contemporary and upscale look, and in this case, it takes a fun, flirty dress with stilettos to the highest level of opulence. 

It is the quintessential collaboration of jewelry for a stylish, modern woman, yet only one with serious spending power could put this together. Everything about this jewelry ensemble is larger than life. There are three chunky chain necklaces, an AP Royal Oak Offshore Brick, an engagement ring that can be seen for miles, a massive mixed metal interlocking ring, a diamond bangle, and a beautiful pair of diamond hoop earrings.

Now, you might be thinking, aren’t a couple of those pieces made for men? Yes, but this is another trend that fashion-forward women own. Everything is on the table. The dopest women wear whatever they want, whenever they want. Plus, the oversized effect simply looks fantastic. For this ensemble, Emily threw on the “men’s” bustdown cuban link chains and an AP Brick, giving herself the flawless mix of strong and feminine. It truly doesn’t get more sumptuous than this. 

Now, let’s have a look some of the individual pieces that Emily Riemer is wearing, which you can find at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

Emily Riemer mixed metal jewelry
Mixed Metal Bustdown Cuban Link Chain

Emily has on 3 bustdown Cuban link chains of different sizes and gold colors. The white gold is the largest, followed by the rose gold, and then the yellow gold. They are all bustdown, which means they’ve been drilled and set with diamonds. The difference in sizes and colors makes for beautiful contrast and it immediately draws you into her decolletage.

If anyone ever says “mixing metals doesn’t look good”, just show them a picture of Emily Riemer wearing these Cuban links and that will end the discussion right there.

This is pure fire…scintillation and brilliance (you see what we did there? DIAMONDS)

Audemars Piguet 18K Rose Gold Royal Oak BRICK Watch
AP BRICK with mixed metal jewelry

We took the AP BRICK, which is an all gold Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph (reference 26470OR.OO.1000OR.01), and threw on a leather strap. 

Needless to say, the AP BRICK got its nickname because the thing is heavy! It’s only 42mm (which is big but not by Royal Oak Offshore standards). However, it is thick and it’s pure solid gold.

It’s a striking watch with a gorgeous contrast of gold and black. The tapisserie dial has a gold color (aka champagne) to match the case, and the subdials, tachymeter outboard, numerals, date window and chronopushers are black. The finishing touch are the white accents, which make this chronograph rapidly legible. Altogether, the AP BRICK was incredibly well designed. 

Now, typically the AP Brick comes with a solid gold metal bracelet. It adds to the weight and the name. However, we decided to lighten things up a bit and give the watch even more polarity. The leather strap is black with gold stitching, so it complements the case impeccably. 

All in all, this is a classic timepiece for a classy woman. She would just have to be worried about making her partner jealous with this one. 

Learn more about the AP Royal Oak Offshore Brick

14K Rose Gold 2.24Ctw Pave Set Diamond Bangle
rose gold diamond bangle

Complementing the AP Royal Oak and adding some diamond flare to the wrist, Emily Riemer is wearing a 14 karat rose gold diamond bangle. 

The rose gold bangle contains 2.24 carats of round brilliant diamonds, which rest at the top and center. The edges of the bangle are beaded, giving it incredible pop and texture.

Overall, the rose gold diamond bangle plays its role beautifully in her mixed metal jewelry ensemble. It is simple yet extravagant.

18K Two Tone 3.5Ctw Pave Set Round Cut Diamond Interlocking Link Ring
interlocking diamond ring

We mixed metals with the chains, but this ring does the mixing for us. It is an interlocking ring made with links of 18 karat white and rose gold. The main structure of the band is white gold, and then on top it has

From the top view, it looks like a chain, but from the side view, it is like a breathtaking twisting creature with diamond skin that has wrapped around the finger.

This ring creates an iconic presence. Rightfully so, considering Cartier, Tiffany, and more of the world’s leading jewelry designers have created historic pieces that involve an interlocking design. Nevertheless, this one is incredibly unique.

If you want a ring that stands out, even among other superb fine diamond jewelry, this is the one. It will never go unnoticed thanks to its size, shine, and distinct design. 

Pretty in Pink: Emily Riemer x Diamond Jewelry

Pink dress and mixed metal diamond jewelry

If you look up ‘stunning’ on Google Images, this should be the picture on top. Emily Riemer looks absolutely stunning in every sense of the word. Her pink dress, her mixed metal diamond jewelry and colorful diamond watch, her hair, everything

Other words to describe Emily Riemer with her pink dress and diamond jewelry ensemble: Graceful, Fun, Neck-breaker, Alluring. 

With a jewelry ensemble like this, it’s hard to know where to look. She has on a completely iced out Franck Muller Color Dreams, a large emerald cut diamond eternity ring, a ginormous double halo round brilliant diamond engagement ring with a four-way split shank, two classic yellow gold diamond tennis necklaces, and big diamond stud earrings that you don’t even want to know how many carats they are…or maybe you do 😉

Let’s have a closer look at the mixed metal jewelry that makes up this stunning ensemble, which, again, are all available at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. 

Double Down – Diamond Tennis Necklaces
yellow gold diamond tennis necklace

There may be no necklace as timeless as a diamond tennis necklace, which also means there is no necklace as valuable. Not to mention, it’s arguable the most gorgeous type of necklace ever made. After all, it is solid gold set with diamonds all the way around. Lucious luster and the ultimate expression of sparkle. 

Here Emily Riemer has two yellow gold diamond necklaces, both with the same style but slightly different lengths. 

One is 24 inches and the other is 26 inches, which means they are pretty long. They are opera length necklaces, so they rest around the sternum. Because of this, they look fantastic with very low cut dresses. As you can see with Emily Riemer outfit, it is both eye-catching and elegant. Moreover, two are clearly better than one. 

18K White Gold 7.33Ctw Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band
emerald diamond eternity ring

Emily Riemer is wearing a breathtaking engagement ring stack. It consists of two rings, yet it takes up the entire lower half of her ring finger. 

She put on the full diamond eternity ring first. This 18 karat white gold eternity ring comprises 7.33 carats of emerald cut diamonds. The diamonds are exquisitely high grade. As they are step cut diamonds, clarity is of the utmost importance. So these VS emerald diamonds exceed that criterion. 

18K White Gold 2.51CT Round Brilliant Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring
double halo diamond eternity ring

Stacked on top is a vintage yet modern 18K white gold double halo diamond engagement ring. The centerpiece is 2.51 carats and the accent diamonds total to 2 carats, so this is whopping in size. To balance it out, it has a four-split shank band that is equally as large and brilliant. This is the type of engagement ring that friends and family will literally and sadly envy. 

Now, in terms of this engagement ring stack, what we really love about it is the contrast. Not in metal, as they are both white gold, but in diamonds. The engagement ring has round brilliant diamonds while the eternity ring has emerald cut diamonds. Round brilliants are modified brilliant cut diamonds and emerald diamonds are step cut. This means they provide their own distinct way of reacting to light. The round brilliant diamonds have immense fire while the emerald cut diamonds sparkle and flash light (hall of mirrors effect). On the whole, it provides all the diamond shine you could ever ask for. 

Franck Muller Color Dreams Stainless Steel Diamond Pave Watch
Diamond Franck Muller Color Dreams

Strapped on Emily’s wrist is a full pave diamond Franck Muller Color Dream. This is a very distinct watch on all fronts.  From the tonneau case to the large overstated colorful Arabic numeral to the completely diamond encrusted case and face, this watch simply can’t go unseen and it’s wonderfully quirky. Even the date display at the 6 o’clock is unique. 

Now, as fun as this watch is, it is also spectacularly striking. Between the countless round brilliant diamonds and the overall structure, if you see this watch in person, you will surely be “wow-ed”.

For a confident woman who likes to show her playful side, the Franck Muller Color Dream is a great timepiece to achieve that. With this one also being iced out to the max, it also declares deep pockets without needing to say a word. 

PS. All the diamonds are factory set and the strap is black alligator leather. LAVISH. 

Want to shop more fine diamond jewelry?

Shop Diamonds Jewelry at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton

Please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below if you have any questions. 

mixed metal jewelry


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