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White Gold Cushion Engagement Diamond Ring 

White Gold Cushion Engagement Diamond Ring 

History of white gold cushion engagement diamond ring

Giving women a diamond ring is traditional, especially as part of an engagement proposal. So, it is not odd that everywhere in the world, men try to get it right with engagement rings. Given the different designs of engagement rings, there are many choices to pick from. We may not be able to say if all designs are worthy. But, we are certain that a white gold cushion engagement diamond ring is right! If you have ever wondered what hitting the jackpot feels like, buying this ring puts you in that mood! 

It is elegant, as much as it is vintage, and is the right piece if you want the right expanse of glamor. Jewelers crafted the white gold cushion ring from gold and other metals. 

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Special Parts of a White Gold Cushion Engagement Diamond Ring

Potential buyers find white gold diamonds interesting. Wondering why? First, they shine brighter than others. Among potential buyers or diamond enthusiasts, white gold is special. It is hard to find fault with this thought on white gold. Few diamond rings combine pure gold and durable zinc; and white gold is one. Also, we cannot say that jewelers made many diamond rings with 14k or 18k gold like this one. 

Everything about the white gold cushion engagement diamond ring point to its uniqueness. If you love diamonds, you will find the white gold cushion intriguing. And if you are serious about finding the best engagement ring, you should find it a worthy piece. 

Excluding the white gold factor, we also have the cushion cut to be thankful for:

Cushion cut

What makes this engagement ring a star, among others, is the dual highlight. If you are the type who doesn’t mind the square or rectangular facet of a ring, you are in for a treat! It gets better. With a cushion-cut diamond ring, the width and length of the cut are flawless, or at least close to perfection. The rounded corners of a cushion cut have also made a statement for its uniqueness. 

It is not too square, round, or rectangular; neither is it too thin or large. Sounds just about right for any engagement ring, don’t you think?

Weighing the essence of this ring now, it is strange to imagine a world where people didn’t have it as an option. Nevertheless, there was a time when the world didn’t have the white gold cushion engagement ring. What did that world look like? 

The Evolution of White Gold Cushion Engagement Diamond Ring

Before the 1800s, diamond cutters who were Brazilians focused on old mine cuts. With the old mine cut, they could use the available carats of diamonds. The legendary regent diamond is one of the gems that came from the old mine. 


The start of the 1800s took a new turn for old mine cuts. The old mine precursor of the cushion cut became more popular among collectors. These three features distinguished the old mine cut from others: the square shape, rounded corner, and the high crown with a small table facet. 

Does this sound familiar to you? The old mine certainly has similarities with the modern-day cushion cut. Like the old mine cut, the modern-day cushion cut has rounded corners and a high crown. Although, the cushion is likely to pivot between the square and rectangular shapes. 

Before it became a cushion-cut, it functioned with 58 facets. Now, it is not only the name that has changed. The number of facets has also increased. Today, we know that an ideal cushion cut operates with 64 facets.

Cushion cut was popular at the beginning of the 18th century and is popular now that we are in the 21st century. The name and design may have changed. But, it looks like the essence of this ring remains. 

In contrast, the white gold diamond didn’t start being popular until the 19th century. Specifically, it became available to the world in 1912. This was the year gem cutters issued it as a patent in Pforzheim, Germany. Dipped in gold, copper, nickel, and zinc, it was normal for white gold to dominate. From the way jewelers use it for most cuts these days, we can say it has found a place in the world.

The Benefits of White Gold Cushion Engagement Diamond Ring

The combination of white gold and cushion cut is a win for diamond lovers. These peculiar and special features have come together to give you the best experience as a user. And some of the great things you can count on include the following, 

White Gold Cushion Engagement Diamond Ring has Variety

One of the things that make the white gold cushion engagement diamond ring stand out is the range. In simple terms, this diamond ring can be whatever you want it to be. It is no news that some brides would prefer a square cut for an engagement ring. Others prefer the rectangular cut. Both are good choices; the white gold cushion engagement ring validates that. 

The jewelers who made the white gold cushion ring gave us different ways to cut it. Coupled with the soft round edges, you get different appearances with a white gold cushion cut. From square to rectangular and elongated. 

Benefits of white gold cushion engagement diamond ring

The versatility in the white gold cushion cut brings us to the types of cushion cuts. Away from the shapes of this ring, gem cutters focus on the faceting style of the cut. What we have found out is that there are ways a gem cutter may decide to make a cushion cut

The Types of Cushion Cut Diamonds to Know 

As earlier stated, cushion cut diamonds have four types. These four are popular, and you may decide to pick any of them: 

Old Mine Cushion Cut

If you paid attention to the history of the cushion cut, the old mine certainly looks familiar. It was the star of the 1700s and held its own for a while. 

It is a unique faceting style of a cushion cut with a bumpy or geometric surface. The old mine has a high crown, a deep pavilion, and a larger culet. 

Brilliant Cushion Cut

Unlike the Old mine, the brilliant-cut cushion has a larger diameter for the carat weight. The brilliant-cut cushion has similarities with the brilliant round cut. The brilliant-cut cushion came after the old mine. Thus, it is only right that it does better in maximizing the diamond’s light return. 

Crushed Ice Cushion Cut

In recent years, jewelers have used the available resources to create special cuts. The crushed ice may not be your cup of tea. But, it is special in every regard. It is different from the rest too. So far, the crushed ice has shortened star facets. It is not like the old mine, and brilliant-cut. If you are wondering what a star facet looks like, then you picture the arm of a star. When jewelers shorten or change the star facet, they form the cushion cut crushed ice. The design of the crushed ice is different from others. So, you should expect that it will have some major differences. For one, they have a heavy bottom. Another thing is that they look smaller than the brilliant and hybrid cushion cut. 

Cushion Modified Hybrid Cushion Cut

This is the latest design of the cushion cut. We can say that this is the one that many modern-day couples seem to favor when they choose. Of course, we cannot fault their rationale. The hybrid cushion cut combines the brilliant and crushed ice facet style. Imagine having the best of these worlds collaborating; what else can we expect, if not a beauty! It has a four-star facet look, and it is large, almost like the typical size for a cushion brilliant. 

White Gold Cushion Engagement Diamond Ring allows different settings

The white gold cushion engagement diamond ring is special in many ways. Earlier, we established its range in shapes and sizes. Of course, the fact that it has range sets it apart. But, do you know what is more beautiful about this ring? Its ability to fit into different environments. As far as we know, the white gold cushion ring does not discriminate. It fits right with a solitaire setting. And, of course, it does not repel other settings like the halo or three-stone setting. This tells you that the white gold cushion rings work with your choice to give the best. 

White Gold Cushion engagement Diamond Ring has fire and brilliance

If you fancy a good light or spark, you might want to stick to this cushion-cut diamond ring. Because of the peculiar cuts, it glows differently from other types of cuts. And, of course, it has symmetry, unlike the others. With the four corners of the ring aligning, it is worthy. And the fact that it glitters and shines like no other is enough to make you feel lucky to own it. 

White Gold Cushion Engagement Diamond Ring is Strong

So many things are in place to ensure the longevity of this cushion-cut ring. For one, the edges are not sharp. Rather, they are round and soft. This feature saves it from getting damaged. Having a diamond ring that is not only a beauty to behold but also lasts long is a blessing. The type of blessing no one should be missing. 

Tips to Consider Before Choosing White Gold Cushion Engagement Diamond Ring

It is obvious from the above that there are many reasons to want to buy this ring for your engagement. It has the right fire and brilliance. So, the white gold cushion ring should be on everyone’s list. Nevertheless, it is wise to consider other factors outside its brilliance. If you are a groom-to-be hoping to get your bride-to-be the white gold cushion ring, you should consider:

The style

The ultimate goal is to make your bride happy. And, of course, jewelers have designed the white gold cushion diamond ring to achieve that. Little wonder they have made this special ring in different shapes, sizes, and styles. So, you should first consider what she loves and the things she would rather not have. If it comes down to it, asking about her style preference is not bad. By doing this, you are guaranteed to please her with the white gold cushion diamond ring. 

The Budget

The price of a typical white gold cushion engagement diamond ring will not hurt your pocket. So, do not fret. However, it is always wise to consider what you have on your budget before pointing at any ring. You are lucky that there is a price range for different styles and shapes of this ring. So, you have the liberty to stay within preference while you pick up something within your budget. 

The setting

Again, you might want to consult your partner before making your decision. While the cut and style may resonate with your partner, are you sure it is their type of setting? You already know that the setting for this ring is in different forms. From what we know, there is halo and solitaire, among others. You may want to see the setting your partner loves before buying. 


A white gold cushion engagement diamond ring is an ideal choice for anyone. It is even better if you want a diamond with an interesting shape and stylish design. With this ring, you can live out all your dreams about diamond rings. And with these features, you should not expect disappointment. 

You have only one thing to do, ensure that you consider all else and pick the best choice for you here


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