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Vintage Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

Vintage Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

Vintage Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

The vintage gold diamond cluster ring is the new trend taking the wedding world by storm. The gorgeous diamond cluster rings are totally redefining what a regular engagement ring looks like. Brides who want to stand out now turn to a unique vintage cluster ring design to get a sparkle like no other. Here, at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we have quite a collection of vintage gold diamond cluster rings that will certainly blow your mind.

So, are you interested in a vintage gold diamond cluster ring of your own? Keep reading to find out what makes this cluster ring type stand out. Also, why are these rings so adored over the past few hundred years?

Introducing Diamond Cluster Rings

Gold Engagement Ring for brides

A diamond cluster ring is a ring that headlines a center diamond in the center. This main stone gets encircled by a circular halo of smaller diamonds. That cluster you see around the center diamond creates an allusion that all the diamonds are really one very huge stone.

From a technical perspective, any ring with a halo of diamonds is fit to get categorized as a cluster. However, traditionally, the outer edges need to come in the exact shape of the smaller diamonds in the halo. That is the only way such a ring can truly fall in the diamond cluster ring category.

Meanwhile, in recent years, the cluster ring has come in as an emblem to depict only engagement meanings. Still, it can technically refer to cocktail rings also.

  • What Makes a Vintage Gold Diamond Cluster Ring?

As the name suggests, you can identify vintage gold diamond cluster rings when you notice that assortment of stones organized in a cluster pattern. Occasionally, the idea is for a collection of smaller stones to cluster together and reveal the appearance of a larger piece.

Moreover, you can find vintage gold diamond cluster rings that feature a mixture of various gemstones and stone sizes. With this, such vintage gold diamond cluster rings create asymmetrical, distinct compositions. This style is one definite way to deliver a unique and customized appearance.

  • Tracing the Origin of Diamond Cluster Rings

A vintage gold diamond cluster ring is not a new item in the world of engagement rings. These rings’ existence dates back to when artisans set precious stones in metal or other elements. Using them as official engagement rings is what is a more recent trend.

Most ring lovers credit the rise in fame of diamond cluster rings to the fact that Prince William gave Kate his mother’s cluster ring for their engagement. Ring enthusiasts and jewelers believe that the royal family kick-started what is now the engagement cluster trend. Tracing its rise in fame this way is not completely true.

Generally, engagement rings enjoyed their reign of fame and vogue for several years. The first origins date back to pre-roman periods when men would put a ring on a woman’s finger to demonstrate “ownership.”

Nevertheless, as the jewelry skills among jewelers got better, jewelers ably created exquisite gemstone rings. With more gems featured on these rings, we had more prestigious ring options. At that point, a single diamond or gemstone ring would have been limited.

Nevertheless, it all really changed when the Tiffany Setting style of diamond rings got introduced to ring lovers. After enjoying massive success, the jewelry world witnessed solitaire rings becoming the established standard. This ring style became a signal of intent to marry. Also, the diamond cluster ring style became a more niche choice among ring buyers who wished to stand out.

Into the World of Vintage Cluster Rings?

A vintage cluster ring is any ring built to match the appearance of the ring style of a past era. Examples of such eras are the Victorian or Art Deco eras. Out there, you will find that most diamond sellers deliver a collection of vintage cluster rings to choose from. 

Meanwhile, some vintage cluster rings are actual antiques. This implies that they are at least 50 years old. Genuine antique rings often get recycled and passed down over generations. Also, some others get bought and resold through diamond resellers. 

Overall, vintage cluster rings often have elegant detailing, such as milgrain or filigree characteristics. For example, you can get a striking Victorian vintage cluster ring that reveals an instance of a halo ring with an antique style.

  • The Vintage Cluster Ring Setting

A vintage cluster ring is a ring that reveals an antique style. One of these kinds of rings might reveal a design with inspiration from the Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco eras. Vintage cluster ring settings most times headline lovely intricacies, like milgrain and filigree, as we mentioned above.

Additionally, there are numerous types of vintage cluster ring settings. With these, you have plenty of styles to choose from. Below are the most prominent vintage cluster ring settings. One of these settings will definitely produce a cluster ring that fits your unique style.

    • Halo vintage cluster rings
    • Floral vintage cluster rings
    • Cathedral vintage cluster rings
    • Art Deco vintage cluster rings
    • Milgrain vintage cluster rings
    • Filigree vintage cluster rings
    • 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Vintage Cluster Ring
  • Why do Vintage Cluster Rings make a Great Choice?

Vintage cluster rings are eye-catching because of their non-traditional styles. In addition, these rings reveal sophisticated details and a classic appearance. Being a timeless piece of jewelry, a vintage cluster ring enjoys widespread acceptance and admiration. That explains why they often get passed down for generations.

Meanwhile, you can personalize vintage cluster rings in a way that they fit your exact style and desires as the wearer. In other words, you can create one to make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether it is a beautiful floral starburst or an elegant milgrain design, the options are truly infinite. Vintage cluster rings can also be products of any precious metal. Some are products of yellow gold metal, and others have white gold material. There are platinum and rose gold options as well.

  • What Makes Vintage Cluster Ring Styles Different from the Modern Ones?

Several vintage cluster rings integrate a symmetrical design. As for modern rings, they embrace the asymmetrical style instead.

Here is a good example. Various vintage cluster rings are jewelry pieces built to resemble flowers. Often times, they have little stones making up the flower petals. What you have right there tends to lean towards the symmetrical vibe.

On the flip side, the asymmetrical style you get with modern cluster rings gives off more of an abstract appearance.

Vintage Gold Diamond Cluster Rings and Other Gems

Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

In times past, each society made use of stones as they resonated with them. These cultures use stones that align with their beliefs to adorn the rings. More so, the emphasis was on valuable and luminous stones such as rubies or emeralds. Also, diamonds took more of a back seat during this period. Then, they were, at most, a radiant addition rather than being the star of the jewelry.

History further tells us that nothing changed until the late 1930s when De Beers introduced its popular advertising campaign. That was when the engagement ring as we know it today took shape.

Therefore, it’s fair to say that most colored jewels appear stunning with diamonds as part of a cluster arrangement. This might be why Princess Diana’s ring on Kate’s finger was an instant hit among ring lovers. Place a gorgeous ring on a beautiful woman, and there’s no end to the effect it can produce.

As for most of the cluster ring renaissance period, though, the vintage cluster rings themselves chiefly remain fully diamond-based. That dominance is not simply because of the striking beauty a diamond cluster ring possesses. But also for additional pragmatic reasons.

As for the comparison between diamond cluster rings and solitaire rings, the choice will come down to your personal style and preference.

  • What Types of Stones Are Typically Found in Vintage Cluster Rings?

Several vintage cluster rings will combine diamonds in some shape or form. These diamonds might come in as small accents or the whole cluster setting. With that possibility, there is a growing trend presently in gemstones dominating this ring style. If you check out these gemstones, you will also love them!

Taking Care of a Vintage Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

Unique Vintage Gold Promise Ring

You can’t take good care of a vintage gold diamond cluster ring if you don’t take into account the type of stones it’s made of. For instance, the way you care for white gold diamonds will be different from the way you care for a rose gold diamond piece. Different gold diamonds have distinct durability levels. Due to that, the way you care for and clean them must pay attention to that. 

In addition, we highly recommend consulting with any of our jewelers. They will guide you on the best way to care for and clean your ring. This guide will include the right cleaning solutions, as well as cleaning tools like brushes! Our jewelers will also explain the best choice for your particular ring.

Getting a Good Wedding Band for your Vintage Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

Getting a good wedding band to pair with your vintage gold diamond cluster ring can be challenging. It gets even tougher with an asymmetrical design. When going for symmetrical styles, rings with a dip or curve enable the cluster engagement ring to sit nested above it.

On the other hand, with asymmetrical diamond cluster rings featuring more personal and abstract designs, we suggest selecting a ring designer who can create a custom band. It would be best if you had the band fit snugly with your diamond cluster ring.

There is no denying the simplicity and refinement of diamond cluster rings. To get a more classic design, choose a symmetrical style. However, for something more distinct and stunning, a ring with a unique cluster pattern is what you need! 

General Tips For You When Shopping for Vintage Gold Diamond Cluster Rings

Since its rise in fame, the vintage gold diamond cluster rings remain very popular jewelry pieces. To get the best available out there, there are several tips and tricks that we can give you. These tips are based on our years of experience selling vintage cluster rings, among other ring types. 

To start with, follow all these basic tips as it applies to you when shopping for vintage gold diamond cluster rings.

  • Pay rapt attention to see how the carat weight gets calculated before you make that purchase. Several times, mischievous jewelry sellers include the cluster diamond weight into the total carat weight. Here, we have a transparency policy, so you’re safe. However, as we stated already, many jewelers will try to trick you with this. Stay watchful
  • Check the diamond cluster ring very carefully before leaving the store. Often times, the smaller stones do not get connected properly to the mounting. We advise shaking the ring close to your ear. Listen for a shaking sound. Should you hear a rattling sound, then one (or more) of the stones isn’t well-fixed inside the setting.
  • Make a choice if you want the ends of the halo to feature milgrain on them. For anyone who chooses to have the milgrain later on, it will probably cost you more.


Vintage Cluster Ring

Jewelry, like other elements in the fashion world, goes in cycles. Presently, we can see this with vintage gold diamond cluster rings. More so, the fact that neither diamond nor multi-stone rings really monopolize brides’ choice makes it more fascinating.

What is in this for jewelry lovers and every bride-to-be out there? There is no restriction. You do not have to stick to only one special style or influence in any defined era. Every ring lover or bride-to-be can get the best of all periods. For jewelers, we can dare to be different, understanding that we have a global marketplace with global advertising within our reach.

How about adding a tinge of color with a ruby or sapphire? With that, that piece can go to yet a whole new degree.


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