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Yellow Diamond Halo Rings

Yellow Diamond Halo Rings

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or a statement piece, a yellow diamond halo ring makes an excellent choice. We all know just how gorgeous diamonds are, but sometimes we want a little bit of color, too. The great thing is, there is a whole rainbow of fancy colored diamonds. These are diamonds that, due to impurities or other natural phenomena, take on a range of different colors. The great thing is that they still retain the hardness of diamonds, as well as the ability to take on a wide range of different cuts.

Yellow diamonds are especially lovely. The rarest stones are a rich, bright yellow. This gives them a unique hue and adds a bit of color to your ring. It also pairs really well with colorless diamonds as well as other stones. This style of ring is a great choice for an engagement ring because of the timeless style of the design. There is just something about this ring that never goes out of fashion and this is why it is such a great style for an engagement ring. 

However, it doesn’t just have to be an engagement ring. It actually looks great as a statement piece as well, which we will explore in greater depth below.

Show Your Style

A yellow diamond halo ring is a great way to show off your style as well as your appreciation for the finer things in life. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! That adage holds true for a reason. And especially when it comes to something we want to wear every day, something timeless like the diamond is a great option. Halo rings offer a unique style of ring that allows you to utilize different cuts and shapes of stone. 

This style of ring is incredibly versatile and is a great way for you to show off your personal style. We all have our own unique style and the accessories we choose are a great way to develop a signature look. The halo ring is a lovely ring that is beautiful on its own or with a wedding band. It has an elegant and timeless style that will continue to look amazing, regardless of trends and fashions. In some ways, this is like the little black dress of ring styles.

The Beautiful Halo Ring

The halo ring is an elegant and unique style of ring. It can come in a range of shapes and styles, but there is a basic configuration to the ring. The main element of the ring is going to be a large central stone. This might be a yellow diamond, a colorless diamond, or some other kind of stone. The large stone in the center of the ring will have smaller accents that surround the main stone. Often, these are smaller diamonds in a round brilliant cut. This will give the ring a lot of extra sparkle and shine. 

However, there is a lot of room for variation within this style of ring. You can choose pretty much any cut of stone for the central stone of the ring. If you choose the diamond – whether yellow, colorless or some other color – you can choose pretty much any type of cut you can think of. Since the diamond is so hard, it can be cut into any shape, many other stones are too fragile to be cut into some of the more complex shapes. 

The accent stones, though most often diamonds, don’t have to be. Again, you do have a lot of choices as to the cut and shape of the stones you choose. Most commonly, you’ll see accent stones that are round brilliant-cut or that are in the pave style. 

The Perfect Engagement Ring

A yellow diamond halo ring makes an excellent option for an engagement ring. It is an elegant and beautiful ring. And, it has a timeless look and feel. As this is is something that we are to wear every day, for the rest of our lives, we want to choose something that isn’t going to go out of style in a few years’ time. Trendy rings are not really a great option for an engagement ring unless you want to replace them every few years. There are a few designs that fit this criterion, but the halo ring is one of the most elegant.

Yellow diamonds look stunning in these pieces. Most people will pair the yellow diamond with colorless diamonds as accent stones. However, the configuration and type of stone are up to you. This is where you can let your style and personality come through. The shape of stone you choose, the types of stones, and the metal you select will come together to create a piece that4 fits your personal style and taste. 

A Statement Piece

While a yellow diamond halo ring makes a great engagement ring, this isn’t the only use for such a lovely ring. These rings can also be statement pieces as well. We all want to have our own unique personal style. The way we develop this style is through the clothes we wear, the accessories we choose, and how we carry ourselves. Choosing quality accessories will help you get that look of effortless elegance and style that so many of us crave.

Whether we like classic attire, trendier fashions, or something in between, a halo ring is a great option. There is a lot of variation within this style of ring. From simple to more ornate to something in the middle, this is a versatile style that will work with a lot of different looks. Since this is such a timeless and elegant ring, it can work with a wide range of different looks. It will look good with more formal fashions, but it will also elevate the look of casual attire as well. You’ll love the effortless elegance you get when you pair a ring like this with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. 

The Yellow Diamond

When most people think about diamonds, they think of colorless diamonds. Though these are the most popular, there is actually a wide range of colors. Yellow is a popular choice because the color of the stone is subtle and still works with tons of different colors. 

The rarer stones are richer and deeper in hue. Lighter yellow diamonds are not as rare as those with a rich golden hue. If you want to show off the rich color of the stone, many recommend non-round cuts. This allows the richness and the depth of the color to really come through. They do look good in other cuts, but they can dull the hue a little bit.

There are both natural and lab-grown yellow diamonds. Natural stones, of course, are rarer and will cost more. Many people also think they have a better color as well, but the choice really is up to you. The reason diamonds turn yellow is due to high levels of nitrogen. It is actually an impurity in the stone that creates this lovely rich color. 

Like colorless diamonds, there are grades and categories of color. This will reflect their rareness and thus also its price. The rule of thumb really is, the deeper the hue,  the more expensive the stone will be.

Many Options to Choose From

There really are many different types of halo rings, whether you choose yellow diamonds, traditional diamonds, or some other stone. While the configuration of the ring is going to consist of the main stone with accent stones that surround it, there are a lot of options to choose from to make this kind of ring all your own. First and foremost, you will need to determine the cut you want for your main stone. If you select a yellow diamond, you might want to choose a marquis or other non-round cut. This allows the rich yellow hue of the stone to really come through and show its depth and richness.

If you are choosing a colorless diamond, you can choose from pretty much any cut or shape imaginable. What will work best for you will depend on whether you want the stone to sparkle and shine, or you want to show off the flawlessness and depth of the stone. 

Next, you will want to consider the accent stones. These, too, can be yellow diamonds, but most often they are colorless, even when paired with a large yellow diamond. Most often, people will choose round-cut diamonds as accent stones. These are really sparkly stones and their tininess really amplifies this quality. Others will choose pave-style stones, which are similar in their sparkle effect, but tinier. 

You must also choose the material you want the ring made from. If you already have other signature pieces of jewelry, it is best to stick to the same kind of metal you already have. This will make it less likely that your accessories will clash. 

Elegant Style

Whether you want a yellow diamond halo ring for an engagement ring or as a statement piece, we know you will love the elegant style the ring imparts. This is a surprisingly versatile ring in that it will look good with a wide range of fashions and for different occasions. A quality like this is especially important in an engagement ring because it is something you will wear every day. You want something that will work with a range of different looks because this is one piece of jewlery that remains constant. 

The great thing about this type of ring is that it looks amazing with formal attire, business, attire, but it also looks good with casual attire. Something as simple as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt gets an instant glamour and elegance it would have never otherwise had. It is this quality that makes it such a great option as an engagement ring, but it is also what makes it a great statement piece as well. This versatility is something you don’t often get with high-end jewlery. It is a beautiful and versatile style that is open to a lot of interpretation. You can really make this style of ring all your own with the cut and shape of the stones you choose.

Timeless Design

Part of what makes a yellow diamond halo ring so timeless and lovely is the design of the ring. It has classic and clean lines and this is part of what makes it look good with so many different styles and fashions. The simplicity of the design doesn’t mean these rings can’t be bold and ornate. There are many different configurations with halo rings and you can find the perfect one for you with a little research. And, if you can’t find exactly what you want, our experienced and skilled jewelers can help you come up with your own, one-of-a-kind option.

In Closing

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or a statement piece, we know you’ll love the timeless elegance and classic design of a yellow diamond halo ring. There is a lot of variation within this style. You have your choice of different cuts and sizes of stone. Most people choose diamonds – whether yellow or otherwise – but you don’t have to. Other stones can look great in this configuration, but we should note that other stones are too fragile to take on certain cuts. The hardness of diamonds, along with their beauty, is why they are such a popular choice for this kind of ring. 

The design of the ring is simple, but the options for personalization are endless. The main center stone is the focal point of the piece, and the accent stones will help elevate the look and feel of the ring. They give the ring extra sparkle and shine and add even more glamour to this already beautiful piece. Whether you choose yellow diamonds, colorless diamonds, or some other stone entirely, we know that you will love the elegance and versatility of this kind of ring. It looks great with a wide range of different fashions and looks great for any social occasion. 


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