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Rolex Datejust: Diamonds and Green Dial

Rolex Datejust: Diamonds and Green Dial

Style and elegance come together in high-end accessories like the Datejust line of watches by Rolex. High-end accessories are a great way to round out your style. And there is nothing quite like a Rolex watch to really amplify the look and feel of any outfit. There is just something about a high-end watch that makes pretty much any outfit. And the great thing about a watch is that it is actually quite functional as well.

There aren’t many high-end accessories that are as versatile as a watch. Most high-end accessories are not exactly versatile. Just think about something like a high-end necklace. This isn’t something that you can wear with just anything. It looks great with formal or other high-class attire, but it doesn’t really look right with casual attire. Let’s just say a multi strand diamond necklace isn’t going to look that great with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It is going to look out of place. But with a watch, you get the perfect blending of form and function,

This is a functional accessory. You will always be punctual when you have a reliable timepiece like a Datejust watch. And not only does it serve a really valuable purpose, but it also looks amazing as well. This is why so many people swear by the high-end watch as a great accessory. It looks amazing and also serves a really useful purpose. The watch will work with pretty much any type of fashion, which also makes it a really great accessory. And, it is comfortable and durable, making it the perfect option for daily wear. 

Elegance and Style

When most people think about high-end luxury, Rolex is a brand that comes to mind. And there is a good reason for this. The company only uses the highest quality materials in the construction of its watches. This means you get the peace of mind that you are getting the best possible quality money can buy. Not only that, but these are top-of-the-line, cutting-edge watches. The company even holds patents on a wide variety of internal mechanisms and other components. 

So not only do you get one-of-a-kind quality with a Rolex watch, you get something that is stunning and elegant as well. These watches feature timeless design elements, in combination with cutting-edge internal components. This blending of form and function makes the Datejust line one of the most popular lines the company makes. The classic and timeless design makes this watch incredibly elegant and it has a style that never goes out of fashion. This means that, regardless of trends, this watch will still be in style. You might say it is the little black dress of accessories.

And, whatever you pair it with will take on an instant elegance and class that is hard to beat. This is why it makes such a great part of any signature look. We all want our own unique style and choosing elegant accessories is part and parcel of this. 

Precision and Durability

One of the things that set Rolex apart from other high-end watch brands is the cutting-edge internal components of their watches. As we note earlier, there are many Rolex-exclusive elements in a Datejust watch. This means that many of the elements of a Rolex watch are such that you cannot find them anywhere else. They really are one-of-a-kind. Since the company’s founding, they have sought to innovate. Part of this has been working with people who work or play in more extreme environments.

They work closely with scientists, aviators, deep sea divers, racecar drivers, and more to learn about the unique conditions that face these professions. Then they create a timepiece that can withstand these elements, all the while still looking great. So what you end up with is a really durable and precise timepiece that can withstand a wide range of elements. The Datejust line of watches is water-resistant, dust-resistant, and even shock-resistant. This means it can go where you do.

You don’t have to work or play in extreme environments to appreciate a watch that is durable and reliable. It is nice knowing that, whatever you do, your watch will be able to withstand the elements. 


In today’s cutthroat world of business, we need any little edge that we can get. Though it might not seem like much, looking the proverbial part can actually be a huge advantage. When you are meeting people for the first time, they develop a first impression of you. This impression is largely developed just by taking in your appearance. Most of the time, the impression is set before we even open our mouths. So it makes sense for the business person to put in some effort into the clothing and accessories they choose.

When we think about professional dress, a well-fitting suit naturally comes to mind. But the watch is also a great accessory. It gives us that look of professionalism that is so vital. It shows we not only care about other people’s time and punctuality, but that we also appreciate the finer things in life. Since Rolex watches are so well known for their quality, an iconic watch like a Datejust will show others your sense of style and appreciation of fine construction. And nothing quite pairs with business attire like a luxury timepiece. 

Rolex Quality

When many of us think about quality accessories, especially timepieces, it is hard to think of a brand that can even compete, let alone beat, a Rolex watch. This is because they have a long history of making some of the finest watches in the world. Their Swiss-born craftsmanship and engineering combine with high-style and quality materials to create truly stunning watches. Lines like the Datejust are beautiful and elegant watches that feature cutting-edge internal components, the finest construction, and only the best materials.

For those who want the peace of mind that they are getting a truly high-end timepiece, it is hard to beat a Rolex. Since they have so many patents, these watches really are one-of-a-kind. They feature internal components, design elements, and even materials, that you cannot find anywhere else. They are the only company in the world to offer these designs and materials. Who doesn’t like exclusive design and elegant quality?

With a Rolex watch you get elegance refinement and quality that combine in a timepiece that you can wear every day and with pretty much anything. Versatility is another great reason to really love these watches. They have a timeless look and feel and an elegance that never goes out of style. 

The Datejust Line

The Rolex Datejust line of watches is one of the most popular lines of watches the company makes. It features classic and timeless design elements that allow it to stand the test of time and retain its style, regardless of what is in fashion. The watch saw its first introduction in 1945 and has since been a favorite of discerning shoppers around the world. 

THe watch was the first self-winding waterproof chronometer. This allows it to be both elegant and stylish, but also durable and tough as well. It features the date at the 3 o’clock of the watch dial. This is where it gets its unique name from. It is an iconic wristwatch that is easy to recognize on sight. The date has a cyclops lens that makes it easier to read and gives it an unmistakable look. 

Most often, this watch will feature a fluted bezel, though in the version we discuss here, it has a diamond bezel. The watch features a Jubilee bracelet. This is an elegant bracelet that features a five-link design. It comes in three different case sizes and is available in a wide range of materials, such as a green dial and diamond bezel as we show here. The watch features Rolex-exclusive internal components. The bracelet style is also a patented Rolex original.

With a Datejust watch, you get timeless design and elegant style in combination with cutting-edge internal components. This is the perfect blending of form and function. You get something that is elegant, stylish, and versatile. And it looks amazing with pretty much anything, making it even more attractive to the discerning consumer.


Green Dial and Diamonds

The version of the Datejust by Rolex we look at here is a little different from a classic Datejust. It features all the design elements that this line of watches is best known for. It has the Jubilee bracelet. This bracelet has a five-link, slightly rounded, bracelet configuration. This gives it a more refined look and feel. The daintier look and feel of this bracelet style make it a favorite among many. It just elevates the look of the Datejust. While many Datejust watches have metal dials, you can find watches that feature other materials and colors. 

This Datejust model features a deep green dial. This gives you a punch of color and something a little different. It has a dramatic elegance and that rich color just gives the watch a really different feel than the metal dial style. Additionally, this watch also features high-grade diamonds. Rather than the traditional fluted bezel, this version of the watch features round, brilliant-cut diamonds, around the dial of the watch. This gives the watch some extra sparkle and shine and who doesn’t love diamonds? This version of the watch is a great option for those who want something a bit bolder than a traditional Datejust. 

Some people like the classic design of the Datejust, but want something a bit more eye-catching than an all-metal design. This version gives a little punch of color and the sparkle of diamonds. 

Versatile Design

Another great thing about the Datejust line of watches by Rolex is that it is incredibly versatile. Most high-end accessories are not known for their versatility. They are statement pieces that are really only suitable for specific looks. There aren’t many high-end accessories that work with both formal and casual attire. However, the Datejust line of watches by Rolex is just one of these accessories. That is why so many people choose a watch like this as part of their signature look.

It is one of the few high-end accessories that look good with pretty much anything you can choose to pair it with. Obviously, it will look great with a well-fitting business suit. And, it will look good with formal attire as well. But what really makes this watch unique is that you can also pair it with something as simple as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Suddenly a simple outfit like this will get an instant style and glamor that it wouldn’t otherwise have. A lot of people find it really surprising just how many different looks this line of watches will pair with. 

In Closing

When it comes to elegance and style, it really is hard to beat a Rolex watch. This is a brand that has a long history of making some of the finest timepieces in the world. Their watches feature Swiss-born craftsmanship and engineering that is top-of-the-line. This means you get a cutting-edge timepiece that can withstand a wide range of elements and is incredibly durable and reliable. It can easily go with you where you need to go, and it will look great all the while. 

The Datejust line of watches is a timeless line that features classic design elements that never go out of style. Regardless of current trends, this watch will never fall out of fashion. It will look just a good with the fashions of tomorrow as it does with the fashions of today. The versatility of this watch also makes it a great option for a signature accessory. Since it is durable and versatile, it can easily be worn every day. And because it is so classic and timeless, it works with pretty much any kind of look. From business attire to something a lot more casual, the Datejust will look stunning.

The version we feature here has a unique, rich, green dial. This gives the watch a punch of color and a unique look and feel. It also features high-grade diamonds around the bezel of the watch. 


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