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Why Every Luxury Watch Collector Needs an All-Black Timepiece

Why Every Luxury Watch Collector Needs an All-Black Timepiece

Are black watches in style

When it comes to all-black luxury sports watches, it’s not a look you often see. You won’t find all-black watches straight from the factories of Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Audemars Piguet, the three most popular watch brands in the game. They simply don’t make them. For that stealthy blacked-out appearance, you either need to find an acceptable brand that does make them, of which there are some, such as TAG and Hublot, or look to aftermarket customizations. With aftermarket customizations, you can turn any one of your favorite watches into a stealthy all-black version of itself – it’s called PVD coating and it looks badass.

All black watches may not be the look for everyone, but it is a style that will go with everything.


Are all black watches popular

The history of black sports watches is linked with the legendary car company Porsche.

Ferdinand Porsche, grandson to the founder of Porsche, who also shared the same name, was a designer for the company. In 1963, he designed one of the world’s most beloved cars, the Porsche 911. He decided to part ways from carmaking in 1972 to start his own design firm, which he named Porsche Design.

Soon after the company’s inception, he released a chronograph watch called the “Chronograph 1”. It was a stainless steel case with a black powder coating. This watch is credited as the first all-black luxury watch and to this day it still looks as sleek and modern as ever (although it has undergone some material changes).

Following the success of the Porsche Design Chronograph 1, a couple of other big-name watch brands released blacked-out watches. Particularly, IWC and TAG Heuer come to mind.

And while the blacked-out look was instantly cool, these early adopters of the stealthy, futuristic color had troubles with the powder coating as it was very easy to scratch, and once it was scratched the contrast of the black and the steel underneath was far too palpable.

Nevertheless, the solution was just around the corner…


Blacked out luxury sports watches

Needless to say, black powder coating was not a viable option for long due to the lack of durability. With that, designers found other methods of creating all-black watches.

These days, you will find watches that use PVD, DLC, or black ceramic to create that covert all-black look.

While all of these options are great as they are virtually scratch proof, fade-proof, UV proof, and every other “proof” you can think of, PVD is the most common. This is because PVD is more cost-effective and a less-complicated process. However, that doesn’t mean it is easy.


Blacked out sports watches

PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. It is a process that vaporizes the surface of the metal and then turns the vapor back to the metal’s surface in a heated vacuum environment, which binds it to the metal of the watch.

A PVD coating creates a layer above the metal of the watch, which is extremely hard and resistant, not to mention, pretty damn cool looking.

PVD coatings are not just used for watches. Due to the durability of outside influences like oxidation or shocks, it is also used in aeronautics, automotive, and optic production.

As we mentioned, the price is lower than DLC, which is Diamond-Like Carbon Coating, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. In fact, it is still quite expensive, but the price is justified. A PVD coated watch will last a very, very long time. It is common for diver’s watches because it can preserve the watch in harsh sea conditions, and as most people know, water is the universal solvent, which means it is capable of dissolving and corroding most materials.

All in all, with PVD coating, you not only get a robust, cool black watch, but you also get inexorable durability and protection.

Black pvd watches


There are three finishes used for watches with PVD coatings: polished, brushed and blasted. Let’s quickly cover each…

Polished: A high polish finishing on a PVD watch creates a shiny look like that of a mirror, which is why it is also referred to as a mirror finishing. It is done using a long and fastidious process of mechanically treating the surface with gradually refined abrasive materials and then gently polishing the surface.

Brushed: A brushed finish is also called a satin finish. It takes steel brushes and other tools to the metal of the watch, applying friction to create tiny lines on the surface. This kind of finishing has a beautiful texture to it and it is not nearly as shiny as mirror finishes.

Note: Some watches use both a polished and brushed finishing, putting accent on some parts with either finishing and creating a powerful contrast between the different aspects of the watch.

Blasted: A blast finish will not reflect any light and it gives the watch a thorough matte look. It is accomplished by blasting the watch with tiny glass or sand grains. Blasted finishes do not have shine to it or lines of texture. It’s a dull, yet beautiful flat finish most common on dive watches.


Blacked out Rolex watches

Black is far from an unusual color in the world of fashion, it is a neutral color that goes with literally anything. However, in the realm of watches, black is particularly unique. There is nothing quite like an all-black watch. It makes for a powerfully bold statement, and one that is sophisticated no less.

As for its popularity, it has never been the most popular option. After all, that goes to steel, golds, and platinum. Nevertheless, since blacked-out watches were first “popularized” a few decades ago, it has remained in style. We don’t see that changing ever. Why? Because, like fashion clothing, black is a color that works so well. It is a strong and versatile color that can be worn with anything.

When it comes to all-black luxury watches, what is normally an understated color is actually something of a standout. We simply aren’t used to seeing black luxury sports watches, so when we do, it catches our eye. That said, the blacked-out look is still stealthy and militaristic. It feels like something you’d see a Navy Seal wearing on a mission. As a matter of fact, PVD coating is perfect for military missions that Seals undertake. It’s extremely durable, water-resistant and the appearance is covert. Perfect all around.

All in all, black watches are in style. In fact, they are more in-style now than ever before. This is why aftermarket PVD work is exploding across the map. People appreciate a distinct, contemporary look, and black is not only distinct and ultra-modern, but it is also powerful.


Does Rolex make all black watches

Black watches a good for anyone. It’s the addition every modern watch box needs. A blacked-out watch will go with any casual outfit and it looks awesome in a nightclub as well. When you want a make a cool, strong, masculine impression, throw your all-black luxury watch on and you are good to go.

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton, we love blacked-out watches, as do many of our clients because it symbolizes South Florida to a T – power, wealth, elegance and luxurious lifestyle. It’s a look for style seekers and trendsetters. Moreover, PVD is great for those with active lifestyles. People who don’t want to worry about keeping a luxury watch pristine. A black PVD watch will keep itself pristine, clean and mean.


Are black watches in style

You will not find any all black Rolex watches straight from the Rolex factory. They have never made an all black watch, PVD or otherwise. If you find an all-black Rolex, it is either a fake with PVD coating or it is an authentic Rolex with an aftermarket PVD coating, the latter being more common here in the USA. People have made big businesses based simply on turning luxury watches, like Rolex watches, jet black using PVD coating. This is because so many collectors want a blacked-out Rolex. It’s a hot look that is sleek and modern. Just one look at an all black Rolex and you can see why it has become so popular. It’s as badass as it gets.

Now, if you want an all black Rolex, you have two options, pay for the PVD work yourself or buy an existing, pre-owned PVD-coated Rolex. In terms of value, we recommend buying an existing blacked-out Rolex because you won’t be taking any loss on the value of the watch. When you buy a Rolex and then put an aftermarket PVD coating on it, the watch loses value. With a pre-owned PVD Rolex, the person who did it first took the loss. From there, the value of the watch will remain pretty stable. If you do buy a second-hand black PVD Rolex, be sure to see the Rolex paperwork like you would any Rolex, as you still want to be certain what’s underneath that PVD coating is authentic. It’s still a Rolex after all.


What brands make all black watches

The most popular luxury watch brands that make PVD jet black watches are Breitling, Omega, IWC, Bell & Ross, Hublot, TAG Heuer, Seiko, and Michael Kors. Some use PVD coating, others use black ceramic. It depends on the model and the company. For example, the Omega Speedmaster Darkside of the Moon has a black nylon strap with a black ceramic case, while the Breitling Bentley GMT Midnight Carbon Edition has a PVD coating on both the case and bracelet. Both PVD and ceramic make for great blacked-out watches. They are durable and aesthetically pleasing. It’s just up to you which you prefer.


Now that you know the basics of blacked-out luxury sports watches, we want to show you several of our favorite all-black luxury watches at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. All of these watches are for sale, so you can follow the associated links for pricing details and the full sales listing.

Note: Some of these blacked-out watches have a PVD coating straight from the factory. We will make note of which are aftermarket and which are factory-coated. One common denominator is the watches below all have PVD coating.

Rolex 114060 Stainless Steel DLC Submariner No Date Watch 

pvd rolex

This eye-catching, handsome all-black Submariner has an aftermarket PVD coating and a specially made gun-scope-style dial.

Rolex 1601 Datejust All Black PVD Black Dial Watch

pvd black datejust

This is the only all-black PVD dress watch in the lineup. You definitely have never seen a Datejust like this. Needless to say, it has an aftermarket PVD coating. Everything else is entirely original.

Rolex 16610 Stainless Steel PVD All Black Submariner Watch

all black submariner

This is a cool jet-black Submariner with an aftermarket PVD coating. Everything else is factory-set, including the black dial and bezel, both of which perfectly complement the blacked-out look of the watch as a whole.

Breitling Bentley GMT Midnight Carbon Limited Edition Black Steel Watch

all black luxury watch with diamonds

Here we have a PVD coating straight from the factory of Breitling. You can learn more about this blacked out watch here as we did an in-depth review on it recently.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Black Diamond Watch 

All black Audemars Piguet

This AP Royal Oak takes blacked out to the next level. It has an aftermarket PVD coating and it is fully flooded with genuine black diamonds. One-of-a-kind.

Bell & Ross BR01-92-S Radar 109/500 Limited Edition Watch 

black bell and ross

Bell & Ross produces some of the world’s most popular blacked-out aviation watches. This is a prime example. It is 100% original.

Scheyden True Aviator Chronograph Black PVD Stainless Steel Watch

are black sports watches good

Scheyden is a really cool eyewear brand, but they also make some dope blacked-out aviation watches. This all-black aviator watch is one of our favorites from the brand.

Have questions for us? Please contact us. We are happy to hear from you.

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