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Diamonds: engagement rings, wedding rings and luxury jewelry

Diamonds: engagement rings, wedding rings and luxury jewelry

When it comes to buying diamonds you want to go to someone you can trust. Whether it is for luxury jewellery items to add to your collection or one of the lifetime diamonds you get to commemorate love. For example an engagement ring or wedding ring. Even beyond those special moments you have ring stacks that are becoming ever more popular with modern brides. These are diamonds that you can put together over time or simply combine them for a stunning set. Particularly when it comes to these special moment diamonds you want only the very best of the best. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we are experienced in bringing to life once in a lifetime diamonds. With over three decades of experience we have been helping couples discover the very best diamonds in the world, right here in South Florida. 

luxury jewelry

Our diamond experts and master craftsmen know diamonds. Sourcing the finest stones and bringing them here to Boca Raton. There is every carat size and cut that you can imagine with some of the most stunning designs and even bespoke creations available. For engagement rings or wedding rings that truly dazzle come see our collection. The perfect diamond bands and luxury jewelry pieces in our extensive curated collection are perfect for diamond ring stacks. The most modern style of all. Mixing and matching different metals and maybe even different diamond colors. We will get into a couple of different options for diamond ring stacks a bit later below. However first let us have a look at some of the stunning engagement ring options available at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. From the finest brands in the world we bring you unique engagement rings that will have your bride to be saying yes!

Engagement rings 

When it comes to an engagement ring each and every bride to be will be different. Just like the couples that will soon be wed there are infinite differences between each one. So how do you go about finding the perfect diamonds for your engagement ring? Speaking to a diamond expert and getting an idea of what the options are out there is a great start. As well as thinking about what your partner may want in a ring. Some couples want to go for the surprise. The engagement ring is the unveiling of a beautiful moment. The first step in beginning their true commitment to one another. For others it is a shared experience looking at and choosing rings together. coming to a shared decision as the first step in their journey of two lives combined into one. With all of these options and differences we need to have a ring for everyone. That is why we carry at our store some of the very best diamond engagement ring brands in the world like:

All of these world class designers craft engagement rings for all different kinds of styles and preferences. With a range of ultra modern engagement rings to vintage pieces you are sure to find your preferred diamonds here with us. There are highly personalised engagement rings featuring French beading, accent diamonds and a mixture of different colour metals. As well as the classic simple bands with diamonds. A well known and beloved classic for all. Between all of these incredible engagement rings and the option to craft your very own luxury jewelry item we are confident in our promise that we have a ring for everyone.

luxury jewlery princess cut diamond wedding ring

Tacori RoyalT HT2650PR9 Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring – $9,890.00–$11,990.00

A unique engagement ring is a square or Princess cut diamond. With parallel sides and an incredible reflection pattern within these rings. Not your usual engagement ring cut style this diamond goes away from the usual round cut stone to something a little bit more edgy. The unique cut of the stone is further accentuated with a thin diamond halo surrounding the diamond. As well as a double band ring studded with small pave diamonds too. This striking and bold look combines a unique diamond cut with a modern ring design and of course diamonds on diamonds.

Pear cut diamond engagement ring

One of things we pride ourselves in when it comes to our engagement ring collection is the variety of unique options that we offer. This includes unique diamond cuts as well. For example this stunning pear cut diamond engagement ring. It is one of the most unique and modern diamond cuts available when it comes to engagement rings. At a large carat size this particular pear cut diamond engagement ring is an absolute stunner.

pear cut diamond engagement ring worn

14k White Gold 2.89ctw Pear Shape And Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring – $10,495.00

With a diamond halo surrounding the unique cut diamond stone and further accent diamonds all along the band it is a striking sparkler that is sure to catch the eye. It is a bold and unique ring for the modern bride to be. 

18k White Gold 3.34ct Pear Shape GIA Diamond Halo Engagement Ring – $25,000.00

Featuring white diamonds on diamonds this stunning engagement ring is paired with a diamond band. The classic wedding ring of a simple yellow gold band is not quite as popular anymore these days. With unique diamond cuts added on to unique diamond engagement rings it is no wonder these bands are getting brighter. Let us have a look then at diamond wedding ring options. 

diamond pear cut engagement ring

Diamonds for a wedding ring? Diamond bands are the latest

Not all wedding rings are the same. Many different couples get wedding bands that are totally unique to them. From the old classic of plain yellow gold bands to the modern inlaid and precious stone featuring wedding rings there are infinite options. One of the most popular modern wedding bands have to be the diamond wedding ring. Also frequently referred to as infinity rings or eternity bands these wedding rings feature many diamonds. Generally wrapping all the way around your finger with diamonds these wedding rings come in a variety of different diamond cuts as you can imagine. Featured here you can see emerald cut diamond wedding rings with the mirror like tall rectangular cut diamonds laid side by side into an ever revolving set of sparkling diamonds. Then there are round cut diamond wedding ring options that range from the whisper thin to the chunky presence bands. 

The bands are a modern trend that take diamonds to the next level. Some of them are even crafted uniquely to diamond engagement rings. The wedding ring diamond band will curve slightly to accommodate the engagement ring central diamond stone. Otherwise there are interlocking engagement ring and wedding ring options as well. Further beyond the two ring pairing modern brides are tending towards a new trend. That is of creating diamond ring stacks. These pair the engagement ring and wedding ring with other bands either featuring diamonds or crafted into unique shapes. The other bands are either anniversary rings or decorative bands to create the ideal ring stack. 

diamond ring stacks and diamond bracelets worn together

Diamond ring stack

These ring stacks are truly all about the texture and combination that you craft together.  You can go for an all white diamond set featuring white diamonds on white gold or platinum or even silver bands. Otherwise you can craft a yellow gold ring stack or even rose gold too. A true modern style though is a delicate combination of all three of these precious metals. Intertwined and some of the bands even featuring a mixture of the two metals. The more movement and difference in the design of each band in the ring stack the better. When it comes to all diamond ring stacks the ideal is to have different diamonds. Whether that is different diamond cuts or simply different carat sizes. The change in diamonds will create a gorgeous series of textures differentiating the rings from the stack and attracting more attention. 

The ring stack does not have to match up perfectly. There is something to be said after all for the unique and singular looks. So having fun with the different options is the best way to pair up bands for your ring stack. Also the ring stack does not need to happen overnight! While some prefer to craft their ring stack in one go there are others who build up the ring stack over time. Each one of the bands added to the ring stack representing a unique milestone or moment.

Other luxury jewelry options

luxury jewelry and audemars piguet watch pairing diamond engagement ring and infinity wedding ring

Beyond our engagement ring and wedding ring options our stores are also a full service luxury jewelry store. Whether you are looking for diamond bracelets, necklaces or earrings we have them all available. From your day to day wear jewelry to formal special occasion pieces. As well as luxury watches from some of the world’s leading brands like:

From these exquisite brands we have a variety of different limited edition and special collection watches. Including iced out all diamond watches. From the diamond dial watch to the bracelet and case iced out there is a watch for everyone. Beyond our extensive curated collection we also have personalised pieces. These can be crafted to your preferences or selected from a range of different options we have available. If these are not enough for you we also have Horus luxury rubber watch straps made for these fine watches. So you can turn up the look of your case anytime. For Rolexes, Audemars Piguets and many more these are the leading exchangeable straps on the market. Available for you at our store.

Vintage watches brought into the modern styles or modern watches tweaked to match your outfit, bag or car. There are infinite options with Horus watch straps. Check out the full collection of styles at our store. We can show you how to turn up your watch quickly and easily.

Where to buy diamonds? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton 

The best place to buy diamonds particularly for engagement rings and wedding rings is with us at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. With over three decades of experience in the luxury jewelry and diamond business we have the know how. A family owned and family run business we employ some of the best diamond experts and master craftsmen around. They are passionate and knowledgeable ready to create your perfect piece of jewelry. If you need information a quick session with them can explain all of the different options available in our extensive collection. Curated with our refined clientele in mind our collection features some of the world’s very best brands when it comes to wedding rings and engagement rings. 

fine jewelry yellow gold and diamond rings

Show your partner your love with the stone that is forever. Come visit us and get your ideal diamond jewelry for your loved one. Whether you are designing the perfect ring from your mind with a little help from our staff or choosing an award wining look. We are here to help you every day of the week. Please feel free to drop by any time during our open hours (more information below). You can also call in to speak to a specialist. If you are interested in buying any of the luxury jewelry featured here in this article just reach out. All of these pieces are for sale at our Boca Raton location. You can find us below or reach out to us by phone, email or social media. We would love to welcome you to the Diamonds by Raymond Lee family. 

Our location address and contact information

We have a state of the art showroom designed for your comfort and ease of shopping. With an incredible open space we host the finest luxury jewellery available. At our store we also have an in house state of the art workshop. prepared to handle any and all challenges when it comes to luxury watches and luxury jewelry our workshop features lasers and some of the latest cutting edge machinery for testing, repairing and crafting. From pressure testing fine watches to reassembling diamond stones there is everything our master craftsmen need. Come visit us and check out the process while enjoying an ice cold local craft brew or a glass of our finest champagne. 

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