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9 Watch & Jewelry Sets That Will Take Your Breath Away

9 Watch & Jewelry Sets That Will Take Your Breath Away

Are you looking for some watch and jewelry inspiration? If so, you are going to love what we are presenting today. We have 9 watch and jewelry sets that are sure to take your breath away. The diamond & gemstone watch and jewelry pairings you are about to see are not only stunning, but they are also varied in style. So no matter what your taste is, we are sure you will find something that catches your eye and wows you. (gallery of products in this post at the bottom of the page)

9 Stunning Watch and Jewelry Sets

All the jewelry and watches below are available at Diamonds By Raymond Lee & Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, so if you want to make them yours, you can…simply click the links within the post to see the full sales listing.


watch and jewelry set

This is the perfect example of a smart, sharp and simple watch and ring pairing – a Patek Philippe Calatrava with an engagement ring. 

For a classic, modest look, all your wrist needs is a timepiece, especially when it’s a Patek Philippe dress watch

Here we have two watches, just to give you an idea of the two different Calatrava watch sizes. The smaller is the lady Patek Philippe Calatrava, which has a 25mm case size. This is a traditional choice for women. However these days many women think bigger is better, so the larger version, a 32mm Calatrava, is also on the table. 

For women, either watch will be perfectly suitable. It simply comes down to size preference. 

For men, the 32mm Calatrava provides a conservative formal look. It goes without saying, the 25mm is simply too small for any modern man. 

Now, both Calatrava’s have an 18k yellow gold case, so it pairs beautifully with a yellow gold engagement ring and/or wedding ring – for both men and women. 

Many people will say a watch is all you need if you want a timeless, classy style. But as it goes on the same hand as an engagement ring/wedding ring, for engaged and married men and women, pairing the two is a perfectly acceptable caveat to this rule, as both are every day wears. 

All in all, this ring and watch set proves that the two can go together so flawlessly and in such an understated manner, yet somehow still be so exquisite and rich. 

Again, if you like a smart, sharp and simple appearance, go for a look like this one. 


rainbow jewelry and watch set

This watch and jewelry set pretty much completely flips the script on the above, yet still maintains a sophisticated vibe. 

Here we have a Rolex Rainbow Daytona (make note, this one is an aftermarket creation), a multi color sapphire tennis bracelet, a multicolor sapphire band stacked with a thin sapphire & diamond ring, and the ever-iconic Cartier Love ring on the thumb, which is somewhat hidden in this picture. 

Colorful jewelry is one of the hottest trends right now and we don’t see this changing anytime soon, with gemstones significantly rising in value each year. 

What we love about this watch and jewelry set is that it provides all the color a modern woman could ask for – purple, pink, red, green, blue, yellow, orange (all thanks to the special gemstone that is sapphire) – yet it does it in an understated way. It looks far from “extra”. It simply stunning and elegant. This is because the Rainbow Daytona takes the center of attention and the jewelry is simply there to complement it.

What’s more, if you look closely, this jewelry and watch set is following another coveted trend – mixed metals. We have white gold and rose gold pairing together in such a beautiful manner. It’s almost hard to notice, but the contrast is there. 

Overall, for women who love a little vibrancy and radiance, this is a quintessential watch and jewelry set for a vividly sophisticated look. 


cartier watch and jewelry

Here we have a watch and jewelry set that epitomizes the word “iconic” and “timeless”. The watch and every piece around it is an iconic, perennially popular design from Cartier.

First, she is wearing a Pasha de Cartier. This is one of Cartier’s most illustrious watches, and this one features a scintillating diamond-set bezel. 

Pairing Cartier jewelry with a classic Cartier watch seemed only right, so we have the vintage Juste Un Clou Nail bracelet and the ultra-famous and also vintage Cartier Love ring, two jewelry pieces created by world-renowned jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo. 

All of these pieces are everyday wears and items that women all over the world want and dream of, including the classic round brilliant solitaire diamond engagement ring

The Cartier Watch & Jewelry displayed here are truly some of the most iconic pieces in the world. Bar none. So, you can be sure this is a watch and jewelry set that will not go unnoticed, especially by women who appreciate high fashion. Expect compliments and stares. 


emerald watch and jewelry set

For those who have a strong pull towards nature, a green-centric watch and jewelry set is a great expression of that. Especially when green is in the form of emeralds, pulled straight from deep within the Earth’s crust. 

We absolutely love this harmonious watch and jewelry set. The vivid green color represents energy, harmony, freshness, and it’s the exemplary color of life. Moreover, emeralds declare spending power without needing to say a word, as does Rolex and a huge diamond engagement ring. 

Now, let’s look at the pieces within this set individually. 

First, we have a Rolex Milguass GV customized with high grade natural emeralds. The Milgauss GV is the perfect watch to set emeralds in, as it has a green sapphire crystal covering the dial…hence the name GV – Glass Verde (Green Glass).

Stacked with the Milgauss GV is a gorgeous bezel set round emerald and diamond bracelet. Altogether, it features 4.20 carats of emeralds and .96 carats of white diamonds. 

To top it all off, there is a massive 3.15 carat platinum emerald halo diamond engagement ring, with the halo being made from vivid princess cut emeralds. This is emerald on emerald, which is almost ironic in design, and entirely captivating in contrast. 

If you appreciate Emeralds – one of the world’s rarest, hardest, and most sought after minerals – this perfectly coordinated watch and jewelry set has your name all over it. Not only will you stand out in the most breathtaking way, but you will also give off all the excellent vibes of green. 


colorful watches and jewlery

This jewelry and watch set features another Rainbow Rolex, but this one is a Datejust in stainless steel. As with the Rainbow Daytona, this one is also an aftermarket customization.

Within the jaw-dropping sapphire rainbow, you’ll notice purple, graduating in various shades from light to vivid. As purple lovers, we decided to accentuate the purple side of this Datejust watch by pairing it with purple amethyst jewelry – an amethyst & diamond bracelet and an amethyst & diamond cocktail ring (the ring looks like a blue sapphire in this ring due to the light, but in fact it is a purple amethyst gemstone ring, as you can see here). 

The purple gemstone bracelet, which is crafted from 18k white gold, consists of 20 Round Brilliant Cut Amethyst Stones measuring 3mm each and spaced in rows of 5 by round brilliant cut white diamonds. The white gold setting and white diamonds provide a striking contrast with the amethyst gemstones, creating a bracelet that is as breathtaking as it is unique. Moreover, it stacks amazingly with the white metal and Rainbow Datejust.

Continuing with this white and purple trend, the finishing touch is the marquise shaped amethyst diamond halo flower-esque motif cocktail ring. Although we are calling this the “finishing touch”, it may very well be the piece that catches the eye the most. It is absolutely massive in size.

Together, this watch and jewelry set is sure to immensely sparkle in the eyes of those around you, and it will spark many conversations as well. 


watch and jewelry pairing

So far, for the other jewelry and watch sets, the timepieces have arguably been the main attraction. However, with this one, our eyes immediately get pulled to the ginormous pear diamond halo engagement ring. It’s so big that you may not even notice the 3.92 carat wedding band stacked under it. The ring is an absolute showstopper. Even more so being that it is a pear diamond, which is currently one of the most sought after diamond shapes for engagement rings. 

Although we could talk about the white gold pear diamond halo engagement ring for days, let’s move on to the two tone Datejust

The two tone Datejust is one of the most classic looks in the Rolex catalog. This one being on the unique side as it has a factory pink diamond dial. The pink dial, of course, goes splendid with the rose gold hands, fluted bezel, crown, and centerlinks of the bracelet. It’s a subtle yet noticeable touch of “pretty in pink” and we unreservedly love it. 

Then, the ace in the hole for this watch and jewelry pairing is the classic rose gold diamond tennis bracelet. A piece that is essential for every woman’s jewelry collection. 

Overall, this watch and jewelry pairing is the prototype of ‘traditional and classic’ meets ‘iconic and stunning’.


timepiece and bracelet set

As blue and gold match together so beautifully, we decided to exhibit this with an exquisite watch and jewelry pairing…and one that is far from lacking distinctiveness. 

This watch and jewelry set features: a yellow gold Submariner with a blue dial and diamond-set bezel; a yellow gold ridged arrow bangle with diamond set tips; and two yellow gold diamond and sapphire bypass rings. 

This Submariner is unique in that the diamond bezel and overall yellow gold composition turn an otherwise very sporty watch into something that can double as dressy and formal. It allows for a marvelous pairing of the watch with fine diamond jewelry.

This set is further “distinctified” by the two flower motif bypass rings…

The bypass ring on her ring finger is yellow gold. Although it is hard to tell from this picture as it is set with pave diamonds. The flower centerpieces are made from a single round brilliant diamond surrounded by small round blue sapphires.

The bypass ring girdling her middle finger is equally as unique but maybe even more nature-esque. The band is crafted from yellow gold and shaped to appear like the stem of a flower. The two centerpieces are motifs of flowers themselves as well. With one consisting of a sapphire surrounded by diamonds and the other diamonds surrounded by more diamonds.

All in all, this watch and jewelry set is incredibly captivating and original. It’s hard to find two colors that better compliment and contrast each other than blue and gold.


yellow gold timepiece and bracelet

Is there anything more classic in the world of jewelry than yellow gold and flawless white diamonds? We think not. 

Here we have a high jewelry watch by Harry Winston. It’s called “high jewelry” because this watch is as much jewelry as it is a watch. 

The Harry Winston Premiere is crafted from 18k gold and it displays diamonds from all angles, excluding the face. As for the dial, it is as unique as the watch is sparkly. The Arabic numerals curve around the watch and the date display is set at the 6 o’clock. This is definitely not something you see on the vast majority of luxury watches. Overall, this is a watch for women that are not afraid to stand out. 

Pairing with the watch perfectly are two pieces of jewelry, a classic yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet and a distinct marquise diamond ring with baguette diamond set within the wide yellow band

For women who want to look like a million bucks in the club or at a formal gathering, this watch and jewelry set will do that plus more. 


white gold diamond jewelry set

For the free spirit women who love fine diamond jewelry and opulence, this is a watch and jewelry set you are going to love. And this one includes a pair of remarkable diamond drop earrings!

She is wearing a completely diamond set Chopard Imperiale. One of the most sought after timepieces in the ladies watch game. It highlights baguette and Asscher cut diamonds within a 26mm case and a beautiful blue canvas strap with a white gold tang buckle. 

Pairing with the Chopard watch is white gold and white diamond jewelry…

We have a large mesh pattern diamond bracelet which contains over 12 carats of round brilliant diamonds, a dynamic pear diamond double halo engagement ring with a prominent split shank, and a pair of marquise diamond flower motif dangle earrings. With all the jewelry combined, she is wearing over 30 carats. This is the epitome of extravagance, opulence, spending power and originality. 

The best part is…this pairing and all the other diamond jewelry and watch sets featured in this post are available for sale at Diamonds By Raymond Lee & Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton. To see the full sales listing and make any of these pieces yours, simply click on the links above or contact us

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Let us know what your favorite diamond watch and jewelry set was in the comments below!


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