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Fourth of July: Patriotic Rolex Watches & Gemstone Rings

Fourth of July: Patriotic Rolex Watches & Gemstone Rings

gemstone rings for fourth of july

In celebration of Independence Day, we are featuring a few examples of patriotic Rolex watches and gemstone rings. Each stunning watch and ring below beautifully represents the pride and spirit of the United States of America. They are the perfect additions for any outfit, casual or dressed up, for those who want to show up to a Fourth of July cookout or party with a luxurious, imitable style. 

Fourth of july Rolex watches


The Rolex Datejust 116300 red dial diamond watch represents the red of the US flag on July Fourth. It is a symbol of hardiness and valor. It is the most powerful color of them all.

For men, wearing red will naturally make you feel amorous towards women and strong towards your peers, especially when it’s a diamond Rolex that contains the red you are sporting. 

The dial of this watch has a wonderful red metallic sheen, and this is a deep patriotic red that we are talking about. It pops with fortitude, drawing all eyes to the center. There you will see classic Roman numerals embellished with beautiful pave diamonds, white gold hands, a date window, the Rolex crown, and its name, the “Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust”, arguably the most iconic watch ever.

Rolex 116300 Datejust 41mm Diamond Red Roman Dial Stainless Steel Watch
Datejust 41mm Diamond Red Roman Dial Stainless Steel Watch

Surrounding the dial is a bezel adorned with sizable round brilliant diamonds that sparkle and spangle like the stars on the American Flag. The radiance of the bezel is immense because each diamond is of the highest quality. 

Note: This Datejust also has its original smooth bezel, as seen in the pic above.

As for the case, it is a 41mm steel Oyster case with a screw-down crown. It is capable of diving to depths of 100 meters (or 300 feet). For reference, most Navy SEALS have dived about 200 feet. The case has a high polish finish that matches the luster and gleam of the dial and bezel. It’s a watch that flickers light with every movement. 

The bracelet is the classic Oystersteel bracelet. Durable, robust, unwavering, and stylish, It’s a bracelet that is as recognizable as Rolex itself. 

All in all, this is a watch that will make you shine bright on Independence Day. Wear this to your Fourth of July party to show a respectable air of patriotism and class. 

If you want this Fourth of July Rolex Datejust 116300 red dial diamond watch, you can buy it now at Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

independence day rolex


White, for purity and innocence. This is a watch for those with pure intentions and high ideals. It is the white dial Rolex Sky-Dweller reference 326934. 

If you want to show your pride this Fourth of July in a subtle and sophisticated way, the Sky-Dweller is the perfect watch for you. 

It is a sporty yet dressy timepiece that will unite flawlessly with any outfit. It’s a versatile as and free as the United States of America. 

It features a very appreciable 42mm stainless steel Oyster case and a white gold fluted bezel. Integrated immaculately with the case is a cool, solid Oyster bracelet as well. The center links are high polish while the outer links having a brush-finished. This finishing techniques creates a three-dimensional luster on the wrist. 

But it is the dial that really steals the show. Completely original, the base of the dial features a pure white matte-like finish. The hour batons are an off-white in the light but the luminescent fill turns blue when the sun comes down and the fireworks start to blast off. 

Rolex 326934 Sky-Dweller Stainless Steel White Dial Watch
Sky-Dweller Stainless Steel White Dial Watch

At the center of the dial, you will see a rotating disc. This is for the second time zone complication. Speaking of complications, this is one of the most complicated Rolex watches ever made. So, let’s talk about it a little.

It has three complications – Date, GMT, and Annual Calendar – as well as a ring command bezel. The date is, of course, easily discernible in the date window, and the GMT (dual time zone) is at the center. The disc rotates and the red arrow pointing down indicates the time in the second time zone. As for the annual calendar, this is maybe not recognizable for those who aren’t familiar with the Sky Dweller. The month of the year is indicated right above the hour batons. It is a red fill that moves to the next hour baton with each month. So, 7 o’clock would represent July – note, we don’t have any of the watch set to the correct date and time in these pic lol – Anyway, it’s a really cool complication that is completely unique to the Sky Dweller.

All of the functions are controlled by the ring command bezel. You simply pull the screwdown crown, rotate the bezel one click for the GMT or two clicks for the Annual Calendar, then turn the crown to get the time or date that you want. It makes for a rapid setting and it doesn’t interfere with the first, local time zone.

With all of the functions, you can see why it is called the Sky-Dweller. It is made for those who frequently travel through different time zones. 

If you want Rolex’s newest watch model, the Sky-Dweller, with a white dial to represent the white in our flag on Independence Day, you can purchase it online or in store at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. The watch is used but in perfect condition and it comes with the original box and papers. 
patriotic rolex watches


Vigilance, perseverance and justice, three important words for which the USA was built upon and a reason why we are a global superpower. Our nation strongly identifies with these descriptives and this is displayed through the blue board on our flag. 

Blue is said to be the king of all colors, as it is the most visible color in the ROYGBIV. So, if you want to evoke an unmistakable sense of pride and patriotism in your fellow Americans on Fourth of July, this Rolex Datejust 126334 with an Old Glory Blue dial is a great American choice. 

The Datejust 126334 you are looking at here is the perfect everyday watch, but it is an even better Independence Day Watch. 

The Datejust 126334 delivers tons of bang for your buck. It presents a considerable 41mm Oyster case that is 100 meters water-resistant. If you are used to classic 36mm Datejust’s, the 41mm Datejust is going to feel big. This watch provides a lot more wrist presence than we expect from a Datejust, and we love it. That’s not even considering the tremendously eye-catching blue dial, which is obviously the center of attention. 

Rolex 126334 Datejust 41 Blue Dial Stainless Steel Watch
Rolex Datejust 41 Blue Dial Stainless Steel Watch

The dial has a grainy almost sunburst look to it, as many Datejust’s do. It features beautifully polished white gold Roman numerals and hands, as is Rolex’s trademark five-point coronet insignia. It’s a very clean, spacious, no-nonsense dial with the most traditional appliqués. It feels like “freedom” in the form of Rolex. 

On the wrist, the prominent size and the blue dial give this watch a very sporty feel, yet the fluted bezel brings this Datejust back to its true dress watch roots. Nevertheless, this is a timepiece that you can wear dressed up or dress down to sublimity. 

If you want this Fourth of July Rolex watch, you can see the full sales listing on our site here. It is in excellent condition and it comes with original Rolex box and papers. Get this Rolex today, just in time for the Fourth of July. 


gemstone rings for fourth of july

It’s not all about luxurious watches. Gemstones are also a fantastically grand way to represent your pride for our nation on the Fourth of July.

Here are various rings that display the colors that constitute our flag. 

In this picture we have 3 stunning gemstone rings in the order you would expect – Red, White and Blue.

The first ring is an 18K white gold heart shape ruby ring. The ruby is a whopping 7.74 carats and is fully encompassed by pave diamonds. The pave diamonds themselves weigh to a substantial 3.79 carats. This is a ring that says I Love America on Independence Day…Oh, and rubies too, of course, the King of Gemstones. 

18K White Gold 7.74Ct Heart Ruby And 3.79Ctw Pave Diamond Cocktail Ring
heart ruby gem

In the middle, we have a platinum ring featuring a glorious 10 carat Marquise cut GIA certified diamond ring. On both sides of the centerpiece, you have 1 carat trillion cut diamonds of VS clarity. This is a ring that will distract you and everyone around. It drops jaws left and right. 

10 Carat Marquise Cut GIA Diamond Engagement Ring with Trillions
marquise cut diamond ring

Then we have old blue. A sapphire ring that all women love. The ring is set with an exquisite 5.65 carat oval cut blue sapphire, the gemstone that we have been turning the world over for since they were first discovered. This beautiful piece also features diamonds, which ultimately creates breathtaking contrast for the blue sapphire. The halo around the blue sapphire centerpiece and 18k white band are set with round brilliants of remarkable quality. 

18K White Gold 5.65Ct Oval Cut Sapphire With Diamonds Cocktail Ring
gemstone ring for fourth of july
You can make any of these Fourth of July rings yours by visiting Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton or by following the link above. 

The purity and rawness of natural beauty formed over millions of years right there on your finger for Independence Day.


red white and blue jewelry

This is a fresh red, white and blue watch and rings combo for the ladies – all the colors your need for a Fourth of July celebration.

The watch is a Rolex Datejust adorned with aftermarket diamonds on the bezel and Roman appliqués. This is the same style dial as the red dial Datejust we featured above. It is a metallic, Old Glory Red. It’s juxtaposed between a white diver strap, just as you’d imagine the flag. Red on white. A very powerful look and the perfect Rolex for a woman on the Fourth of July

On her fingers, she has the blue and white. The diamonds are like the stars and the blue is the Chief containing them all.

Platinum GIA 18.28ct Oval Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring
fourth of july sapphire rings

The oval sapphire ring is hefty. It’s one of those rings that radiates like fireworks in the night sky on the Fourth of July. It holds an 18.28ct Blue Ceylon Sapphire at its center. Surrounding the sapphire are 10 gorgeous G color VS round brilliant diamonds. This is a pure stunner…as is the diamond engagement ring to the left.

Platinum GIA Certified 1.91ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
fourth of july rings

The engagement ring she is wearing is crafted from platinum and it features a respectable 1.91 carat Asscher cut diamond. The halo is made from round brilliants totaling to 1.06 carats. 

Make any of the Independence Day Watches or Rings featured in this article yours and celebrate the Fourth of July with inimitable, patriotic style. 

Call us with any questions or if you want one of these Fourth of July Rolex watches or gemstone rings NOW. 


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