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Diamond Jewelry Inspiration in South Florida with the Lovely Alexa Collins

Diamond Jewelry Inspiration in South Florida with the Lovely Alexa Collins

Ladies, are you looking for some diamond jewelry and luxury Swiss watch inspiration? This diamond jewelry and watch photoshoot with the beautiful Alexa Collins should do the trick. Below you will find all kinds of stunning diamond necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, as well as a few diamond-embellished Swiss watches from the likes of Patek Philippe and Rolex. The theme of this photoshoot was casual wear and extravagant multishape diamond jewelry, with an extra emphasis on baguette cut and round brilliant diamonds, as those are the two diamond shapes women most crave these days. 

diamond jewelry inspiration


Note: Most of the jewelry you are about to see is on sale. It’s a buyer’s market after all! So, if something catches your eye, there is no better time than now to jump on it. 


diamond jewelry photoshoot

Alexa Collins threw on a casual outfit to start the shoot. She was wearing some white effervescent Air Force 1s, blue jeans and a Diamonds and Donuts crop top hoodie (keep in mind, this photoshoot went down in March). You’d think with an outfit like this that you can’t go so extravagant with the jewelry game, but this is the perfect example of how diamond rings, bracelets, earrings and ridiculously blinged-out watches can go with literally anything, and to perfection no less. 

By the way, we had her hop in our military, camoed-out humvee, because, well, girls and beasty vehicles is both sexy and badass. 

Let’s have a look at each individual piece she is wearing so you can see what she was working with. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in diamonds wrapped around her fingers, wrists, and neck. So, prepare to be just a little bit jealous.

diamond jewelry boca raton
Patek Philippe 5711 Nautilus 18K White Gold 65Ctw Baguette Diamond Wrist Watch
baguette patek nautilus

This Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 is undoubtedly de rigueur for bust down watches. This is what the people want these days in terms of custom Pateks. They want fully covered baguette diamond settings.

It features 65 carats of perfectly set baguette diamonds, which completely sheath the dial, bezel, case, and bracelet. And while this watch is unbelievably watery, looking like a multidimensional diamond puzzlement, it is still a Haute horology timepiece at heart. It has a high precision Patek movement behind the scene. Not to mention, it’s easy to read even with the face being straight baguettes thank to the high polished white gold hands filled with powerful lume. 

Price: $129,000, but we are open to any reasonable offer. 


diamond inspiration

It’s hard to tell from the pics, but Alexa Collins is wearing 3 exquisite diamond bracelets. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

18K White Gold 1.15Ctw Round And 2.46Ctw Baguette Diamond Bracelet
baguette diamond bracelet

More and more baguettes, because a la mode is all we know at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. Here we have a bracelet made from baguette diamond halos. Each oval consists of small high-quality baguette diamonds at the center with a halo of round brilliants encircling them. Altogether, there are 85 baguettes and 374 round brilliants. The combination of step cuts and modified brilliants provides all the diamond sparkle a woman could ask for. 

Price: $11,500

18K White Gold 3.87Ctw Oval Halo Diamond Bracelet
expensive baguette diamond bracelet

This diamond bracelet is similar to the previous bracelet, but with a different design approach. Rather than having the baguette halos set horizontally, they are set vertically. Moreover, they are basically placed on top of each other with a shared halo setting, so it looks like one continuous loop of oval halos. This also means there are more diamonds. For this bracelet, you are looking at 492 round brilliants and 145 baguette diamonds. 

Price: $15,500

18K White Gold 3.52Ctw Open Diamond Station Bracelet
diamond station bracelet

This gorgeous diamond bracelet is a very sophisticated piece. It has so much going on that you could get lost in its design. Furthermore, the use of round brilliant diamonds and baguette diamonds creates an immensely powerful contrast of different diamond radiance. It is definitely a statement maker that will leave your wrist looking extra frosty.

Price: $15,500


diamond ring inspiration

Needless to say, the baguette diamonds on round brilliant diamonds theme continues with the following rings…

18K White Gold 3.70Ctw Round And Baguette Shape Diamond Bypass Cluster Ring

baguette bypass ring

If a show-stopping kind of ring is your thing, this baguette diamond cluster bypass ring will definitely spark your interest. It features two identical “centerpieces”, which are made up of multiple baguette diamonds with round brilliant diamonds at each corner. Accenting the double headed bypass ring are miniature versions of the larger heads, which then connect into a fully diamond-set twisting band. 

Price: $10,595

18K White Gold 3.05Ctw Multi Shape Diamond Open Flower Ring
floral diamond ring

For the ladies with a special affinity towards flowers, you will appreciate this spectacular ring. It is a floral motif bypass ring. The ring features 3.05 carats of multi-shape diamonds. It has baguette diamonds, round brilliant diamonds, pear shape diamonds and even marquise cut diamonds. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to satisfy the demands of a floral diamond design. 

Price: $9,195

18K White Gold 2.33Ctw Baguette Diamond Bypass Band
baguette wrap around ring

Here’s a beautiful, simple yet elegant wrap-around bypass ring made from 65 baguette-shaped diamonds totaling to 2.33 carats. If you want a unique and graceful ring that can be worn with any outfit, this is a great choice.

Price: $7,151

18K White Gold Three Strand Multi Diamond Ring

three strand diamond ring

This ring takes the word unique to the next level. It’s a one-of-a-kind ring that features three strands (bands) in one. The top and bottom band features a pear shaped diamond pointing inwards towards a square centerpiece made of baguettes and round brilliants. This ring will cover an entire finger so it simply can’t be missed. Great for those Cleopatra-rich feels. 

Price: $6,020

18K White Gold 1.35Ctw Diamond Stations Double Ring
diamond station ring

Station rings are a fantastic choice for a lady who likes an affordable, stunning piece that takes up plenty of finger real estate. This ring will climb your finger, station to station, showcasing “blocks” of baguette diamonds with round brilliant corners. It’s a beautiful piece made for a beautiful woman. 

Price: $4,500


casual diamond jewelry

Turning the sex appeal and color up to eleven, here’s an outfit and jewelry ensemble that works incredibly well for the most confident of women. 

Platinum 5.90ctw Diamond and 1.40ctw Sapphire Earrings
sapphire diamond earrings

Sapphires and diamonds go together better than peanut butter and jelly. The vivid blue gem juxtaposed between the crystal clear diamonds makes for a striking contrast, as you can see with this pair of diamond sapphire earrings. For those concerned with numbers, make note that there are 5.9 carats of diamonds and 1.4 carats of sapphires. 

Price: $49,995


sexy diamond jewelry

Thought rings and bracelets are the only stackable jewelry? Think again. One of the hottest contemporary looks right now is stacking necklaces. You can go for a messy look or a more uniformed look like the one seen here. 

Alexa Collins layered four magnificent diamond tennis necklaces. There two yellow gold and two white gold diamond tennis necklaces to create some contrast of color. The mixed metal look is also a hot look in high-end fashion jewelry right now. Here it is done to lavish perfection. 

Starting from the top down, Alexa is rocking an 18 inch white gold .8 carat diamond tennis necklace. This is just above choker length. It’s a great place to start with layered necklaces. Next, we have a 24 inch yellow gold 20 carat diamond tennis necklace. Then, a 26 inch yellow gold 30.77 carat diamond tennis necklace. And finally, a 36 inch white gold 35 carat diamond tennis necklace.

diamond tennis necklace long

As for the diamonds they are all-around brilliants. So, with this lavish layering of diamond tennis necklaces, you are looking at over 80 carats of round brilliant diamonds. 


expensive diamond jewelry boca raton

On Alexa Collins upper extremities you have a sapphire and diamond jewelry & watch ensemble. 

Platinum GIA 18.28ct Oval Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring
platinum floral ring

The ring is a sapphire and diamond floral motif platinum ring, with a sapphire that is a whopping 18.28 carats!

Price: $59,995

On her wrists, she has a diamond and sapphire Rolex Daytona, custom made, and a diamond and sapphire cluster bracelet that is…massive, for a lack of a better word. 


women wearing jewelry

The final outfit and jewelry combo creates yet another casually sumptuous look.

Alexa Collins is wearing blue jeans and a cute low cut white top…with jewelry and a watch that have enough diamonds to buy a house. 

The Patek Philippe Nautilus, diamond station bracelet and diamond rings are the same from the first outfit, so we will skip over them. However, the necklace and earrings are new to this feature. So, let’s discuss those…

18K White Gold 0.72Ctw Round And 0.69Ctw Baguette Halo Diamond Stud Earrings
radiant diamond earrings

Alexa is wearing a set of earrings that radiate beautifully on the ears. The centerpieces are made up of baguette and round brilliant diamonds, and the halos are made from perfectly white round brilliants. They create a powerful presence that draws you towards the face, exactly as earrings are supposed to.

Price: $4,885

What we really love about these earrings, besides their natural breathtaking beauty, is that they are very versatile. You can wear these dressed to the nine and casually as seen here, both to equally impressive effect. They are the kind of earrings that should be a staple for every woman’s jewelry collection.

alexa collins
18K White Gold 3.86Ctw Invisible Set Diamond Necklace
diamond baguette necklace

Here is the final piece of this photoshoot with Alexa Collins. This is an invisibly-set diamond necklace of jaw-dropping quality. The necklace is immensely scintillating, beaming light like a thousand stars. It’s a very rich necklace that combines various diamond shapes and structural settings, which make it pop on the décolletage amazingly. If you want a necklace that has a big time “wow-factor”, this is going to be the one. You will be dropping jaws of both men and women left and right. 

Price: $20,000

alexa collins photos

Want to see more stunning jewelry? 

If this photoshoot with Alexa Collins hasn’t fixed your craving of diamond jewelry and watches, we have good news for you. Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton has hundreds of superlative diamond jewelry and luxury Swiss watches to meet the needs of every taste and budget.

Have a look through our collection of Private Label Diamond Jewelry & Luxury Swiss Watches.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

alexa collins model


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