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Hublot x Ferrari: Hublot Big Bang UNICO Special Edition Ferrari Watch

Hublot x Ferrari: Hublot Big Bang UNICO Special Edition Ferrari Watch

hublot big bang ferrari

Today we are presenting an ultra-contemporary, highly innovative Hublot creation that draws inspiration from the Ferrari “Gran Turismo” universe – This is the Hublot Big Bang UNICO Special Edition Ferrari Watch. 

Since the inception of the Hublot x Ferrari collaboration back in 2011, Hublot has designed stunning Ferrari-inspired watches with unique designs and motorizations. This fascinating timepiece is the perfect example of that. It integrates the new and powerful Hublot in-house UNICO movement in a body that beautifully represents Ferrari using distinctive and dynamic details and materials. 

Read on to learn everything there is to know about this Gran Turismo style Hublot Big Bang chronograph watch. A watch born for the road. A watch born for Ferrari drivers. 

hublot and ferrari watch


In 2011, Hublot took on a special role for Ferrari. They became the Official Timekeeper of Ferrari, the Official Watch of Scuderia Ferrari, the Ferrari Challenge, and a top sponsor of special events. The collaboration between Ferrari and Hublot extends beyond a basic sponsor partnership. The two companies share values like the pursuit of innovation, performance, and creativity, and this is expressed beautifully through Hublot’s Ferrari watches. These exceptionally athletic and sophisticated editions fuse Ferrari’s DNA flawlessly, echoing that of the baddest racing cars on the planet. The watches use innovative elements like carbon and titanium, magic gold, and unbreakable ceramic and sapphire. The ultra-lightweight materials, elegant yet strong designs, and powerful movements are just like that of a Ferrari F1 race car. This association of motor racing and watchmaking expertise can only further your appreciation for the mastery of time. 

hublot ferrari big bang watch


After years of focusing the partnership on Formula 1 and racing, Hublot and Ferrari decided to expand to the category of luxury race cars. This is when the latest chapter of the Hublot x Ferrari partnership introduced us to “Gran Turismo” Big Bang timepieces. Just like Ferrari Gran Turismos, these Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watches are made for lovers of gorgeous mechanics, contemporary designs, and elegant aesthetics. Think of these watches as “Driving for long hours at high speeds with comfort and style”. 

Hublot’s Gran Turismo inspired watches have a philosophy that merges tradition with sophistication, innovation and technical perfection. It is a union with the Gran Turismo code firmly at heart. 

The Hublot Big Bang UNICO Special Edition Ferrari watch you are looking at today is birthed from that Gran Turismo spirit. It is a very special and innovative watch that beautifully represents Ferrari through design details, colors, materials, and, of course, the prancing horse logo.

special edition ferrari watch by hublot


Hublot special edition Ferrari watches are know for their use of avant garde materials. Hublot is at the forefront of watch innovation. Hublot’s Ferrari watches take inspiration from materials used in F1 racing, such as revolutionary lightweight composites like ceramic, carbon fiber and sapphire. They also redefine what we know about precious materials in the world of watching with metals like scratch-proof gold.

This is what Hublot calls the “Art of Fusion”. 

They achieve these highly innovative creations by working closely with research and development and producing and testing materials at their very own metallurgy and materials laboratory. They even have their own foundry. 

All in all, the materials in this Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watch and other Hublot Ferrari watches are incredibly impressive. This is the latest in high-end watch technology, and everything you see on their watches are developed by and completely unique to Hublot. 

Now, let’s review this Hublot Ferrari watch and discuss all of the special materials that make it up. 

hublot x ferrari collaboration


Let’s first mention the size of this case, as it is a big one. It measures 45mm across the round of the case. However, as you probably know with Hublot Big Bang watches, they wear far larger than the measurement suggests. Lug to lug, the watch measures 54mm. Moreover, it is thick, but not double cheeseburger thick. It won’t feel much in the way when throwing on clothes. 

Now, the case itself is made from 18K rose gold. But this isn’t just any gold, it is Hublot’s Magic Gold…

scratch resistant magic gold


Have you ever heard of scratch-proof gold before? Probably not, as it never existed until Hublot invented it. Hublot’s patented magic gold is the first and only 18K gold alloy on Earth that can withstand scratches. Even the most active of lifestyles won’t affect this gold. It will forever maintain its beautiful polish, luster and shine. This is truly one of the most revolutionary precious materials. Huge thanks to Hublot for spending what we expect was countless hours creating it. 

Besides being scratch-resistant, the 18K rose gold is stunning. It has a very warm yet light hue. It shows richness without overpowering the look of the watch. It’s subtle and sophisticated.

As for the finishing, it is the best in the business. Hublot gives the case a complete satin finish, which is what you’d expect from a sports watch made for active people. 

ferrari watch review


Needless to say, the Big Bang has an automatic chronograph. With that, it features large pushers for easy use. On the bottom pusher, you can see Ferrari written out in red. The crown is crafted for Hublot’s Magic Rose Gold, but it also has black ceramic designed in for added grip and contrast. 

Note: Hublot also used black ceramic to integrate the strap to the case, which you can see at the lugs.

Upon closer inspection, you will notice the ceramic has depth and is not just a flat piece. Hublot clearly takes their time when it comes to details, both big and small. 

hublot big bang ferrari review


The bezel of this Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watch is the classic Big Bang bezel. It’s a two piece construction, with the gasket being sandwiched between the bezel and case. The bezel itself is round, the iconic Hublot look that you know and love. It also features 6 h-screws, of course. Sporty and secure. 

What’s special about this bezel is the material. You may have never seen this before, but it is a mix of carbon fiber and their 18k Rose Gold.

Now, if you are familiar with Formula 1 racing, then you know the Ferrari race cars tactically use carbon fiber in their construction. Carbon posses unparalleled mechanical qualities, such as its ultra lightweight and torsion-resistance (torsion relates to the state of being twisted). 

On the whole, carbon fiber offers the optimal relationship between weight and resistance. It’s lightweight, yet it is extremely durable. And while it is an obvious winner for F1 race cars, it also makes perfect sense for luxury sports watches. 

In terms of aesthetics, the amalgamation of carbon fiber and rose gold makes for an awesome look. It looks something like gold marble. It works flawlessly with the watch as a whole, separating the case from the dial while also prominently standing out on its for noteworthy recognition. 

 special edition big bang UNICO


The dial of this Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari Special Edition is one of a kind. It is a Ferrari blue color and it resembles that of a Ferrari GT grille. It really makes for a unique look, separating it from the rest of the Big Bang catalog and other Ferrari special edition Hublot watches.

Behind the blue grille you can see the movement, which makes this watch somewhat of a skeletonize dial. As with all skeletonize dials by Hublot, they use layers of sapphire crystal in its composition. The first layer covers the dial. The second layer is where the appliqués and hands rest. The appliqués – hour batons and Arabic numbers, and the hands are 18k rose gold. They have the same beautiful finishing as the case. The seconds hand is brushed blue with a red tip, to correspond with colors of the watch as a whole. The same goes for the subdial. 

The bottom-most layer showcases the chronograph subdial and the iconic Ferrari logo, the prancing horse. As with the other appliqués, they are pure rose gold. 

All of the appliqués have abundant lume, so this watch glows for easy legibility in the dark. 

special edition watches at Diamonds By Raymond Lee


This Ferrari Hublot watch has two complications, both of which fuse together. First, you have the chronograph, and second, the date display. 

The UNICO chronograph features a flyback function, so it can instantly jump back to zero, which makes counting individual laps in a single race easy. 

Uniquely, the chronograph mechanism’s column-wheel situates on the dial side of the movement, which is a rare move in the world of haute horology. Another noteworthy aspect of the chronograph is that the minutes register denotes 60 minutes rather than 30 minutes. 30 minutes is more traditional. 

It’s also really cool how Hublot used the 15 minute mark of the subdial as the date display. It makes for a smaller than average date display, however, the yellow touch adds the right amount of pop, allowing for a rapid digest of the date without it getting in the way. 

hublot red white and blue strap


The strap of this Hublot Ferrari watch coordinates beautifully with the dial, with its red, white and blue colors and black rubber edgings. 

This leather strap is not made from your average leather. It is a Schedoni leather strap. Schedoni makes the world’s most premium leather goods. They are associated with the most famous luxury supercar brands. Needless to say, Ferrari is one of them. 

Schedoni has been around for a long time. Their history, skills and experience working with leather dates back to the 1880s. 

So, using Schedoni’s premium leather, Hublot handcrafted the red, white, and blue leather strap. 

Note: The Schedoni leather integrates with Hublot’s black rubber for extra flexibility, durability and comfort. This is a strap that will outlive other luxury leather straps. It was built with both beauty and longevity in mind.


The clasp is a combination of black ceramic and rose gold. It is a deployment buckle clasp that will give you absolute security. So, you will never have to worry about this clasp popping open.

hublot UNICO movement


The soul of this watch is a Hublot house UNICO movement. Its heart is completely open, so it reveals the incredible design from the caseback.

It has 330 components, yet it has been simplified as much as possible to allow for absolute reliability and robustness.

Here are a two things you should know about Hublot’s highly innovative UNICO chronograph movement.

  1. Modular Escapement: The UNICO movement highlights an interchangeable escapement module. This allows Hublot to remove, adjust or replace it without the need for complete disassembly of the movement. Rapid service is always top of mind at Hublot. What’s more, the sillicium escape wheel and pallet form do not require any lubrication. Another highly impressive touch for those who understand watch engineering.
  2. Bi-Directional Winding: The UNICO movement offers the high winding system efficiency thanks to a central rotor being able to wind the mainspring when turned both clockwise or counter-clockwise. When fully wound, the movement provides a whopping 72 hours of power reserve

In regards to precision. This watch is far ahead of its time. Hublot is uncompromising when it comes to accuracy and precision of their UNICO movement.

To top it all off, it is a wonderful sight to behold. Just look at the view from its caseback…

UNICO movement


You can get this special edition Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watch at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. We have it on sale right now for $34,995. The watch is in perfect condition and it comes with its original box, papers and watch winder.

See the full sales listing here

If you have any questions about this special edition Hublot Ferrari Big Bang watch or other watches available at Diamonds By Raymond Lee, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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