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Review: New Day-Date 40 Rolex President in Everose Gold with Chocolate Dial

Review: New Day-Date 40 Rolex President in Everose Gold with Chocolate Dial

rolex day-date 40 review
Introducing the highly desirable Everose Gold Chocolate Dial Rolex Day-Date 40 “President Watch”, which is for sale right now at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

We are here to review one of the newest additions to our Rolex President Collection at Diamonds By Raymond Lee, the Rose Gold Chocolate Dial Day-Date 40. In this review, we are going to talk about the Day-Date 40 collection, why Rose Gold is so popular right now, and then we are going to cover all the specs and details of this Rose Gold Chocolate Roman Dial Day-Date 40, including the price on the second-hand market. 

Without further ado, let’s begin…

day-date 40 rose gold review


While the Rolex Day-Date, aka the Rolex President, has been around since 1956, the Day-Date 40 is a much younger creation, having been released at Baselworld in 2015.  

Needless to say, the Day-Date 40 has all of the same DNA as the original Day-Date. It is just a more refined, sizable and robust version. 

Like all Rolex Presidents, the Day-Date 40 only comes in precious metals. You have platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, like the watch you see here. 

The Day-Date 40 is the ultimate prestige watch. In fact, it is more than a watch, it is a status symbol. Owning a Day-Date 40 is an immediate expression of success, sophistication, and style.

Currently, Rolex produces the Day-Date President Watch in two sizes, the classic 36mm and the 40mm Day-Date 40. The Day-Date 40 was the successor to the Day Day II (41mm) back in 2015. 

Keeping with the times, Rolex knew the 40mm Day-Date was a must. People want larger watches these days, and that applies to dress watches. This is just a modernized version of the classic 36mm Rolex President. Nothing has changed but the proportions, along with some new innovations…

And while the Day-Date II (41mm) was very popular, maybe Rolex felt it was just a little too big. For those who are used to the 36mm Day-Date, the 40mm case size is a much easier jump than the 41mm. 1 millimeter may not seem like a lot, but in the Rolex realm, it is quite significant. 

All in all, if you are looking for an absolutely stunning, undeniably modern, and incredibly functional dress watch that is instantly recognizable no matter where you are on the planet, the Day-Date 40 is the best of the best. There is no other watch as classic and cultured as the Day-Date President. It is truly the President of dress watches. 


There is no question that yellow gold is the most classic Rolex President. When you think of a traditional Rolex President, the yellow gold is the one that comes to mind. However, these days, the yellow gold is not the most popular, it is the Rose Gold that has the most attention. 

Yes, the yellow gold is still a classic, and it is still very desirable, especially for those who love yellow gold (and there’s a lot of yellow gold lovers out there). But, in the last decade, the Rose Gold President is flying off the shelf at a much faster pace.

In fact, it is not just the Day-Date that people want in rose gold. The rose gold rush applies to all brands of dress and sports watches as well as jewelry. 

Now, we could bring white gold and platinum into the mix when discussing the popularity of precious metal for the Day-Date, but the biggest debate is always “should I get the yellow gold or the rose gold President”. They are just more standout timepieces. People who like white metal, well, they like white metal so the decision is not that difficult. Platinum is great if you can afford it and if you like the smooth bezel, as the Rolex Day-Date 40 in Platinum only comes with a smooth bezel, not the fluted bezel of the golds. 

Yellow Gold vs Rose Gold Day-Date 40

Let’s go over some of the features of a Rolex yellow gold President vs a rose gold President. And take note, this isn’t just any rose gold, it is Rolex’s patented Everose gold, which we will get into shortly. 

Yellow gold is classic. It is the king of all golds. It has a gorgeous luster that white and rose gold simply can’t compete with. However, it is decidedly more in your face. Some may even say it is tacky and outdated. We disagree, but we can understand the sentiment a bit.

Rose gold on the other hand is subtle and stealthy, yet it is still very luxurious. Rolex’s Everose gold has a very special sheen, shine and warmth. It is rich, yet understated. What’s more, rose gold goes with pretty much any skin tone. And while rose gold is the most current style, it provides an almost vintage look that people these days absolutely adore. 

All in all, Rose Gold is markedly the most popular choice for the Day-Date 40 right now. Not to mention, sports watches and dress watches across the board. This is why every brand in watchmaking has released a rose gold version of their most popular models. 

That said, it is still a matter of personal preference and you will see love for all styles of the Day-Date 40. 


new rose gold rolex president review

Everose Gold

Everose gold is Rolex’s exclusive, patented pink gold alloy. They make it at their own foundry, so they control the standards entirely. Rolex’s Everose gold is very special. Due to the alloy metals used, the watch will never fade, as many other rose gold alloys do. Moreover, it has a special pinkish, bright glow to it that is unique to Rolex’s Everose gold. It’s incredibly beautiful, and this watch is made entirely from solid 18k Everose gold. 

40mm Case

The Oyster Perpetual Case is 40mm across the round of the case and 47.4mm from lug to lug.

Because of the pivoted end link of the new-style ceramic pin President bracelet, the case doesn’t project beyond the lugs as it did with the Day-Date II. This means the lug to lug measurement is true and it makes for a more elegant integration of the bracelet and case.

The timepiece is also relatively slim. It is 12mm thick, and thanks to the conical fluted bezel, it will slide under any dress cuff with ease. 

As for the case band, it is smooth, curvaceous, and graceful, unlike the square and sheer super case. Moreover, it is high polish so the sheen is absolutely breathtaking. 

The case band is caped with nothing but a gold twin lock crown. The two dots below the Rolex crown indicate this is a twin lock screw-down crown. Thus, it ensures 100 meters of water resistance. 

Fluted Bezel

Like the rest of this watch, the bezel is completely original and untouched, it has never been refinished. The fluted bezel is an unadulterated stunner, a genuine Rolex signature touch. And while the fluted bezel use to have a function (screwing the bezel onto the case to ensure its waterproofness), it is now simply a handsome aesthetic element.

The facets of the fluted design shimmer in the light like cut gems. It’s truly marvelous how dazzlingly the rose gold fluted bezel is on the Day-Date 40. 

Chocolate Roman Numeral Dial

The chocolate dial on this Rolex Day-Date 40 is wonderfully warm and impeccably complementary of the Everose gold.

While we call it “chocolate”, it is a brown, bronze sunburst dial. So, although it looks like a solid brown color in the pics, it has a gleam to it and reacts to the light like the rest of this watch. As with all sunburst finishes, the dial is explosive. 

Overall, the dial is completely no-nonsense. It’s a sophisticated, classic design that is Day-Date original through and through. It has a railroad track for the seconds and minutes that is gilt style rose gold, just like the print on the dial. The Rolex coronet and Roman numerals are high polished rose gold, giving a perfectly consonant look with the case. 

The hands are also rose gold with a high polish, so they pop beautifully on the bronze background. They are faceted down the center as well, to provide even more contrast. 

everose gold rolex president with brown dial

Day & Date Complications

Nothing has changed with the functionality of the Day-Date. It has kept it’s complications true since 1956 when it was first introduced to the world.

It has the date at the 3 o’clock and the day written out in full at the 12 o’clock. 

For those who don’t know, the Day-Date was the first watch ever to display the day written out in full. 

One thing to note about the date window on the Day-Date 40 is that the cyclops eye fits much better with the larger face of the 40mm. It can sort of dominate the sapphire glass and case on the 36mm, but on the 40 (and 41mm), it feels much more practical. 

Double Quick Set

As a double quick set Day-Date, the watch has the ability to cycle the date and the day individually. Because of this, you can rapidly cycle and correct the watch. 

Additionally, it has stop seconds. If you pull the crown out all the way, the seconds stop so you can set the watch to the exact reference time. Precision is key in the world of Rolex. 

President Bracelet

The spacing between the lugs of the case is 21mm, so the bracelet to case fusion provides a broad planted stance that you don’t get with the 36mm Day-Date. It is very contemporary in design. 

Now, we’ve already mentioned the new ceramic pin of the iconic President bracelet, which makes it look like the bracelet flows right into the case. This was a new innovation by Rolex only seen here on the Day-Date 40. However, it is not the only innovation.

In the past, the Day-Date platinum models had ceramic coated pins, which are in place to link the three-piece bracelet internally. It gave the bracelet added durability and longevity, as the pins are what make the bracelet stretch and with ceramic coated pins, this simply won’t happen. After all, gold can’t conflict with ceramic. It’s just too hard, so it maintains its tolerances over time. 

Now, with the Day-Date 40s, all of the references feature the same ceramic coated pins. 

On the whole, the solid links of the new President bracelet are so formidable that the bracelet feels as strong as the sporty large link Oyster bracelet. 

The new rose gold Rolex President bracelet is really amazing. It has the comfortable, lush, flexible feeling of the short individual link Jubilee bracelet and the secure, solidity of the Oyster bracelet. However, you are left with the iconic design of the President. It’s literally a win-win-win. 

What’s more, the finishing is immaculate. You have polished center links with satin outer links, proving a very warm and subtly rich glow.

Concealed Crown Clasp

The clasp can only be seen on the inside as it is a concealed clasp. When opening up the beak and hook system, you will see the clasp is high polish. Rolex doesn’t miss a beat. 

More on the beak and hook system. It has a lift lock trigger, rather than the older style President bracelet that just wrenched open. This makes for extremely smooth operation and far more security and longevity. 

Note: This same trigger system was employed on the Day-Date II and all new Day Day 36mm watches.

When the clasp is closed, the only visible sign of the partition point is the five-point coronet Rolex Crown. 

brown dial rolex president

Calibre 3255 Movement

The COSC chronometer calibre 3255 movement is new to the Day-Date 40. The movement is extremely accurate and precise. It’s a purebred powerhouse. It features Rolex’s new Paraflex shock absorbers for advanced shock resistance. It also has a blue Parachrom hairspring for improved resistance to temperature fluctuations and magnetic fields. What’s more, it has a 70 hour power reserve, which is 22 hours more than the Day-Date II.

Rose Gold Day-Date 40 Rolex President On the wrist 

This is a watch for a boss, men and women alike. It sits on the wrist with the prestige that only a Rolex President can. Being that it is a Day-Date 40, it is more compact and elegant in proportions than the Day-Date II, but it is also much more sizable and proud than the classic 36mm. It’s the perfect fit for a modern man or woman.

If you are looking for the most contemporary style Rolex Day-Date, this is the one – Rose gold, Chocolate dial, 40mm in size, completely refined and innovated. This is a watch that will last forever, worthy of being passed down generations upon generations. 


At an authorized Rolex dealer, pending there is no waiting list, you can get this watch for around $44,000. However, on the second hand market, you can find it for thousands of dollars less.

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we have this Rose Gold Rolex President Day-Date 40 Chocolate dial in unworn, pre-owned condition at a fantastic price. It comes with its original box and papers. If you are interested in purchasing this watch or you simply have questions about it, you can contact us here


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