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Janeece Sinclair’s Yellow Gold Bday Photoshoot

Janeece Sinclair’s Yellow Gold Bday Photoshoot

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Gold, the only true currency. A natural material that societies and economies have placed perpetual value on. A chemical element that we, as humans, are physically and emotionally drawn to, especially in its inherent yellow gold form…Yellow gold is the purest gold of them all. It is one of the few things in this world that has perennial, economical staying power and unadulterated, eye-catching beauty and luster. The only thing we can think of with more natural beauty is…a woman. A woman like the stunning and incredibly inspirational Janeece Sinclair. 

janeece sinclair photoshoot

Being that it was Janeece Sinclair’s birthday the other week and she came in for a visit at Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we decided to do a photoshoot with her. And what better way to complement her beauty than with yellow gold diamond jewelry. She threw on a couple outfits and we threw yellow gold diamond jewelry on her. The result? A 100% natural manifestation of splendor with no other purpose than to drop jaws and have fun. 

Just like yellow gold and diamonds, Janeece Sinclair, the Squat Queen, is a blessing from Earth. On multiple levels, as you are about to find out…

Janeece Sinclair Yellow Gold Jewelry Shoot – The Squat Queen’s Bday

Janeece Sinclair is a friend of ours at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. She works many of our events, such as the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show. As her birthday just passed, we wanted to show her a little love with this one…

The Squat Queen

Janeece is known as the Squat Queen. One look at her IG and you’ll know exactly why she earned that name. She’s super fit and it goes without saying, she definitely doesn’t skip leg day. Her legs and glutes are strong, curvy and powerful. As is the rest of her body, mind, and spirit. 

As a successful American fitness athlete and model with stunning looks and close to 200,000 followers on Instagram, you probably think “she has it all”. However, with any great person and story comes adversity. And Janeece’s adversity is a lifelong battle…

janeece sinclair bday shoot
Adversity is the fuel of greatness

Janeece Sinclair has Crohn’s disease. To put it plain and simple. By looking at her, and even being acquainted with her, you’d never know. Why? Because she is physically and mentally strong…

Nevertheless, not only does everyone around her know she has Crohn’s, but so do hundreds of thousands of strangers on the internet. Again, why? Well, the fact of the matter is, she isn’t afraid to tell people. Not only is she completely open about it, but she provides a support system for the Crohn’s community. She shares the negatives and positives, the bloats and remedies, the healthy diets and occasionally the lack thereof, day in and day out. She’s just not afraid to be herself and say it like it is. She’s not afraid to admit that she felt melancholy when she first found out she had Crohn’s back in 2017. She shows how to battle through it both physically and mentally, becoming a better, stronger human for it. And for that, people adore her and much of the Crohn’s community can look to her for inspiration. Better yet, anyone with a chronic disease can relate and find motivation from the truth and realness Janeece spreads. 

Raw. Real. Beautiful

Now, being that Crohn’s is a serious chronic inflammatory bowel issue that can’t be cured, many people who have it become depressed and withdrawn, and feel helpless during flare-ups. It’s understandable as inflammation of the digestive tract is a painful matter. It can even be life-threatening. 

Although Instagram can seem like a facade, Janeece proves the opposite. The beauty is real, and every so often, so are the problems. 

Janeece has been in the same shoes as everyone else with a chronic disease. It can be hard to deal with, to say the least…

She now fights to combat her flare-ups with smart dieting, exercise, and positive vibes. She doesn’t become isolated, she expresses herself and the symptoms as they come. 

Janeece changes the way other people who have Crohn’s view their flare ups and their entire situation in life. It makes a huge difference to people’s mindsets. 

We say all this on her bday post because this is a big part of her life. But more than that, it’s because her pain is another’s motivation and inspiration, and you gotta love her for that. There are many ways to help the world and Janeece does that with realness, support and all around awesomeness. If you know her or follow her on Instagram, you know exactly what we mean. 

She’s been dealt many great hands in life, with some poor hands along the way, but it’s not the hands that make you a winner, it’s how you play the game…

Yellow Gold Jewelry Bday Sextet

Now that we expressed a little about Janeece Sinclair, let’s bring some more inspiration into our lives. This time in the form of yellow gold diamond jewelry and all around luxury lifestyle. 

Janeece is wearing a “sextet” (6 pieces) of yellow gold jewelry with white diamonds and yellow diamonds. No skin meant for jewelry was left behind. She has on earrings, a necklace, bracelets, a watch, and rings, all of which are opulent, rich and absolutely breathtaking, especially when being worn by the Squat Queen. 

Starting from the top down…

cuban link bracelets with diamonds

Yellow Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings 

Janeece is wearing a pair of extra large yellow gold hoop earrings with fancy yellow diamonds. The hoop earrings are an inside out design so the yellow diamonds are on both sides of the hoop. This doubles the scintillation and yellowy fire. As for the yellow diamonds, they are radiant cut and cumulatively make 23.12 carats.

Hoop earrings are a style that will always look good and will never go out of fashion. They’ve been around since the 60s and 70s and are now a guaranteed timeless, classic design. 

These days, the bigger and more unique, the better. These hoop earrings take a classic shape and structure and amplify it in size and style thanks to the radiant cut vivid fancy yellow diamonds both inside and out. It doesn’t get more high style and luxurious than this. They stand out beautifully, drawing attention to the face and keeping it there. Moreover, they pair amazingly well with a chic casual outfit and other luxury items. Wear these and you are guaranteed to look like a million bucks. In Janeece’s case, switch that “m” for a “b”.

diamond yellow gold cuban link necklace

Yellow Gold Cuban Link Chain Necklace Bustdown

What kind of necklace goes best with hoop earrings?

That’s right! A Cuban Link chain. And being that the hoops earrings are flooded with diamonds, we decided a bust down diamond Cuban link chain necklace was only right. 

The Cuban link is 10K yellow gold and it has 14.80 carats of round brilliant diamonds in a pave setting. The diamonds are tiny, so as you can imagine, with almost 15 carats, the entire front part of the chain is covered, including the clasp.

Like hoop earrings, Cuban link necklaces are one of the most popular styles of today. In fact, they have been since the late 70s. They were in an instant classic then, and they are a certified perennially popular style now…

Of course, Cuban link necklaces are more for an urban look, but in today’s world, that is the “de rigueur” for modern men and women. And if you thought Cuban links were only for men, Janeece clearly proves that thought false. 

All in all, it was the perfect piece for a luxuriously casual day. This is a chain that you can wear any day and every day. It’s loud, but not too loud. The pics speak for themselves. 

janeece sinclair yellow gold jewelry

Yellow Gold Cuban Link Bracelet bustdown x 2 

Janeece Sinclair is a South Florida girl, through and through. She went to Deerfield Beach High and then studied at Broward College. Why do we mention this now? Well, like Janeece, Cuban links are innately South Florida. Miami to be specific. Hence their other name, Miami-Cuban links.

It’s Miami jewelry, through and through. Now, a worldwide icon of fashion. 

So, not only are Cuban links fitting for sexy leisure wear as seen here, it is perfect for Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Janeece Sinclair. Two South Florida thoroughbreds.

This is why Janeece strapped up not one but two Miami Cuban link bracelets as well. And these aren’t just any Cuban link bracelets, they are bust down pave diamond Cuban link bracelets. Nothing is more Miami than bustin down your chain necklace.

Both Miami Cuban link bracelets are 14K yellow gold. One has 6.17 carats and the other 3.25 carats. In a pave setting, of course. So, they have continuous sparkle all around. 

It’s important to note, there’s a lot of bust down pave diamond Cuban links on the market. But no two diamond-set Cuban link chains are the same. First of all, these are handcrafted. Made strictly by hand, start to finish. Second of all, the setting is flawless. The Cuban link necklace and bracelets are done with the finest workmanship. 

urban yellow gold diamond jewelry

Yellow Gold Sky-Dweller

Janeece is rocking one of the hottest Rolex watches in the game. It is an 18k yellow gold Sky-Dweller. It is the reference 326938 Sky-Dweller, which was one of three Sky-Dweller models that hit the market back in 2012. For those who don’t know, the Sky-Dweller is Rolex’s newest creation. This particular model is still in production. However, not the champagne dial with Arabic numeral version you see here. These ended production back in 2017. Thus, this model is particularly coveted by watch collectors.

It features a solid yellow gold Oyster bracelet and Oyster case, which is polished beautifully with a combination of satin and gloss finishing. The luster on this piece is exquisite. 

As with all Sky-Dwellers, it has a large case at 42mm. Somewhat oversized for women, but that’s exactly what they want these days. The majority at least.

It has a fluted bezel, allowing this watch to play two roles, sporty and dressy. You could wear this watch to a brunch or formal gathering to equal perfection. There may be no watch as versatile in this sense.

What’s more, it Rolex’s most complicated watch, with 3 complications and a Ring Command Bezel (James Bond type stuff). 

If you want to learn more about this watch, read our full review of the Sky-Dweller in Yellow Gold.

Yellow Gold Yellow Diamond Diamond Eternity Ring

Another age-old design that is more popular than ever is the diamond eternity ring seen on Janeece’s left hand. In fact, eternity rings surpass all the rest of the jewelry in this photoshoot in both history and universal appeal. You won’t find a woman who wouldn’t want a diamond eternity ring. Not only are they gorgeous, stunning, and full of diamonds, they also have symbolism. “Eternity”, and you can take that for whatever you want it to be – Love, Friendship, Family, Life…you get the point. 

This eternity ring is particularly unique. First, it’s large. Second, it has fancy yellow diamonds. If a regular eternity ring can’t be missed, then this one cannot not be starred at. Yellow diamonds on yellow gold makes for a look that is truly enchanting. 

Marquise Yellow Diamond Cocktail Ring 

Continue with our yellow on yellow, Janeece is wearing another ring on her right hand that features a huge marquise cut yellow diamond. It is a “cocktail” ring, or in other words, it’s a high fashion ring, and one of exquisite quality. 

The ring is crafted from 18K yellow gold and surrounding the marquise diamond on both sides are white round brilliant diamonds. This gives the ring beautiful contrast and it makes the centerpiece pop in such an incredible way.

It really doesn’t get more unique, distinct, stylish and sexy than this. 

yellow gold jewelry and chanel handbag

Chanel Handbag – Caviar Quilted Medium Boy Flap Red

Finally, Janeece is sporting a designer luxury handbag that most women probably recognize instantly. It is a Boy Chanel Handbag, Caviar Quilt in Red.

Just an FYI, we also sell designer handbags, from the likes of LV, Gucci, Chanel Valentino and more, at Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

Closing note:

As this was just a high-end gold and diamond fashion jewelry photoshoot with the lovely Janeece Sinclair, all of the jewelry and the watch and handbag seen here can be purchased from Diamonds By Raymond Lee. If you are interested, please contact us for pricing or to make a purchase. We can facilitate purchases securely, safely and efficiently online. 


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