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Rolex Pepsi, Rolex Batman & Rolex GMT Master II watch comparison

Rolex Pepsi, Rolex Batman & Rolex GMT Master II watch comparison

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The Rolex GMT Master watch was created in 1955 for pilots of Pan Am. As the world became smaller and jet setters found themselves moving between time zones more frequently the demand for a dual time zone watch increased. Rolex as not only one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury watches and exquisite pieces but also a cutting edge innovator rose to the call. First with the Rolex Pepsi dubbed this nickname for the red and blue dial. This Rolex GMT Master II the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi was a scale for the 24 hour rotating bezel. Then of course as they continued to innovate Rolex released ceramic bezels. Since they could not achieve the optimal red color and iconic match they instead found a solution in creating the watch that was then nicknamed the Rolex Batman for its black and blue dial. That was not the end.

three watches held together left to right: Rolex Pepsi , Rolex GMT Master Root Beer, and Rolex GMT Master II Coke (not pictured but compared in article Rolex GMT Master 2 Batman)

Always innovating and at the edge of the creation process the Rolex foundry eventually found a solution to creating the iconic red and blue rotating dial on a ceramic bezel. The Rolex Pepsi was back and in full force. However they decided to release it on a white gold standard that was a bit too rich for most palates. Coming in at a much higher price range for the white gold version than the original sportive Oyster steel stainless steel Rolex then switched it up again. Now offering the classic blue and red Rolex GMT Master Pepsi II in stainless steel. How did they differentiate these two different ceramic bezel versions? The bracelet. The stainless steel Rolex Pepsi now featured a jubilee 5 link bracelet as of 2018. An elegant and gorgeous timepiece filled with history and a strong aviation style it is a collectors watch no doubt about it. 

Rolex GMT Master watches

That is a quick overview of the journey that the Rolex GMT took to go from the iconic 1955 Rolex Pepsi to today’s version. Innovation and cutting edge materials like the ceramic bezel all the blaze these watches are an extremely recognizable set. The model both from its strong roots in aviation and the look of a pilot’s watch. As well as the unique color of its bezel. While the bracelet made quite the distinction between the two types of metal, namely the stainless steel and white gold versions, the jubilee bracelet is a more refined commemoratory style. At the end of the day though the real celebration in a Rolex GMT Master watch is the dual time zone. Conquering the skies as we mentioned the Rolex GMT Master watch was created in conjunction with the iconic Pan American airline. 

gmt master 2 pepsi

Specifically created for the modern airline pilot’s needs the GMT Master watch was inspired by the Greenwich Mean Time, that we commonly know today as Coordinated Universal Time or UTC. This partnership between Rolex and the airline industry was far from the last. Over the years many a unique flying time piece came from collaboration between the two. However this particular combination with Pan Am resulted in one of the world’s most well known colorful design luxury watches. With a number of updates as you can imagine we have a number of different versions of the model for you. Our collection always features some of the very best watches and of course a lot of options for you to choose from. Whether it is the different models or an exquisite range of colors we have what you are looking for. 

All of the watches featured here are for sale now! 

Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II watches

Launched in 1989 the 16710 came with many options in metal variations and the bezel colors. Along with the classic stainless steel there was also the two tone yellow gold and steel variation. For the bezel other than the iconic red and blue Rolex Pepsi bezel there was a brown bezel known as the ‘Root Beer’ bezel for the 16713. Both are pictured here so you can see the distinct two tone and brown coloration clearly. There is nothing quite as unique as an already limited and historic watch with a touch of even further individuality is there? Below we have two of the classic red and blue bezel Rolex Pepsi watches that were relaunched not just in a monobloc ceramic bezel but also on a jubilee bracelet. These two 40 millimeter cases are packed with a punch for the luxury watch world once again.  

close up of rolex gmt master 2 batman root beer version

From the innovation of the 1950’s when they first released the Rolex Pepsi in collaboration with the aviation airline Pan Am the Rolex GMT Master was coming again with the GMT Master 2 and a vibrant ceramic color no one could hold back. Featuring the iconic date window too there is not much left for the GMT Master II Rolex Pepsi to give to make it a collectors item. Except of course if you want to upgrade your original or keep your collection intact with a model from each one of the versions. Below we have both a 126710 and a 16700 that are currently for sale at our store.

126710 Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II Stainless Steel Watch

A brand new watch in the 126710 model this Rolex Pepsi is in perfect condition. If you are interested in buying this model just reach out to one of our experts at (561) 750 – 6744. They can hook you up with all of the specs as well as the current pricing. With the original Rolex box and papers this watch is a stunning piece of modern luxury watch history. 

16700 Rolex Pepsi GMT Master Stainless Steel Watch

Then of course we have the 16700 Rolex Pepsi. Before releasing the new trio of the 1671x family Rolex brought us the 16700. One of the world’s very best GMT watches as well as the iconic color combination of the Rolex Pepsi brought back to life. And of course as you would expect just in time for Baselworld too. Currently retailing for $10,500.00 at our store in Boca Raton you can get the very best stainless steel, jubilee bracelet Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II wam bam watch at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Probably not for that much longer though so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Rolex Coke GMT Master II watch

rolex gmt master 2 root beer held up

In between all of the madness of the Rolex Pepsi watches above and all of the color combinations and changes due to ceramic bezels there was yet another sneaky two color monobloc bezel. Remember when we said that because of the new modern ceramic bezels Rolex could not get the iconic red of the red and blue Rolex Pepsi watches? Well their solution in the end was the Rolex Batman but before that you also got the Coke. Less popular and less well known than either the Rolex Pepsi or the Rolex Batman the Rolex GMT Master II that comes in a black and red combination came to be known as the Coke watch. Now preferences will always lie with the individual but we also have that unique piece in our collection if your preference is the Coke anyways. 

16710 Rolex GMT Master II “Coke” Stainless Steel Watch

A 16710 Rolex GMT Master II the Coke watch also comes in stainless steel. On the sportive three link brushed bracelet and with the same dial features as the other 16710 this black and red Coke watch is currently retailing for $10,500.00. Essentially the same price as the blue and red 16700 Rolex Pepsi it really is about preference. However with this particular piece you also get the 16710 and of course if you really do want something that is not as flashy as a blue and red combination the black and red makes for a sleeker look. 

rolex gmt master 2 pepsi and rolex gmt master ii held together
Side by side the Rolex Pepsi and Rolex Coke GMT Master II watches

Rolex GMT Master 2 Batman watches

As we have said the Rolex Pepsi got its start in 1955 alongside Pan Am. While the airline and the world of watch lovers got what they desired for the ground breaking iteration this innovation kept going. Before long once the ceramic bezels were introduced the color combination of red and blue became impossible to recreate. This stumped the Rolex watchmaker for a while until they found a short term solution. Changing that difficult to create red tone for black.  That is how the Rolex GMT Master 2 Batman watch came about. The black and blue bezel combination quickly became known as the Rolex Batman and the stainless steel beauty had its moment of fame. Before of course as we know the Rolex master craftsmen found a way to create the iconic blue and red combination in a ceramic bezel. 

116710 Rolex GMT Master II “Batman” Stainless Steel Watch

The first one we are showcasing is a 116710 Rolex GMT Master II Batman stainless steel watch. It is currently retailing for $15,800.00. This model beyond the blue and black iconic combination on stainless steel with the dual timezone function in a monobloc construction where both the black and blue pieces are made as one rather than paired together. On the classic brushed three link bracelet and with the iconic fold over crown clasp this is a Rolex through and through with the added touch of a familiar and instantly recognizable blue and black bezel. Rocking the Rolex GMT Master II look in a single glance. From here we move to a more updated model of this version from the collection. Still a Rolex Batman the watch below has a couple new features. 

126710 Rolex GMT Master II “Batman” Stainless Steel Watch

Retailing at a higher price of $18,999.00 this updated model from the one above features a new Caliber 3285 movement, it uses Rolex’s own Chronoenergy escapement. Further this 126710 model also comes with the iconic commemorative five link jubilee bracelet. Extremely comfortable and more refined than the three link bracelet the jubilee is a jewelry level bracelet. 

Where to buy a Rolex GMT Master II luxury watch? Diamonds by Raymond Lee

For the very best luxury watches and a superior shopping experience join us at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We have a widely curated collection of some of the finest watches on the market including Rolex GMT Master and GMT Master II watches. These are just two of the luxury time pieces featuring dual time zone functionality in our collection. And the watches featured here are not the only ones. There are a range of different Rolex GMT Master II watches in our collection in a range of different colors. Check out our collection online or give us a call to chat to one of our experts. You are also more than welcome to come and join us at our store. We are open most days of the week. Come on in and try on some of our Rolex Batman and Rolex Pepsi watches on for yourself! 

Rolex GMT Master II

Beyond our widely curated collection we also offer a variety of services. From the basic quickly done and dusted $159 Rolex Tune up where we get your watch polished up and ticking as it is meant to be. To the deep and difficult Rolex watch repairs and bespoke modifications. At our in house state of the art workshop we can do it all. With over thirty years of experience our master craftsmen are on it when it comes to getting your Rolex watch ship shape. Using state of art technology and tools including a Witschi Proofmaster M machine for water resistance testing, a Witschi Chronoscope M1 timing machine, a Greiner Vibrograf ACS 900 cleaning machine for cleaning watch movements, and a Bergeon No 6928-vr winding and testing machine. Experienced, passionate and secure with our service you can trust that your watch is in good hands, secured same as our collection. 

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