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July Birthstone: 4 Ruby Rings She Will Absolutely Love

July Birthstone: 4 Ruby Rings She Will Absolutely Love

july birthstone history
Happy July, Everyone! 

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, July represents the peak of summer, fireworks, cookouts, Independence Day, and, of course, the birthstone month of the Ruby. In consideration of that, we want to kick off our July celebrations with a discussion on the birthstone of the month, the Ruby, and a showcase of 4 ridiculously ravishing Ruby Rings. 

july birthstone history


The July Birthstone goes to the Ruby. The ruby is one of the four precious gems (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds) and it is also one of the most coveted, rare, and valuable gemstones in the world. Derived from the Latin word “ruber”, which means “red”, rubies are the color of love, romance, passion, and July

Truth be told, the Ruby gemstone needs no introduction, as everyone on this planet knows and reveres this pinkish-red to blood-color gemstone. When someone says “ruby”, you will immediately envision one in your head, with its incredible aesthetic appeal, exquisite shape, and exotic vivid color. 

But, do you know what kind of stone a Ruby actually is? Do you know the finer details of this precious gemstone, which has been beloved by people for thousands of years?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about rubies, the stone that blesses July. 

ruby halo diamond band


A ruby is a kind of mineral corundum, just like a sapphire. In fact, a ruby is a red sapphire, as all of their fundamental properties are the same except the color. Rubies get their gorgeous red hue naturally from the chemical element chromium (Cr). The more chromium the corundum has, the stronger the red will be. 

Rubies form in a crystal, flat tabular hexagonal-like shape, and they are renowned for their hardness. Only a diamond is harder than a ruby. 

One of the most interesting aspects of rubies is their capability of absorbing and radiating natural light. High-quality rubies create a luminous effulgence that appears almost magical and supernatural. It’s no wonder that the ruby has been treasured since ancient times. 

While most rubies are dark red, they can come in variations of colors, ranging from pinkish-red and purplish-red to brownish-red and orangish-red. However, the most desirable are the pigeon blood red Rubies. 

The difference between certain pink-ish rubies and pink sapphires can be somewhat ambiguous for the untrained eye (as can a garnet gemstone, which is a deeper shade of red than a ruby). However, when a corundum reaches the color grade of a Ruby, the difference is considerable, as pink sapphires are cheaper and more common than rubies.

In terms of a ruby’s value, they are graded on color, clarity, cut and weight. However, color and clarity play the most significant role in determining its value. In essence, a valuable, high-quality ruby will have a vivid color saturation that boasts a deep red shade. 

ruby ring for july


Historically, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has been the main source of rubies for the world. However, over the last half-century, deposits of Rubies have been discovered in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Brazil, Colombia, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Japan and Scotland. 

With all the different locations where rubies can be found, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand are known for having the most exquisite, highest quality rubies.

Here are the most notable places where Rubies are found currently:

Myanmar – Dating back as far as 600 AD, Myanmar has been the ruby hot zone, producing the vast majority of the most sought after rubies. The region of Mogok, north of Mandalay is where you will find miner burrowing deep underground, risking their lives to find these lustrous red gems.

“Burma Rubies” are the rarest and most valuable rubies (and corundum in general) of them all. 

Vietnam – Since the late 20th century, Vietnam has been one of the most important sources for rubies, our beautiful July birthstone. More specifically, the Luc Yen region in the north, a place where rainforest-sheathed mountains tower over vast paddy, rice fields. Another area of Vietnam is the Quy Chau district, in the north-central region of the country. 

Thailand & Cambodia – The late 1900s also brought about the discovery of ruby deposits along the borders of Thailand and Cambodia, Pailin and Chanthaburi. This has since become a big source of rubies for the marketplace. 

Mozambique – The newest source of rubies comes from this African nation. Prolific mines were found in Montepuez not too long ago. The rubies here are comparable to the famed, vibrant red beauties found in Mogok, Myanmar.  

july birthstone rings


Rubies have a rich history. They are deeply ingrained in our culture and human civilization. This precious gemstone has been around since ancient times and has been considered the King of Gemstones from as far back as history tells us. 

There are records that suggest rubies were traded along the Silk Road as early as 200 BC. This was a time when noble Chinese men would embellish their armor with rubies, as the gem was said to protect them. 

In ancient Asia, they believed the Ruby had very special, mystical powers. So much so that Burmese warriors would wear necklaces made of rubies during battle as a way to make them invisible and impervious to death and pain. 

Of course, these were not the only cultures that had a spiritual connection with rubies. Ancient Hindus perceived a sacred connection between root chakra and rubies, believing that the rare gemstone would repel negative energy, fight evil, improve libido, and even treat inflammation problems. Both men and omen would rub rubies on their skin to boost mental and physical health. 

Ancient India admired the ruby for its rarity, hardness, and beauty, and gave credence to it for having supernatural powers. They created elaborate jewelry from rubies that were a symbol of power, youth, and energy. 

For centuries upon centuries, civilizations have admired the ruby and placed significant value on it. It has been a form of currency since it was first discovered. Wars have been battled over rubies. 

The significance of the ruby has never wavered. It is as deeply rooted and important in modern society as it was in ancient times. It is one of the most sought after rocks on our planet. 

In 1912, Jewelers of America officially named the Ruby as the July Birthstone. What does this mean? Well, it’s like the twelve zodiac signs, it is simply paying homage to tradition and superstitions. While modern people are not as superstitious as our ancestors, we still love to believe in supernatural forces. No matter what you believe or what meaning the ruby has for you, we can all agree it is one of the most beautiful natural creations in existence. 

ruby and diamond ring


While the ruby holds different meanings to people, in general, it signifies peace, harmony, love, good wealth, and power. It is still, to this day, associated with vitality, energy and physical strength. The feeling you get from having your own ruby is almost indescribable. Once you own one, you can understand how ancient people of the past could believe such incredible things about the power of the ruby.

If you are looking to restore some passion and energy into your life, a ruby ring will surely do this trick, and then some. 

ruby gem meaning


To understand the pricing of a natural ruby, we have to understand ruby treatments. There are three main categories for natural rubies:

  1. Untreated rubies
  2. Heat-treated rubies 
  3. Fracture-filled rubies

Rubies are often treated to give them more beauty and appeal for jewelry. Of course, the untreated, naturally stunning rubies will be worth the most. Here is a simple breakdown of how a ruby is priced per carat weight.

Untreated Rubies 

Jewelry with untreated rubies are very expensive as rubies with immense natural beauty are exceptionally rare. For high-quality untreated rubies, you are looking at $8,000 to $20,000+ per carat. These are the rubies that people collect and invest in. 

Note: A perfect ruby does not exist. It will be impossible to find a ruby with zero inclusions and perfect color. If it is, it is synthetic. So, even the highest of high-quality rubies will have some flaws. 

Heat Treated Rubies 

Heat-treated rubies have an enhancement that involves exposing them to extremely high temperatures, nothing else. It improves their clarity and color. This is the most common kind of ruby that you will find in jewelry. Heat-treated rubies cost anywhere from $700 to $8,000 per carat. 

Fracture Filled Rubies

The most common rubies on earth are ones that are of low quality. They have surface cracks and are just generally not that impressive. Low-grade rubies are repaired then heated with lead glass. This gives them the beauty they were not born with naturally. They will cost $20-$60+ per carat. 


18K White Gold 7.74 Carat Heart Ruby Pave Diamond Cocktail Ring

heart ruby gem

This stunning ring features a colossal 7.74 carat heart-shape ruby. Surrounding the deep red ruby is an 18k white gold pave diamond band totaling to 3.79 carats. The blood-red color of the gem with the white pave band creates a contrast that is remarkably eye-catching. Altogether, this large cocktail-style ring is the perfect symbol of love, affection, and romance. It is a ring to cherish forever and one that will never go unnoticed. 

18K White Gold 2.9 Carat Ruby Halo Diamond Band

july birthstone month

Here we have a light-scattering ruby halo diamond band that will simply take your breath away. The five oval rubies, which accumulatively weigh 2.9 carats, have a halo tiny round brilliant diamonds, and the band itself is 18k white gold. This is a ring to marvel and one that can be passed down for generations to come. 

2 Carat Art Deco-Style Ruby Halo Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

art deco style ruby ring

If you love vintage style rings, this one will surely attract your full attention. Its design pulls inspiration from the classic and highly coveted Art Deco era. It showcases a 2.2 carat light fancy yellow diamond with a halo of rubies that total to 2.34 carats. While the rubies do not take up the largest volume on this ring, they will surely be the first thing you notice. Surrounding the rubies is another halo of white diamonds. As for the precious metals, it has a yellow gold center and the rest of the ring is solid platinum. As a whole, the ring appears like a magical eye made up of a kaleidoscope of crystals and colors that you can’t help but stare at dreamily. This is a ruby ring that has a timeless, majestic-like appeal.

Light Yellow Marquise Cut Diamond Platinum Ruby Ring

ruby rings boca raton

Treat yourself (or for men, treat your wife) to a July birthstone ruby ring that is unlike anything you or anyone else have ever seen before. This ring is one-of-a-kind. It highlights a marquise fancy yellow diamond with a unique halo of jaw-dropping rubies. They cut the rubies specifically for this ring, as you can tell by their distinctive shape. All in all, if you want something that expresses individuality and the month of July, this seducing energetic ruby ring is a flawless choice.


At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers, we have a collection of gorgeous ruby rings for our July babies, investors, lovers of red, and anyone who covets and appreciates this historical, highly valuable gemstone. So, if you have an interest in getting a July Birthstone Ruby Ring, be sure to check them out by following the links below.

Shop Ruby Rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Shop Ruby Rings at Raymond Lee Jewelers


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