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New Year, New Jewelry Trends!

New Year, New Jewelry Trends!

new jewelry trends

We all love them sparkly and glowy, but above all, we love them trendy! Not just our outfits, skincare, and make-up routines, our jewelry lifestyle is also important. Moreover, jewelry trends are about to take a new shape. Why not? We are at the cusp of a new year and this is the time for new jewelry trends.

Jewelry comes in as a top favorite as well when considering the things we wear on our skin. More so, the new year appears to have in store various upcoming jewelry trends to our delight. That alone makes us pretty thrilled to welcome the new year. 

These upcoming new year jewelry trends help us to relive more of the 90s memories and the 70s disco spectacle. Plus, these imminent elements leave us eager to bask in the fun and rock every ounce of elegance it brings.

Overall, it is a usual practice that each year comes with jewelry trends fashion lovers look forward to. Thankfully, we can see a bit of them set to take the new year by storm. Every fashionista or jewelry lover must brace themselves for the types of jewelry set to dominate in the coming year.

We believe you probably want to be one of the first to discover our predictions in this regard. To stay abreast of which jewelry pieces will be popular this new year, here is the place to be. This post will provide firsthand knowledge and details about the new year jewelry trends to anticipate.

The Inevitable New Year Jewelry Trends

The new year is now upon us. There is no better time to talk about jewelry trends that will be popular in the new year than now. In the year ahead, certain jewelry trends will grow in popularity which is exactly why we are here.

Meanwhile, jewelry items tend to last longer than clothing although we wear them more often than our clothes. However, certain styles still manage to surge in vogue more than others. We’re certain this kind of style awaits us especially after seeing what went down as designers previewed their Spring/Summer 2022 collections.

So, we decided to give you a run on the jewelry items that are fast becoming people’s favorites. From letter necklaces to arm cuffs to body chains, there are several jewelry pieces ready to give us that perfect touch. We do not want you to miss out on any part of these new waves.

New Jewelry Trends Set To Make A Statement

new year jewelry trends

After combing through what looked like a web of information, we compiled a list of recurring trends expected to rock 2022. From this past fashion month and other events in the closing of the year, here are jewelry items set to strike our interest.

Here is a proper summary and the overall theme for the jewelry trends of the next year—New Jewelry Trends That Make A Statement. Be it a multi-chain necklace or chunk pendants, here are new options set to rock your new year jewelry collection. 

  • Multi-Chain Necklace

The popular saying; “The more, the merrier!” is not just about people working together; it also relates to necklaces as well. So, keep the modest and subtle necklaces in your jewelry box, and get those multi-chain necklaces ready for a showing. 2022 is set to be the time to go bolder with these layered necklaces.

Moreover, this type of necklace will make your entire outfit more riveting and charming. Since this jewelry piece is enough to captivate everyone around, it’s fine to tone down the other pieces. 

  • Beaded Pieces

One of our dear 90s trends is back. However, this time, it comes back with a cool-girl edge that’s ageless and offers next-level elegance. 

These beaded pieces come in as a favorite trend to take 2022 by storm. Here are pieces the mat assertively embraces color regardless of the mix. Also, beaded pieces do not only come as bracelets. There are other wide varieties of these pieces as we saw in the 90s. 

You get them as beaded earrings, bracelets, anklets, and waist beads. Finally, this jewelry item plays with scale, pops of color, and letterings to inject personality and thrill into its appearance.

  • Huge Stones On Rings

As it seems, the coming year may be all about getting out and making a statement truly. We anticipate the comeback of these delicate rings that will now feature huge stones. You have numerous alternatives to select from. One of these is the tree of life rings with giant crystals. This example comes with a design in the shape of the tree snuggling the gems. 

new jewelry trends with huge stones

Here is a new jewelry trend with a touch of the mystical and unique appearance that will certainly be a conversation starter. Another significance this ring has is it being a symbol of favorable futures and new starts. Why then isn’t this a perfect way to begin the new year?

  • Statement Chokers

Other new year jewelry trends might take a clue from this statement chokers. These chokers play with scale and texture and are available in bejeweled options. Here are chunky gold chokers that remind us of the 80s, and offer a broad variety of choices. Also, brands like Balmain and Dior are beginning to sport these chokers on runways.

  • Bulky Pendants

Not only will the new year introduce huge rings, but even pendants will also grow in popularity as well. The choice is open for you to select from numerous designs and materials of pendants out there. Then, make them the centerpiece of your whole outfit. 

As it seems, chunky pieces of jewelry will be a trend. So, get ready by considering how they will fit into your overall appearance as well. Nevertheless, having too many bulky pieces on you at once is not a pleasant sight. So, keep that in mind also. 

  • Nameplate And Letter Necklace

It is not new to see a nameplate necklace or one that has one’s name as the pendant around. The case is the same for a letter pendant that normally conforms to the first letter of the wearer’s name. These two jewelry items enjoyed rising popularity in the last few years. And their sales stayed strong this year as well. 

Considering all of these and more, there’s no sign of the trend waning anytime soon. That is why they are on our list of new jewelry trends to watch out for in the new year. You will certainly see more of them next year. 

For those that do not have one of these yet, make plans to get one very soon. Here is one jewelry item that will remain in vogue for a long time.

  • Signet Rings

In the past few years, wealthy men mostly donned signet rings as an indication of their status. On these rings, you find raised or engraved letters or symbols that depict something about whoever wears them. 

Meanwhile, you do not have to be a billionaire before you can rock a signet ring. Since they are one of our new year jewelry trends, they might as well become bigger and more accessible also.

  • Jewelry Items With Zodiac Signs

From time past, jewelry pieces that carry personal meanings always found a place of love in people’s lives. With the latest indications, this trend will remain for the years to come. Jewelry featuring zodiac sign pendants will come with a bang in 2022. 

One thing about these pieces is that their sizes vary, so you can get a small or large one. Regardless of what your preferences might be, there is one for you. Now that more chunky pendants will become popular, you might want to try a big size. 

  • Pearls

As for pearls, the new year jewelry trends reveal what will be a new and delightful version we never saw. These pearls are about to get a balanced dose of both cool and classic. They gradually make their way into all jewelry applications. However, our favorite application of these pearls will be large hoop earrings with pearls.

  • Natural Pieces

natural pieces for the new year

We already mentioned that there will be an influx of pearls this new year. More specifically, other natural elements will also step into the spotlight. There will be gemstones, shells, as well as woven pieces with natural fibers. In all, the use of raw materials will be one of those popular jewelry trends in the coming year.

  • Charms

If there was anything that made the jewelry scene spin this year, that will be the newly found love for personalization. That can as well pass as the theme for jewelry pieces this year. We saw various applications in pieces like bracelets, charmed earrings, and necklaces. 

This new year, jewelry items with tiny charms like charm bracelets with shells, pearls, and more will take center stage. They will be one of the hottest jewelry trends for the next year and beyond.

  • Arm Cuffs

Contrary to what most jewelry enthusiasts and experts predicted, armbands seem to be on a comeback. Their resurrection is no news to prominent fashion brands already. Arm cuffs were on show by models of Prada, Tory Burch, and other brands at the last fashion event. 

Interestingly, both the fabric and metal options stole the show. The models wore them higher up on the bicep instead of the usual spot, the forearm. We might see this trend take mainstream fashion on a spree next year. 

  • Long Necklaces

Those long necklaces that go all the way down to the mid-chest with sophisticated details are back. Those long necklaces with bulky charm and lariat necklaces might be a surprising reemergence since the early 2000s. They might become a new trend for jewelry lovers this new year.

Generally thinner in scale, but mostly made in silver or colorful designs, these long necklaces are a perfect pair with drop earrings. These two will make awesome new jewelry trends next year.

  • Drop Earrings

How many long drop earrings have you seen around you recently? Well, not so many, but, it seems like these pieces might just be the next big thing! These pieces are one of the most universally approving ways to accessorize.

Now that they are back, it is our pleasure to see them highlighted in our top jewelry trends for the new year. Chain earrings, fringe earrings, and chandelier or long dangly options appeared across practically every winter and spring 2022 runway. We can only wait to see what these jewelry pieces have in store for jewelry lovers in the new year. 

Picking The Jewelry Trends for You

Knowing which of these new year jewelry trends fits you is a whole new topic. Most of the time, this debate comes up when talking about jewelry pieces. We all want to know what our undertone is before making a buying decision. When you are at a crossroad trying to pick between rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum, do the vein test.

your tone determines the right jewelry trend for you

When you hold up a hand or arm to the light, what color do your veins appear? If you discover your veins appear green, then, your skin has a warm undertone. How about when it appears blue or purple? That usually indicates that your skin has a cool undertone. When you get a blend of both, then, that normally implies you have a neutral skin tone.

Meanwhile, warm tones tend to shine best in warmer jewelry pieces like yellow gold and rose gold. Cool tones on the other hand are perfect complements for rose gold and silver. As for neutral undertones, all of these metal options work perfectly. So, consider the metals and jewelry items you sport on any shade or tone of the skin. This determines whether you can create a flattering look or not.


Start making plans to take part in one or more of these new jewelry trends! While you’re at it, do not forget to enjoy the last days of the year with your loved ones. If you wish to make them feel special with memorable holiday gifts, here is a guide that can help. You don’t want to miss out on these new year jewelry trends. 


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