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Romantic Valentine’s Day Jewelry and Watch Gifts For Him & Her

Romantic Valentine’s Day Jewelry and Watch Gifts For Him & Her

valentines day watches for him

From deciding on the perfect romantic date to choosing a Valentine’s Day Gift that will completely swoon your significant other, Valentine’s Day can be one of the most stressful times of the year for us passionate relationship romanticists. Thankfully, we have the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her, and since we are Diamonds By Raymond Lee, you already know they consist of jewelry and watches that sparkle and shine. After all, there’s no better way to express your love than with diamond jewelry and luxury Swiss watches, they are the ultimate statement of commitment and deep affection. (see product gallery at end of post)

Him & Her Valentine’s Day Rolex Datejust Watches 

valentines day him and her matching gifts

Men, we think you are going to love this Valentine’s Day idea, as it involves you getting yourself a gift too! 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to splurge on a Rolex for your lady. So, how lovely would it be to get an almost-matching set of Rolex Datejusts, one for him and one for her? We think this is a guaranteed winsome Valentine’s Day Gift idea. 

Not only does a matching pair of Rolex watches look cute and coordinated, but it also tells the world that you’re taken and are in a happy relationship. It is an undeniable declaration of your affection to one another and it will make you feel more connected while strengthening your relationship too. Moreover, matching watches like this is not “too much”, like the matching identical shirts look can come off. This is like the sophisticated, elegant, classy version of the matching couple’s outfit…Plus, these are two classic and timeless-in-style timepieces, so you can’t go wrong.  

Now, let’s have a closer look at the two watches…We have two Rolex Datejusts. For him, a Rolex Datejust II with a sunburst blue dial, and for her, a Rolex Datejust 31 with a blue stick dial. 

Rolex Datejust II Rolesor Sunburst Blue Dial
valentines day watches for him

This is easily one of the most classic watches of the modern time. It is a Rolex Datejust II White Rolesor with a fluted bezel, Roman numerals, and a Sunburst Blue dial. This is pure sophistication, pure class. A watch that can be worn casually or dressed up to utter perfection. A watch that is as versatile as it is stunning. The watch that’s the perfect combination of sporty and formal…we think you get our point. It’s great.

The 41mm Oystercase is crafted from stainless steel, as is the solid Oysterbracelet, and polished with a flawless glossy finishing. When you hold this watch in your hands, you will bear witness to the incredible workmanship and fully understand the power of Rolex’s world-class finishing technique. 

The fluted bezel is what usually surprises people, as it is made entirely from 18K white gold, hence the name Rolesor (Rolex’s term for their Stainless Steel x White Gold watches). The white gold fluted bezel makes a powerful statement, but it is hard for pictures to do it justice. In person, you will see what we mean. All in all, we love the fluted bezel, as it gives the watch the exact right amount of “dressy” and the white gold simply lets you know this watch is special. 

Valentine's day ideas

Finally, let’s mention the dial, as this is the main attraction for most people. It is the most popular dial across the Rolex enthusiast board. The sunburst blue dial is unbelievably stunning. It changes from light to dark blue and glistens and gleams depending on the lighting. It’s a dial people literally go stupid over, doing everything they can to obtain specific models in sunburst blue, as most are hard to get your hands on. 

All in all, this is a Valentine’s Day Gift for the ages. So, gents, if you can get your hands on a watch like this and then get a matching watch for your girl, you are winning. Big time. Moreover, you won’t have to “share” this one with your lady anytime soon 😉

Contact us if you are interested in this Datejust II Rolesor Fluted Bezel Sunburst Blue Roman Dial 

Rolex 178240 Datejust 31 Blue Stick Dial Stainless Steel Watch
valentine's day gift for him and her

The Rolex Datejust reference 178240 is a lady’s watch, although it is technically unisex. It was designed to provide the ultimate elegant look for lady Rolex lovers. It features a 31mm Oystersteel case and bracelet, a smooth bezel, and a “blue stick” dial underneath a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. 

The name blue stick comes from the dial’s look. The dial is, of course, blue, and the hour batons and the hands are “sticks”…so, Blue Stick it is. Simple name, but somehow very fun. We are stuck on this one.

We think the 31mm case size is perfect for a woman who appreciates larger watches, but not oversized. It provides the perfect modern fit for a woman, as you can see in the pictures. 

Overall, the watch matches beautifully with the Datejust II above. It’s not “extra” by any means but they do complement each other perfectly, just like a man and woman should in a relationship. 

But here’s the thing, if you get yourself a watch, you probably should go bigger and get your loved one some jewelry to go with her new watch…if you have the means, of course.

Here is a breathtaking ensemble that would make for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gift for Her.

Pink & Blue – Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

valentine's day jewelry for her

Here we have the Blue Stick Datejust 31 and two rose gold and pink and white cluster diamond jewelry pieces. Let’s have a closer discussion on the ring and the bracelet.

18K Two Tone Gold 17.51Ctw Pink And White Multi Shape Diamond Custer Bracelet

Speaking frankly, there is really nothing simple about this bracelet. It is one of those pieces that when you have an up-close inspection, your jaw will drop. 

There are multiple shapes of pink diamonds at the center. They use a rose gold cluster setting. There are round, marquise, pear and oval diamonds. 

Along the edges, the pink diamonds are girdled by a single row of uniformed white round brilliant diamonds. The white diamonds give the bracelet immensely beautiful contrast. 

In total, there are a whopping 17.51 carats of diamonds.

All in all, this is a one of a kind piece, and pink diamond jewelry is not only rare and increasingly rising in value (so it’s a good investment), it is also the quintessential look for a Valentines Day Gift for Her.

18k White & Pink Gold Multi Colored Diamond Ring

Matching the bracelet gorgeously, we have a mesmerizingly large multi-shape pink diamond cluster ring. As with the bracelet, there are many different shapes of pink diamonds, but this ring takes a slightly different approach with its white halos along the centerline, outlining certain larger pink diamonds in an offset manner. 

This is a piece that will WOW. If you love your woman, get her this piece, as we know she will love it, and in turn love you to the sky and back. 

Ruby Red Valentine

jewelry gift ideas for valentines

Although pink is a great color for Valentine’s Day Gifts, red might be even better. It declares endless love and affection. It’s the most powerful statement of this.

It also declares physical energy, passion, courage, power, will and desire. Red is linked to our most primitive, innate, physical and emotional needs of survival and love. 

There’s no better way to show your woman that you care for her than with red Rubies, diamonds, and a Rolex. Yes, women LOVE Rolex, more than ever. 

18K White Gold 7.74Ct Heart Ruby And 3.79Ctw Pave Diamond Cocktail Ring
ruby jewelry for valentines day

Your significant other will appreciate rings of all shapes and sizes, but heart shape rings are the quintessential gift for your Valentine, especially ones made from Rubies and Diamonds and of this sheer magnitude. 

Envelop her finger with this massive 7.74 carat heart shaped natural ruby and 3.79 carat pave diamond cocktail ring. This will be a gift she will show off in a way that not many women can. It’s a piece that will grow in value, just like your love for each other. 

Red, Rubies, and Heart Shapes – this is truly the epitome of Fine Jewelry Valentines Day Gifts.

White Strap Diamond Red Dial Datejust

Keeping the red theme, this enchanting red dial diamond Datejust is another exemplary gift for your Valentine. 

It features a breathtaking red dial with diamond Roman numerals, a diamond bezel, and a white rubber strap. This is a watch that can be worn during a night on the town dressed to the nine or casually during the day for brunch, both to equally impressive effect. 

If you have a modern style woman, she will fall head over heels for this one, guaranteed.

Pretty in Pink on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day gift ideas for girlfriend

Valentine’s Day and Pretty in Pink go together like chocolate and flowers. Here are three astonishing pieces for your Valentines.

18K Two Tone Gold 12.03Ctw Pink And White Diamond Pave Open Work Butterfly Bangle

For the nature lovers, this extravagant bangle is sure to win you the “best boyfriend/fiance/husband award”. 

It comprises a jaw-dropping 12.03 carats of pink and white diamonds. The bangle is made with openwork of vine-like white diamonds. Resting on top are three beautiful pink gold and diamond butterflies. 

If your loved one is a fan of butterflies, nature, or refined opulence, she is going to succumb to tears with this one. 

Pink Gold and White Gold Pear Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Guys, we all know Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get down on one knee. If you are ready to pop the question, this pink gold and white pear diamond halo engagement ring is a great option for the a la mode soon-to-be husband and wife out there. This type of ring is completely de rigueur, but more than that it is a timeless engagement ring that will look just as wonderful in 20 years as it does today. 

The ring has a vintage yet modern look and we all know pear diamonds are the hottest thing in the diamond engagement ring game these days.

You can’t go wrong with this one, unless you are worried your lovely lady will “lose her head over it”…albeit, in the best way possible.

Pink Gold Diamond Eternity Ring

As a side note, these days, women love to stack and they don’t want to wait for the wedding day to give their engagement ring a partner. So, present to her a diamond eternity ring after you get your YES. She will be thoroughly impressed by how in-touch you are with what women want.

This pink gold diamond eternity ring is a fantastic choice for the two tone pear diamond engagement ring. 

Gabriel & Co. 14K White Gold Diamond Stackable Heart Ring

Valentine's day jewelry Gift her

As we want to help those with various budgets, here is a completely affordable option, yet it doesn’t sacrifice beauty or awe in any way shape or form. This ring by Gabriel is not only gorgeous, but it is fashionable and absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day…again, “hearts” fellas. 

We think this is such a thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift for young men to present to their lady. 

It’s also a great piece to put in with gifts of other jewelry. This ring is versatile and may very well become part of her everyday wear, stacked together with all of her favorite rings.

Note: This Gabriel & Co. 14K White Gold Diamond Stackable Heart Ring comes in rose gold and yellow gold. 

Rose Gold & Diamonds

Valentine's day Gift her

Rose gold rings and watches have the ultimate romantic tone. It’s modern and sophisticated with a soft glow that will look glorious hugging her wrists and finger.

Piaget G0A29116 Black Tie 18K Rose Gold Diamond On Leather Strap Watch

Piaget is one of the best in the business, and their Black Tie Diamond watch in 18K rose gold is right there with the finest watches we’ve ever laid eyes on. 

This is not the watch for those with a tight budget, but if you have it, this will surely take your Valentine’s breath away. 

The watch is incredibly unique, with its classic hand-fan sub-dials – hand fans are a highly decorative and desired object among the higher classes, so very fitting for Piaget. 

Moreover, the Roman numerals, which are elongated in a beautiful fashion, offer a classic look as well.

Then, of course, the diamonds. The many, many diamonds. 

On the whole, this is an imposing watch that will dazzle and rouse everyone and anyone. Wear this on a night out and watch how all eyes are on you. What Valentine wouldn’t appreciate that? 

Gabriel & Co Lr50020K44Jj 14K Pink Gold Diamond Fashion Ring

The final piece we want to present today in our Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift guide is this rose gold fashion ring by Gabriel & Co. The ring features beautiful scroll work, all of which is encrusted in diamonds. It’s a large ring with undeniable uniqueness, so it’s sure to stand out and POP beauteously.

Want to see more jewelry and watch Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her?

Shop through the following Valentine’s Day Jewelry & Watch categories:


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