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Oval Cut Engagement Ring Set

Oval Cut Engagement Ring Set

Oval Cut Diamond Center Stone in a White Gold Halo Setting

Lazare Kaplan, a diamond cutter, introduced the oval cut diamond in the 1950s. Since then, the oval cut engagement ring set has become a classic. With this ring type, you get either an oval cut diamond or gemstone in the best setting and metal choice. An oval ring set is sure to deliver that elegant, feminine appearance every bride deserves. 

It gets better as the oval cut ring fits flawlessly for the vintage, timeless, or minimalistic woman. This engagement ring set radiates a lot of souls. More so, oval cut diamonds or gemstone engagement ring set present a distinct elongated shape. They appear bigger than their actual carat size due to their shape.

These oval cut engagement rings also retain flattering effects regardless of the setting. Whether a simple oval ring or elaborate stacks, the result is always pure radiance. Therefore, the sheer elegance and luster of this ring type make them a prominent option for buyers. Also, they make a great choice for the bride with flair. 

Nevertheless, before you set out to buy, there are certain considerations around the oval ring set. It will help if you look through them before you buy one yourself. Also, you get bonus details on all you need to know to get the best bargain when shopping for an oval cut ring.

The Oval Cut Diamond: A Burst of Brilliance and Fire

close up of an oval engagement ring set

An oval cut diamond like a burst of brilliance and fire is rare, elegant and personal. The Oval is a “fancy” shape that presents an elongated design. This makes it take on a larger appearance compared to other shapes of the same carat weight. You might find an oval cut diamond of 1.01 Carat looking quite large compared to diamonds of other cuts in the same setting and material.

With a slender body, the oval diamond generates that lovely, elongated structure that often makes the hand and fingers look slimmer. With this diamond cut, you do not see any sharp corners. That way, it’s less prone to chipping even with everyday wear. 

For anyone who loves a rounded design but wants a stone with more qualities, an oval cut diamond is an impressive option. In addition, oval cut diamonds practically always fall within a price range lower than round brilliant diamonds.

The Oval Cut Engagement Ring Set: A Minimal Classic with Maximal Flair

Are you out for a minimal, timeless classic or a vintage-inspired engagement ring? Do you want all the flair you can get without getting too flashy? Then, an oval cut engagement ring set will do just the trick.

close up of oval diamond halo engagement ring with gold and diamond accent bands

Thanks to their elongated shape, flattering impact, and ability to appear bigger than their actual carat size, oval ring sets are the new big thing. Moreover, with the ability to retain its qualities in a variety of settings, this oval ring set will suit every distinct preference. 

Various celebrity engagements contributed to the rebirth of brides’ desire for the oval cut engagement ring set in recent years. Hailey Baldwin Bieber spotted an eye-popping oval-cut diamond on an 18k gold band in the summer of 2018. That alone reminded us why this classic style is so famous amongst brides.

An oval cut engagement ring set might also incorporate an oval-cut diamond or a gemstone such as a ruby or sapphire. With an oval cut diamond, you can work with any setting you prefer, from solitaire or three-stone to a diamond pavé band.

In all, oval cut engagement ring sets are a striking choice. This explains their special appeal to a variety of brides. Brides looking for something just unique prefer this piece of elegance. 

According to Lauren Priori, an expert in the craft of jewelry design as well as the owner of L. Priori Jewelry, a custom jeweler based in Philadelphia, “Oval engagement rings are great for women who love the classics but want something just a little bit unique. Ovals can feel feminine and fresh but are still more timeless than trendier shapes like pears or marquises.”

Expert Tips for Shopping for the Best Oval Ring Set

To buy the best oval ring set, keep in mind that each oval cut diamond is a unique piece. Priori adds, “Some of them are long and thin, others are wide and round, some have pointy ends, and some have flatter ends that almost veer into the cushion-shaped territory. Look at a variety of stones to make sure you choose the stone that’s right for you. At the end of the day, trust your own eyes! You’re the one wearing the diamond, so you have to love it.”

According to her, it’s also crucial to keep an eye out for the bow-tie effect. When you see that dark facet pattern which is common with oval stones, that’s the bowtie effect. “All ovals will have some bow tie, but you’ll want a stone that’s as evenly bright throughout as possible,” she says. 

Meanwhile, if an alternative oval cut engagement ring set appeals to you, you have no issues. Every type of setting from solitaire to sparkly pavé bands and halos is available for you to pick from. Regardless of what your taste is, there’s undoubtedly an oval ring set in the perfect setting for you

Oval Rings Set: Designed to Suit Every Taste

White Gold Halo Oval Cut Diamond ring

It isn’t easy to compete with the timeless beauty and charm of oval ring sets. This classic cut occupies a longstanding spot in our hearts. When we go beyond the realm of engagement rings, an oval cut diamond still looks beautiful on virtually all jewelry. They can work with drop earrings or even necklaces.

Have you chosen an oval cut diamond as your center stone? There is the possibility of getting overwhelmed by the number of options out there. One of the reasons this design of the ring is so special and admired is the versatility of the gemstone’s cut. You can have an oval cut diamond as the center stone or surrounding accent stones without losing that brilliance. 

To put it simply, you have a ton of choices to make when it comes to an oval cut engagement ring set. Understanding that engagement rings are often everyday accessories, the ring’s design should be ideal. It would be best if you had something you’re sure you’ll enjoy looking at in the next few years.

Selecting the right ring is vital. Plus, with the sophisticated class of oval rings, you have a solid design choice as you browse the market. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we have some of the best oval cut engagement ring sets. Feel free to explore some of these unique and dazzling styles.

Questions Brides Ask about Oval Cut Engagement Ring Sets

White Gold Halo Oval ring set

We are confident that you get one step closer to selecting the engagement ring of your dreams when you read this post. However, certain important FAQs make it clearer and the choice, more informed. 

  • Are Oval Cut Engagement Ring Sets Popular?

We know Serena Williams, Kourtney Kardashian, and Ariana Grande are all superstars. However, what we don’t know is what all of these people have in common—an oval cut engagement ring set. 

When checking out various engagement rings online or in-store, you’ll quickly discover that engagement rings go through trends. These rings are not different from other accessories out there. At this moment, a princess cut diamond might be in-style. Then, the next moment, it gets obsolete and replaced with a different shape or style.

Regardless of these fading styles, oval ring sets continue to enjoy an influx of popularity in recent years. This oval cut engagement ring set remains the most frequently searched ring cut in the last five years. Plus, it doesn’t seem like the vogue might wane anytime soon either. 

Here, you get a classic design and simplistic refinement. This combination of qualities makes an oval engagement ring an unfailingly solid option for those trying to get the ideal style.

  • Do Oval Rings Appear Larger than they are Originally?

Indeed, oval ring sets have the illusion of a bigger appearance. This is one of the reasons oval cut engagement ring sets are such a beloved engagement ring option. Besides, the gemstone’s shape and successive flattering effect on the hand will make any bride a fan.

Like any elongated cut diamond, the length to width ratio immensely influences how the diamond appears. This produces the appearance of the gemstone being bigger.

Finally, due to the surface area being more spread out, the gem gets shallower. So, an oval cut engagement ring set will at least appear to be larger than other modern diamond cuts.

  • How Versatile are Oval Cut Engagement Ring Sets?

For many years, oval cut engagement ring sets continue to enjoy widespread fame even among stars. The reasons for this is that you get more bling for your money. With an oval ring set, you get the same brilliance as a round-cut, but its radiance differs.

More so, the oval cut diamond and gem are perfect in a variety of settings unlike other cuts that get selective. Also, this ring set maintains a trait that other gems don’t have which is the bow tie formation. This trait is evident within the stone and stems from the inability of light to bounce to and from the center. With an oval cut gem, the light gets trapped revealing its uniqueness.

  • How Much is an Oval Ring Set?

You cannot shop for an engagement ring without knowing exactly what your budget is. Depending on where you buy the ring, oval cut diamond rings can come in various price ranges. You can find a regular 1-carat diamond oval cut engagement ring set at a price between $1,000 to $20,000. The price mainly depends on the stone’s cut, clarity, and color.

  • Compared to other cuts, are oval engagement rings costlier?

Oval ring sets are not any costlier than other engagement ring styles even with their larger look. Instead, the oval cut engagement ring set’s price will likely be a result of:

  • the gemstone carat, 
  • choice of style (accent stones, bands, etc.), and 
  • the type of diamond or gemstone.

So, will an oval ring set be cheaper than round diamond? Of course. Truly, brilliant round diamonds are one of the most expensive and precious diamond cuts. Still, the good news is that oval ring sets are just as adorable. And, they will cost you less money. Generally, oval cut engagement ring sets get priced at approximately 20% less than their round diamond mates. So, getting one of these will pass as a win.

  • What is an Oval Cut Diamond Bowtie?

While an oval cut diamond is a beloved change from the conventionally round gem. Selecting a quality oval cut diamond can be tricky when you don’t know what to look out for when shopping for them.

Normally noticed in oval, pear, and marquise diamond cuts, a “bowtie” is exactly what it sounds like. You will see a dark portion that runs across the diamond’s surface. This portion will look like a bowtie. This Bowtie effect mostly occurs if the diamond is not cut right. It is sometimes one of the most noticeable indications of lesser quality.

In addition, this light blockage can make your diamond appear less radiant. When this happens, your oval cut diamond will look dull. Therefore, make sure to check out the ring in different lighting at distinct angles to confirm you get the best bargain.

Conclusion: Oval Cut Engagement Ring Set for Rare Refinement

This is for every bride-to-be who loves to keep it simple and refined. An oval cut engagement ring set is the way to go. With an oval cut ring set, you get a ring with a sole gemstone at its center, most popularly a diamond. Yet, you still have amazing options in other gemstones.

White Gold diamond Halo Oval ring 

When this ring set comes without accent stones, it shines a light on the gemstone directly. That reveals a great style for those who want the stone to be the main star of the show. With an oval cut engagement ring set, you get styles that are some of the favorites for most brides. 


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